Sky Internet VoIP – Super Over …

Sky Internet has a service called Sky Internet VoIP launched two months ago in partnership with BayanTel. Interesting how all these companies are opening all sorts of services around VoIP. Ah, we like this!

Here are some of the important info on the print ad:

* for a monthly fee of P499, you get 100 minutes of IDD calls to “œtop countries”. Top countries include the US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei.
* Other packages include P999 (300 minutes IDD), P1,499 (500 minutes IDD).
* Excess usage above the free minutes will be charged from US$ 0.10/min to US$0.19/ min depending on the country you’re calling.
* NDD calls to landlines are at P4/min while calls to cellphones are P6.50 / min.
* There’s an installation fee of P2,999. The font on that part of the advertisement was sooooo small, I swear, I needed to turn on my bionic man magnifying eyes powers to read it. The P2,999 installation fee includes a “œFREE” Cisco broadband router. Errrr”¦ “œFree”, right.

I called their hotline (4138884) to inquire further. This is what I gathered:

* Applicants must have a separate DSL subscription to avail of Sky Internet VoIP. It doesn’t matter if it’s a DSL subscription from PLDT, Globe or BayanTel.
* Application requirements: Proof of Billing, ID and application form
* Lock-in period: 1 year
* During installation, SkyInternet will connect a “œFree” Cisco broadband router and make additional configurations on your PC.
* You will also need an extra telephone handset that you will connect to the Cisco router.
* Within 48 hours of the installation of the router, expect a call from BayanTel. They will assign a telephone number for your Sky Internet VoIP account.
* You’ll then be able to make calls abroad and even receive calls using the assigned BayanTel number.
* I hear you don’t need to power-up your PC to make those VoIP calls.

Interesting, huh?

I was trying to extract information from Jenny Gonzales of the BayanTel hotline, hoping to get a figure on number of subscribers so far. No firm figure yet, your guess is as good as mine. My guess: less than 500 after 3 months. Guess lang.

What’s happening? With a DSL line, you’ll have your DSL telephone and an Internet connection. When you add SkyInternet VoIP, you’ll have another telephone line for IDD calls. Isn’t this becoming a broadband overload? And a monthly bill overload too!

I don’t see many people taking on a superfluous VoIP subscription when they already have a DSL connection. I think it’s just super over…

ka edong

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  • ka edong,

    sa case ko na wala akong land line, pero may smart wifi, malaking tulong ang magkaroon ng isang bayantel number. i have an option to choose between a bayantel number or the local provider here in the province.

    pero its true that skyinternet voip is not yet competitive (for long distance calls) right now kasi you can easily subscribe to voip services over the net. pero importante rin na makakatanggap ka ng incoming calls from your friends local to you (i.e. in Manila).

    may blog entry ako tungkol dito:


  • Janice

    hi! why spend a lot of money for voip..there’s a voip reseller in phils. NTC licensed only $4.95 or around 250pesos monthly fee..has the lowest calling rates..example, call to U.S, Canada..etc is $.019 or around 1peso per minute. can also avail unlimited calling for only $4.95 per month

    interested parties email me at [email protected]