Simply Simpy

I am back with yet another social bookmarking service:) This time it’s Simpy. Similar to, it has a user interface that is easy to use because you simply input tags and separate them with the use of commas. Also you could add your notes and mark the link as private (just for you) or public (which everyone can check out). The notes are searchable too so that is really nifty in case you forgot the tags you have used or there’s something distinct that you wrote about the link you have saved.

What you can do with this:

  • Upload your bookmarks (if you are using IE or Mozilla).
  • Synchronize with your bookmarks (if you are a user).
  • Let people search your Simpy bookmarks from your blog (there are instructions on the FAQs.).
  • Have topic filters.
  • Have private notes. (Unlike the extended information on, the notes are only for your viewing.)

I haven’t fully seen the capabilities of Simpy just yet because I have only signed up for it last September 29. But so far, the synchronization with my bookmarks was quick and painless 😉

One of the things that I am really curious about is that Simpy’s site says that it could detect broken, forgotten and/or redirected links. It also claims that there is a “Full-text Search bookmarked pages’ content, not just meta-data” so this has to be tested often in the coming days.

It’s really amazing how people can organize the information they want/need and how they share with one another. I have found some really nifty links through such services. I like way Simpy’s interface is something like a cross between the interface of and furl. Although of course, if you really want your own online archive, furl would still be the best for you.

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