Sky Broadband pushes 12Mbps speed limits

Sky Broadband is pushing high speed internet to residential lines. It’s now offering up to 12Mbps cable internet service to residential areas all over Metro Manila.

Formerly known as ZPDee Cable Internet, Sky Broadband offers new plans ranging from 1Mbps to 12 Mbps.

See complete chart below for the plans and pricing:


SkyBroandband will also include free cable subscription for the higher-tiered plans with the 12Mbps priced at Php5,999 a month.

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  • bongsi21

    Actually base from survey the Philippines broadband speed = cost is way behind from other foreign countries. I’m glad companies such as Sky Broadband are pushing 12MBPS speed of broadband to the market. We should follow suite with countries such as Korea, *cough.. i mean the South having their whole city internet enabled. Don’t let the Philippines left behind again, as history have shown. Internet technology is an essence for the future. :p

  • intrneter

    so much for 12mbps. ang mahal naman kung sa 6K yan. 6000 yen ang fiber optics connection sa japan (which is 68mbps)… but then again, the philippines is not yet ready for fiber-to-the-home connections…

  • 6k is way too expensive for home users; i guess this is more suited for those so-ho type of businesses or bandwidth hogging net cafes. what’s the SLA like? sometimes it’s not how big your pipe is but how stable, robust and scalable the infrastructure is set up.

  • TRiAD

    Actually, these technologies are considered obsolete. You can get a 10MBps++ connection in other countries in less than $30 (P1,500 or less) because of the implementation of FTTH (Fiber to the home).

    PLDT seems uninterested in improving its internet service because up to now, they are still using the old ADSL architecture even if there are already ADSL2, VDSL, and FTTH.

    As for cable internet, I think it’s very impractical to pay for a shared internet at a high price. If more users subscribe in your area, you’ll get less speed. Plus, they cost more than DSL and Wireless internet connection.

    Cable companies should make their services more affordable because of the nature of shared connectivity. Why are they more expensive?

  • TRiAD

    Actually, the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology is readily availabe to the Philippines. However, the internet companies fear if once this technology becomes available, it will directly compete against the internet cafe businesses because anyone with more than 3 MBPS connection can establish an internet cafe. And PLDT charges Internet Cafes a lot more than residential lines.

    PLDT fears that if they would implement the FTTH technology, they would lose their subscriptions for business lines from the Internet Cafes because they will just apply for a residential FTTH line.

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  • Sky broadband – Internet users can surf the web at incredible speeds while enjoying the low pricing Sky deals deliver. Sky broadband comes with its own wireless router. Sky deals for broadband range from limited access to fully unlimited packages that allow for surfing, e-mailing and playing around the clock.

    • riclamo

      Low pricing? You’re full of shit. Do you eat steaming pile of cow manure?

  • keith rhodes

    Internet in the Philippines is laughable, so many brownouts, and so much down time on the service, and so very very exspensive, the PH is way way behind in technology.

  • Renee

    keith rhodes » March 19th, 2009 16:57 >>>>>>>>>> It’s given because companies here are more concerned about Revenue.

  • Arnold

    Balak ko pa naman umuwi dyan sa pinas at magtayo ng internet cafe tapos mabagal lang pala ang mga connection ninyo dyan. Eto ang website to find out and internet speed ninyo.

    Cable Modem by COMCAST here in San Francisco/Daly City California for $49.95

    33926 kbps download speed
    40586 kbps upload speed.

    By they way… e-mail ninyo ako kung naglalaro kayo ng poker online (

    [email protected]

    • Christopher

      Pare. wag ka n lng bumalik dto. dyan ka n lng. kase mukang wala kang alam. kaya magaral ka n lng muna dyan. :))

  • Arnold » March 28th, 2009 19:17

    Balak ko pa naman umuwi dyan sa pinas at magtayo ng internet cafe tapos mabagal lang pala ang mga connection ninyo dyan. Eto ang website to find out and internet speed ninyo.

    Cable Modem by COMCAST here in San Francisco/Daly City California for $49.95

    33926 kbps download speed
    40586 kbps upload speed.

    By they way… e-mail ninyo ako kung naglalaro kayo ng poker online (

    [email protected]

  • Arnold » March 28th, 2009 19:17

    Balak ko pa naman umuwi dyan sa pinas at magtayo ng internet cafe tapos mabagal lang pala ang mga connection ninyo dyan. Eto ang website to find out and internet speed ninyo.

    Cable Modem by COMCAST here in San Francisco/Daly City California for $49.95

    33926 kbps download speed
    40586 kbps upload speed.

    By they way… e-mail ninyo ako kung naglalaro kayo ng poker online (

    [email protected]

    – Ang yabang netong arnold na to o!, naka high speed nga sya pero free email ang gamet, tang ina naman o! wala ka bang premium email subscription arnold? tang ina mo!

  • freeman

    pls dont compare the tech here in philippines bro… kc alam mo nmn late ng 8years d2… sk bkit ganun mas mabilis ang uploading mo kaysa downloading… prng baligtad ata bro.. kc mas mabilis usualy ang dl kasya ul… saka dont try n magtayo ng shop d2 kc wl kng alam d2 s pnas bro… such a loser bro…

  • taaskilay

    Arnold, wag ka na lang umuwi dito, di ka bagay dito kung lagi mo lang compare ang pinas sa tate. Marunong kami mag test ng broadband speed kaya wag mo na ituro. Ikaw ang mag-review kung pano mag test kc bakit mas mataas ang upload mo kesa sa download hehehehe. Lakas tama mo bro.

  • waw

    wow! sabi ni arnold:

    Cable Modem by COMCAST here in San Francisco/Daly City California for $49.95

    33926 kbps download speed
    40586 kbps upload speed.

    lumalabas lng na P2500 lang!!! 30 mbps na download speed !!

    sa 2500 pesos mo arnold.ang maaabutan mo lng na speed dito ay 2 mbps!!! GRABEH!!!! BULOK TALAGA INTERNET SERVICE DITO SA PINAS!!!!!

  • filipino

    Arnold, wag kang mayabang sa internet nyo diyan sa USA. i-kumpara ba naman ang US sa pilipinas??? saka marunong kaming mag speedtest noh. may mas maganda pang website na pag-i-speed test kaysa sa speakeasy mo. type mo lng sa browser mo: – GANUN LANG!!


    Dito sa UK my internet thru tel lines speed 16-20Mbps, cost me only £10(784pesos) a month unlimited.

    Nakaka dismaya talaga tong pinas kung bakit ang mahal at ang baba nang offer na broadband speed

  • Is the 3mbps plan enough to talk internationally on Skype? I need a plan for someone in Manila.

  • at 400kbps, using Skype or Yahoo Messenger audio chat is no problem.

  • Rainier

    baka SDSL yan kaya masmabilis upload speed kaysa download.

  • shanshine08

    hahah mga tanga.. sa pinas.. ADSL ang gamit namtin means.. mas mataas ang.. download kaysa upload… and sa ibang bansa is SDLS mostly sa ibang bansa yan ang gamit dito sa pinas.. ala .. ADSL .. bulok pa.. alang kwenta.. 😛 .. sara nyo na company nyo haha ..!!

  • shanshine08

    ang SDSL .. mas matas ang upload kaysa download.. mas mainam kaysa .. ADSL.. maybasa nga kau .. napaghahalataan kaung alang alam..!!

  • Rom

    Balak ko pa naman umuwi dyan sa pinas at magtayo ng internet cafe tapos mabagal lang pala ang mga connection ninyo dyan. Eto ang website to find out and internet speed ninyo.

    Cable Modem by COMCAST here in San Francisco/Daly City California for $49.95

    33926 kbps download speed
    40586 kbps upload speed.

    By they way… e-mail ninyo ako kung naglalaro kayo ng poker online (

    [email protected]

    – Hindi mayabang si Arnold. Mas practical lang na yahoo gamitin mo. Bakit ka gagamit ng na email? Tapos sasabihan mo pa mga contacts mo. Bobo ng nagcomment kanina.

    – Comcast (National Promo) 6Mbps Performance internet. $24.95 for 6 months, $34.95 afterwards. Cable Broadband yan. The technology Comcast uses is HFC(Hybrid Fiber Cable). That’s Fiber to the Premises, then Coaxial to the Home.

  • Rom

    Mahirap idevelop ang Philippine internet dahil archipelagic siya. Tatawid ka pa ng mga bundok. Eh kung maayos na kalsada, drainage system, sewer, dike, riles, at dam nga di magawa.. Paano pa ang mga inter-island networks? Saka lindolin din kaya di puwedeng basta-bastang magbaon ng cables. Hindi naman basta-basta ang pagdeploy ng FTTH. Globe pa lang gumagawa nun ngayon at sa Makati Subdivisions lang nila sineserve. Go figure why. Besides, as long as the Private companies have the same poor service, low speeds, and high prices, the consumers will not have that much of a choice. Think of Oil companies. You do the analogy.

  • ang comments ko lng sa mga may balak mag pakabit ng skybroadband wag nyo na ituloy sayang ang pera nyo. i regret talaga lumipat pa ako sa skybroadband nagpakabit ako ng 3mbps pero im not happy dahit hindi umabot sa 3mbps ang downloading hindi sya stable. photographer ako so kailngan ko ng mga video tutorials and backgrounds para sa photography dinadownload ko galing sa kapated ko sa dubai
    inaupload ng kapated ko sa torrent using her seedbox so dapat mabilis kasi naka seedbox sya pero badtrip ako ang bagal…

    ito evidence nya:

    dapat mabilis yan kasi marami seeders sinubukan ko yong games na the saboteur eh… pero wala mabagal parin badtrip..

  • Mikhael

    damn this so cool I was waiting for that to come 12mpbs net connection speed too bad its not available here in our place *bulacan* I wish they would do something about so i can enjoy the speed 😀

  • Twist2Open

    ok skybroadband. reklamo nung iba, oks lang daw pang surf at email. olats daw sa torrents at gaming.

    settings ng BitTorrent o uTorrent nyo ayusin nyo.

    nka plan 999 @ 1.5mbps lang ako. clear copy ng avatar na 2.4GB ang size, na DL ko under 30mins roughly 350-500kbps. friday 7pm. tapos nung thursday ng 9pm, na DL ko yung “DAY ONE” na 2GB clear copy under 30mins din. sa gaming naman, alaws din problema, latency ko nag-lalaro sa 25-45ms. bihira ako ma 100-260ms.

    cisco modem 2100 & Linksys router WRT320N.
    gamit sa isang desktop, 1 laptop, isang ibook at isang iPhone 3G S (pang WLAN, trip2 lang ba, ayokong gamitin yung load pang internet, ano bale).

    check your settings guys. im from west triangle qc.
    ano sinabi ng pldt my dsl dyan?

    • anunimus

      im planning to switch from pldt dsl(sucks) to skybro. basa basa dn ng reviews 🙂 masaya na ko as 350kbps – 500kpbs na actual DL. kung talagang maiibgay, sa dame ko nabsang reviews panget dn ata sky. kaso your from west ave. and eno (commented below) frm sta.mesa which is very near in our place says that skybro also sucks.

      pero yung mga complaits dyn regarding sa torrents e nkakabwiset. file sharing yn. d lang DL speed and factor kung bakit mabagal DL speed nio. basa basa muna bago mag react.

  • eno

    d ako gumagamit ng router ung binagay lang nilang modem deretso sa PC ko.

    sure ka about sa online gaming? i’m playing ROHAN ph amp lage ako DC. dame ko ren [ request timed out ] every 10 sec sure na meron request timed out. minsan pa 3 times sunod2 every 5 sec again nkakasar. sa online Sky is the (good one) malutong na P???.
    lage ako Disconnected.

    how about Downloading hmm i use bittorrent utorrent e2 11 to 25 kb/s ano un?!

    nag sisisi ako sa pag pa kabit ko ng Sky Broadband na to sa maganda nila internet connection.

    kelan ba maayos to?!
    wak na umasa sa mabagal na technical support nila.

    Snta mesa Quezon city..

  • Rome

    the internet connections here in Phil, is totally and completely fucked up! to Smart and your stingy so called smart bro, why dont you guys let your ass eat all your stupid kit?! damn it! I am paying 20 pesos an hour, and i could not even get a 3.5 mb music file? what the fuck! It would even take a lifetime to complete loading a video in youtube! Never tried Globe, but if this two companies have thesame poor and shit service, then you better stop giving services that is not worth even a centavo of our money! damn it.

    Globe and Smart, get back to me if you have answers for this. here’s my e mail add

    [email protected]

    and i will make you choked up with your piece of crap and shit kit!

  • takedown

    switching to sky broadband is ONE BIG MISTAKE. Crappy broadband service, INCOMPETENT TECH SUPPORT, USELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE when you call them they end up telling you to just e-mail their support email address which takes 3-5 days before you even get a response. 7 from installing my so called HIGH SPEED INTERNET service it already went down twice and now I’m experiencing downtime again and to top all that off I’m spending extra to have my SUN Broadband subscription as back up everytime they go down. CRAPPY INTERNET THATS WHAT SKY BROADBAND IS!!!!!

  • cy

    All these claim of speed is useless. I have sky broadband 3mpbs plan and yes I get 3mps ONLY WHEN ACCESSING PHILIPPINES SERVERS. According to speed tests, accessing anything outside of Philippines dropped to 0.5mpbs and below.

    Unfortunately, Philippines doesn’t have as much contents as countries like the US. And even if there are some good sites, those sites are slow because they do not have the upload bandwidth.

    So those 12mpbs maybe helpful for those who access high speed local severs. But for people like me, even the 3mpbs plan is absolutely useless.

  • Tora

    Seriously, what is the point of Sky offering better speed when they are NEVER able to deliver the speed people pay for already? It is a crap service, their 24/7 ‘hotline’ is never answered, and it is often down or extremely slow in Makati city.

    • bobby the expat

      You’re so right! but what can we do? most of these companies just LIE to us and take our money. I tried sky and its equally slow. Not to mention that most upload speeds are not even mentioned (because they are around 50kbps). Ridiculous.

  • kimpossible

    its my 2nd day on skybroadband 15-day trial, tried setting up with my router and even called for technician but cant get through. sky s smart, blockin router so u could buy their product.
    …can anybody help???

    • sonny

      PC based router k hehehe

  • Hi All

    So funny when people are thinking this is fast! (what the people don’t know, they will never miss) in the UK they have 40 to 50 MBps for the same price we pay for 2MBps, and that is sustained speed, not burst speed that we get here, the Philippines are 10 years behind, and it’s not because the technology isn’t there, it is…… just that there are a couple of companies here blocking all competition from ever starting, Monopolizing is illegal in most western countries, but not here in the Philippines.

    And the cost of internet here is outrageous, so ridiculously expensive, not to mention double standards, I’m British living in the Philippines, and just about everything I purchase from small store like the markets, I get charged more than the locals, why!! because I’m white, and they have dollar signs rolling around their head, when they see me coming, Planet Cable tried to charge me 4,500ph for a 2MB connection two years ago, I threatened them with court action, and Media coverage of the incident, if they didn’t give me a fair price, I’m still paying too much, even for locals, because PLDT charge 2,000ph, they are charging me 2,400 for net connection and 600 for TV.

    If your a foreigner and have close Filipino friends, get them to do the shopping for you, it will save you a fortune, never make a hotel reservation personally (if your white), the cost go through the roof.

    The infrastructure here in the PH is so bad, and I’m not just talking about the copper wires they are still using for prehistoric internet connectivity ha ha, net experience here is of such bad quality, they can’t provide sustained speeds, it is usually only burst speed, just watch that meter fluctuate so badly when down loading anything bigger than 5MB, it had me laughing so much, I nearly pissed myself.

    Nothing is fair in the PH when your white, I’m not rich, I don’t even have a vehicle to run around in, Amazing how a lot of Filipino’s do on such low wages.

    All the best to ALL honest Filipinos.

  • Calvin

    @ falconian

    yes you may find broadband connections’ price so outrageous but you must think of the big capex you need for you to setup a broadband connection here in the Philippines.

    As faR as i know, Your country has a local source of bandwidth for your internet while Philippines does need to pay for it. We rely on other neighboring countries who provide such kind of services. I hope Philippines could have its own source of bandwidth. If that happens, internet providers could give you the same rate that your country has been offering.

  • Ultimate

    Seriously, ADSL is only good for me as a hardcore internet usage. But 500kbps downloading speed is not enough. Though, I need 1 mbps or more download speed (transfer rate) regardless of the connection.

    I hate of having a 120 kbps download speed. all of the sites. It’s just stupid. Also, Wi-tribe is good but it is not nation-wide coverage. Only on selected locations. damn it.

    • bobby the expat

      Im using wi tribe and its not that great. Upload speed 20-30-60 kbps max. On a 2 Mega line. Download I measured a max of 700+ kbps, (burst) so it doesnt even reach 1 Mbps. Mostly doawnload is at 200-400 kbps.
      That’s your Wi-Tribe.
      i would complain but who would listen’

  • Marco

    paano nangyari na 12mbps ang kayang ioffer ng sky? e nsa pinas tau.. and 2.34mbps lang ang maximum speed download sa pinas..

    • may selected areas in the metro na sobrang bilis ang connection speed nila although mahal ang subscription.

  • peste SkyBroadband

    Sky Broadband? nakakabwisit eto.. laging drop.. shared ip.. PESTE E2, PANGIT ANG LINYA… tatapusin ko lang 1yr lock-in… pag isipn nyo bago kau kumuha, mapepeste kau ng isang taon..

  • assault315

    yup thats right so far much better 2 kesa sa mga worse na isp dyan lalu na ang witribe at smartbro sa smartbro 1 gb 12 hrs with the speed of 30kbs download speed sa witribe bawal ang torrents pag umaga pag naubos bandwith mu magiging 512kbs ang speed mu 200b/s – 10 kb/s ang dl speed madalas

  • xblackreaper

    mababa tlga sa pilipinas pero de na nkakagulat yan iponin mo na lng pang ibang bansa XD


    • Boys

      @Edmund… Halata ka naman mainitin ang ulo at madaling mapikon.. Hindi dahil maganda laman ng komento mo tungkol sa pagdepensa mo sa Pilipinas laban sa Pinoy na nagkumpara ng speed sa US at Pinas,, di ibig sabihin na tama ang asal at pananalita niyo. Usapang Speed ng Internet pinakalalim niyo napunta sa pagiging pilipino. Mga kabayan, wag pikunin at madaling matamaan ang pride kaunting pagkukumpara sa Bansa natin sa iba. Pag pinalitan niyo yan sa ugali, uusbong ang buhay, gagaan. Di naman maiwasan magkumpara, di rin maaalis na magcomment mga pilipino sa ibang bansa, kaya nga nasa internet kayo para mabasa at matutunan natin thinking ng ibang tao saan man sila naroroon, at ng matutong tumanggap ng naiibang pananaw, makinig at pagaralan. Nababawasan ba pagka-Filipino kung nilalawakan ang isip sa komento na binabasa dito at di sumagot ng ganyan puna ng puna! at wag basta napipikon kaunting kumpara ng kabayan sa ibang bansa o dayuhan–buksan at lawakan pagiisip. Kaunting kindness at tolerance diyan. Di ibig sabihin di na makabayan kapag Pilipino nagkumpara na mas maganda/mausbong sa ibang bansa. Lahat ng Pilipino may pagmamahal sa Pilipinas ano man masabi at saan man nakatungtong at sino man napangasawa kahit 30yrs na nasa Tate mahal parin Pinas! kaya wag kayo magkomento na parang solo niyo pagka-makabayan lalo na at walang magandang asal at tono comment niyo. Magrespeto kayo kahit mayabang magsalita kaharap niyo, kesa sa sensitive at pikon agad.
      Sky broadband—salamat sa mga educated warning. Di na ako lilipat diyan.

      • Jeremiah

        A real Filipino 🙂

        • Bobo naman nito

          E bobo ka pala e. Kaya nga binubulok ng mga telco and isps natin yung binibigay sa consumer sa pinas dahil sa mga tulad mong bugok. Di tama yung binibigay na serbisyo sa atin pero may taong tulad nito na nagtatanggol.. Sample Sky broadband.. sobra bagal.. league of legends lang di na makaconnect. kaya nga kinukumpara sa iba e.. kasi mali nga.. mali.

  • Allan Lindsay C. Arce

    Advertisements of Sky Broadband about how fast their connection is…. is a BIG LIE.

    I have been a subscriber for so long and I recently switched to Globe DSL.

    All I can say is Sky Broadbands service sucks.

    Poor latency test PING TEST, the lowest grade.

    As a result you will always get lags and disconnections.

    At times there will be no connections at all.

    You will almost never be able to play online games.

    • Bulok ang sky

      Bulok nga talaga.. nabibiwsit na din nga ako. Nag email ako 3 weeks ako sa kanila and sinend ko yung mga screenshots ko. pati traceroute and also sa torrent. wala pa rin reply hanggang ngayon.

      sabi nila unlimited download.. torrent lang sobra baba speed. meron bang torrent na .1kbps bullshit.

      magpapalit na din kami ng isp.

  • punkstar raven

    upload mabilis problema ehh kapag sa upload hays….. kapalit ng malaking download speed ay mababang upload speed…

    • punkstar raven

      I mean mabilis ang download speed mabagal ang upload speed kadiri kawawa naman kapag nag upload ng file.. ang taas ng ping/latency…

      • she

        This is my exact letter to sky customer service


        I availed of the free trial but I didn’t like the service and I wanted to get my deposit. I am so disappointed with your service since I am the one who have to pick up my deposit and deliver the modem to your office! What kind of service do you have? I will be posting this comment to blogs so they can think about many times before availing of that free trial. I’m really pissed off with the kind of service you have.

  • Sky Broadband Sucks

    Sky broadband’s service in the Philippines sucks big time!

    They offer very high speeds and promise a lot of stuff but they cannot really provide them.

    1) high speed… downloads even in windows gets problems unless you use download accelerators.. I am guessing that because of their constant IP shifting or their probably speed throttling.. some downloads stop before completing. For example a 740mb file would stop at about 100 or 200 mb and it would say completed even though it was not finished. So you would actually need a download accelerator so that even if the download stops it would automatically continue and would not leave you with a corrupted file.

    2) Online games are laggy. Because of their stupid service games are laggy or could not even connect. League of legends cannot connect. What kind of service do you think is that? Games could not connect?

    3) Torrent.. if you are with sky broadband.. even if they say unlimited downloads.. say goodbye to torrent.. even if you are downloading legitimate items like linux OSes.

    4) Customer service sucks as well. Do not expect too much help from them. Tried calling them but it takes a lot of time before they answer and they just tell you to restart the modem and connect directly to computer which does not really help. I was even told to email screenshots of pings and traceroutes… So I sent a lot of screenshots to them but still.. more than 3 weeks and still no answer or resolution to their connection, their speed and their connectivity.

    I would just like to tell all of you guys… If you are planning on torrenting, or playing games… dont be fooled with the high speeds that sky broadband is offering. Because you would just be in Snail Speed Hell. I myself am planning on transferring ISPs.

    • ditto on SKY SUCKS

      Totally in agreement with you. SKY service sucks in terms of the following:
      1) competence
      2) ownership
      3)management – would you believe no manager on duty or supervisor to take an escalation
      Is that a fine example ofmanagement
      4) Lousy response time. Have to agree… send the an email at skyserves (a misnomer) and your lucky to get a reply within 5 days.
      5) they make stupidty a science.
      6) they are apathetic, well even you ask for a name to sue or for your dti complaint letter, guese what, they dont care. well thats the PH for you.

      All i could recommend, please choose OTHER ISP. Globe is no better but definetely less stupid.