Skype and my German mobile phone

Despite having been impressed with the voice quality and connectivity of Google Talk, I will still remain a loyal Skype user. The ability to receive and make phone calls from normal phones (landline) is keeping me from transferring my loyalties to Google Talk.

And now, Skype has proven itself worthy of my loyalty even more.

E-Plus, my (German) mobile phone provider, and Skype have signed a deal that will allow E-Plus users (from October on) to gain both a high bandwidth Internet connection and free Skype call over E-Plus’ mobile network.

“E-Plus is the first mobile operator to partner with Skype, taking the first step to deliver Skype’s vision of making Skype available over any network, including 3G. Now anyone with an E-Plus data flat-rate subscription will be able to enjoy the benefits of Skype’s personal communications service when they are on the move in Germany”, said Niklas Zennström, Skype chief executive and co-founder. We look forward to working with other innovative mobile operators around the world to bring the value and convenience of the Skype global Internet communications experience to their millions of mobile phone subscribers.’

Source: Netzeitung

The flat-rate data subscription is available in Germany for 39.95 euros per month. Skype will be the only company offering calls over the Internet.

Anyone want to try this feature with me in October? You can Skype me (let’s pretend that it’s also a verb) at janpatrick2003.

Note that I am aware that Google Talk is still in Beta and that it is unfair to compare it against Skype, a full-featured program.

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  • How much is the normal DE-PH international call rate, for comparison?

  • it’s around 1.39€ per minute. but we can’t use that as a point of comparison since skype is still “free” -> just that this service would soon be made available to those who subscribe to eplus’ flat rate data. i have to admit, it’s not really “for everyone” but I am thinking of all the possibilities; of what lies in the future for skype.

  • Wow and they said the Philippines has expensive rates. How about landline direct dial to the Philippines?

  • Based on a study I read, 70% of International Traffic is through VoIP technology somewhere behind the telco 😉 With or without skype. They’re earning more for the same rates. its a good lesson for cutting costs.

    I think Skype made VoIP popular to the average Joe because of its of use. But how can you beat an established and large-base community like Yahoo? I talk to my mom almost everyday through Yahoo’s new Call feature.

    All of them will have the same good audio quality because they use the same audio codec from the same company 😉


  • mparaz: wait a sec, 1.39€ is actually landline direct. eplus rates (mobile) to call pinas should be more expensive. yup, it really is expensive. i am entitled to free phone calls from work pero pag weekends, i use skype.

    mark: am sure they will all have great voice quality later. difference na lang ay yung options available. for now, skype works for me kasi we use skypein and skypeout feature na hindi available sa yahoo or google chat.

  • dondonf

    Have you tried using dialpad?
    I think dialpad cost from Europe to PH is just 0.15USD per minute and for PH to Europe is just 0.06USD.

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