Shuttle XPC

shuttle xpc
Ready to replace your desktop PC with a cube-like shape one that is less than ten inches tall? Indeed, Shuttle XPC has lived up to the alias “œSmall But Terrible”. Its small size and its sleek metal finish are not the only things that are noteworthy descriptions of XPC. This so-called “œFuture Computer” supports processors up to 3.40GHz, Dual Channel DDR memory, and ATI video cards. Thus, its performance could match your current desktop towers that can be used for 3D gaming, creation of movies and music, and a lot of other tasks that would eat up a lot of your memory. Other than what I have mentioned, its portability is an added factor for this small, yet powerful rig.

What makes this even cooler?
Shuttle XPC uses brushed aluminum cases. Aluminum alloys have been tried and tested for its strength. Aside from that, it does not warp even if you open it for several times. In addition, it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Also, Shuttle XPC has provided an I.C.E. heat pipe and SilentX Power Supply that are designed to reduce noise.

Read more about XPC here.

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  • richardqr

    I thought of buying one before but ended up buying a D.I.Y. pc. My reason: extensibility. Its small form factor does not cater to additional HDDs or PCI cards.

  • does not cater to all but a space saver indeed.

    its good for home use for those not high on the tech stuff. its great if you’re using the internet only and none of those games with high requirements.

  • Some people do use it for heavy-duty gaming, even with PCI-E video cards.

  • Or you can build your own barebone. I have box just for LAN parties. The handle is built right into the case. Just because the case is small doesn’t mean you have to sacrafice performance.

  • Elaine

    where can i buy this?

    • try, they’re in gilmore.

  • Frizzz

    I have a jaguar XPC bought sometime 2004. The power supply is burned I can’t find the power supply for that model, obsolete na raw. My advice better buy DIY computer, you got a lot of options and the hardwares are easy to find and replace.

  • jeremy

    worst computer i ever had. they are the noisiest even when idle. the PS is only 250 watts, upgrade to 300 watss, shell out another USD100. non-upgradable. very limited.