Show Me the Money Google

Google shocked Wall Street with a strong third quarter showing with earnings of $381.2 million this quarter. That’s almost seven times their net income of $52 million a year ago.

“They are crushing” all expectations, said American Technology Research analyst David Edwards. “They have an incredibly efficient business model.”

Google’s revenue for the quarter totaled $1.58 billion, nearly doubling from $805.9 million last year. After subtracting the commissions that Google paid to other Web sites in its advertising network, the revenue stood at $1.05 billion, exceeding the Wall Street estimate of $944 million.

Yes, AdSense publishers earned at least $530,000,000 from July to September this year. Any 9-figure bloggers out there? 🙂

Via Yahoo! News.

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  • I guess the ones that are earning big on this are Google partners like Alexa and Mozilla.

  • But there’s a difference between earning the ad revenue and actually getting the remittance 🙂 So if a million people earn US$ 30 each, that’s US$ 30 million earned, but US$ 0 remitted (until the time the account reaches US$ 100).

  • Oh, and they get to earn from overnight interests as well?

  • Wow. Think how much money would flow around if they lowered that $100 threshold.

  • hmmm…use AdSense to pay off third world debt? Let’s get Sergey and Larry to sit on the next G8 summit 🙂

  • Yes, they’re practicall world-leaders in the making.

  • funny, the source of the news is yahoo..

  • ive been seeing a lot of pinoy sites lately and as a site owner myself, i am interested to know (without being mistaken as nancy drew – mystery in the midlife crisis), “do google really pays putting adsense to your site if you are philippine base webmaster..?” because honestly, i dnt like mistakenly clicking google adsense on a page i would like to refresh my browser to..