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Silktide Assessment: Assess how effective your website

For bloggers/ website masters out there, check out this fun site assessment on how effective is your website. I’ve run a test on my blog and my overall score is 7.6 🙂 I failed in the accessibility design of my site, and I don’t understand how my site can be more attuned to the needs of the disabled. Can anybody explain this? Here is the summary report of what will you get:

This is a cached report of http://anton.blogs.com which was run on Monday 28th of November at 6:50pm.

  • Marketing: How well marketed, and popular the website is: 8.8
  • Design: How well designed and built the website is: 8.7
  • Accessibility: How accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities: 6.8
  • Experience: How satisfying the website is likely to be: 7.8
  • Overall: Summary score for this website: 7.6

So what’s your silktide score, just for the benchmarking purpose? Here’s the link:

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  • where’s the link?

  • Silktide – http://www.silktide.com/
    Accessibility is achieved by making your site WAI compliant, read the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative here – http://www.w3.org/WAI/ . You can do a number of things by adding tags and markup that help aural browsers read websites, also navigation titles and descriptions for all links etc. There’s a lot which we take for granted.

  • “I failed in the accessibility design of my site, and I don’t understand how my site can be more attuned to the needs of the disabled. Can anybody explain this?”

    It means that your site should allow text parsers to read it properly, and audio cues are in place for certain areas, like forms and captchas. As for my scores:

    This is a cached report of http://www.livejournal.com/~teknolohiya which was run on Tuesday 29th of November at 2:58pm.

    Marketing 4.5
    Design 9.8
    Accessibility 7.7
    Experience 9.2
    Overall Summary score for this website. 6.8

    No surprise on the marketing score, my only promotion is word of mouth, hehe.

  • m

    There’s also the fact that your primary blog content appears after the Google ads sidebar when you look at the html file.

    That type of layout implies that someone who is dependent on a reader must wade through the sidebar content before getting to your main blog content.

    Got that tidbit from Dive into Accessibility by Mark Pilgrim.

  • Mine is really poor in marketing hahaha. Well, I am not really aiming for that one… I will just build my readership up soon.

  • What I learned: is invalid HTML. Gotta fix that, and then add META tags. Never thought lacking META is a bad thing, except for SEO.

    Wait a minute, this service is promotion and link-building for their SEO service!

    And then, a common validator problem of WordPress blogs – well-formed XHTML. WordPress doesn’t check when you post.

  • oops my HTML got stripped.

    is invalid HTML.

  • @ Andre — yeah your right, wake up call for me to add tags and markup, sigh… do we really need to do this?

    @ technolohiya — great experience and design score!

    @ migs — yeah, it’s an seo promotion stuff, but it helps out on assessing your own site, though 🙂

  • Thanks. 🙂

    That’s really what I am for, anyway. Couldn’t care less about the marketing so long as people enjoy their visit and learn something.

  • Marketing: 4.8 – No surprise.
    Design: 9.8 – Amm yeah.
    Accessibility: 8.5 – Looks like I might not be popular with the British accessability cops. Britain? What is this … Britain? heh.
    Experience – 9.4
    Overall – 7.0

  • Marketing: 7.1
    Design: 9.1
    Accessibility: 6.2
    Experience: 7.5
    Overall: 7.0

    Well, ok, sure. Whatever rocks its socks.

  • for pinoytechblog

    I also tested pinoytechblog hehe 😀
    This report tested 5 pages of https://www.pinoytechblog.com (using SiteScore v1.7.3)

    Marketing 6.5
    Design 9.9
    Accessibility 6.2
    Experience 9.5

    Overall Summary score for this website. 7.3

  • If you follow the standards (xhtml & css) and if you add to your site some simple features (login, about, search, rss, privacy policy…) is really easy get a 10.0 score in Design, Accessibility, and Experience…

    Marketing and Visitor rating aren’t easy to control…

    This is a cached report of http://rmolina.gigax.org which was run on Saturday 03rd of June at 5:57am.

    Marketing 7.3
    Design 10.0
    Accessibility 10.0
    Experience 10.0
    Visitor rating 9.0

    Overall 8.9