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Skullcandy Crushers Headphones, bass that you can actually feel

Skullcandy recently announced the availability of their latest bass-thumping headphones aptly named Crushers. Unlike other bass-heavy headphones, these have bass that you can actually feel. Like a party happening inside your head.


To a lot of headphone hunters, especially the target market of Skullcandy, the more bass a headphone can output, the better it is for their type of music. Well look no further because the Skullcandy Crusher can give you all the bass you need and feel. Yup, I tried it on and it’s like having a couple of subwoofers vibrating around my head.

Skullcandy-Crushers-02 Skullcandy-Crushers-03

The Crusher’s body is made of glossy plastic in red, black, and white colors. Each earcup has a three-panel cushion padding wrapped in synthetic leather and sits flat to create a good seal around your ears. I tried it on while a loud dance event is happening at the mall and the Crushers was able to drown the outside noise while my music is playing.


There’s an in-line mic that allows you to take or reject calls. The sole button on the mic module also controls music playback for iOS devices.


The Skullcandy actually gives you bass reverbs thanks to its Sensation55 Driver, a bass extension driver patented by Skullcandy. It will give you a realistic bass experience so you’re not only hearing it but also feeling it. One earcup hides an AA battery slot to power this driver and its built-in amplifier.


There’s a slider to control how strong you want these phones to vibrate on bass. Slide it all the way down if you don’t want to get any sensation from the bass. It will automatically turn off within 10 seconds if no music is playing so you don’t have to bother remembering to slide it down when not in use.

Even if you ran out of batteries, you can still enjoy premium acoustics with smooth frequency response and minimal distortion coming from the REX40 driver.

Skullcandy-Crushers-07 Skullcandy-Crushers-08

Just like most headphones in the market, the Crusher can be folded down to 40% of its size for easy and compact storage. I also like the fact that the cable is detachable so you don’t have to replace the whole unit if the cable wears out.

At the moment, Skullcandy Crushers are only available at DC stores in the country (don’t look for them at KFC). It retails for only Php5,500.

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  • Perfect for rock music, but why they engineered it to have an AAA batt. I think that’s can add for a load.

    • it’s for the vibration driver… it what makes this headphones different from the usual ones.

      • IX

        So if the battery runs out you have to manually replace it with a new one? =|

        • yep, unless you don’t want the vibrate feature anymore

  • Nice headphones! You can also buy from http://powermuff.com/

  • Django

    Where is dc? Wat does it mean?

    • DC is a skate apparel brand. DC shoes. there’s one in MOA near White Hat Frozen Yogurt.