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Skype Founder coming to Philippines VoIP Show

I got word of VoIP CON 2006: “Beyond IP Telephony & SoftPABXs.” This is tentatively scheduled for May 29-31, 2006.

From the site:

The holding of VoIPCON 2006 ““ Beyond IP Telephony and SoftPABXs will showcase and encourage linkages to different network service providers.

It will create awareness of up to date and advance technologies to the general public and in the process expedite technology transfer and adaptation for a dynamic interaction and discussion with end view of addressing vital issues that affect the efficiency of new technologies.

Skype is one of the sponsors. Janus Friis, the co-founder, is coming over.

Is Skype going to sign a deal with a local telco?

Looks like interesting VoIP and telephony developments will happen.

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  • pinayexpat

    uy, interesting news. At least the big guys are recognizing the possibilities sa Pinas market.

    Sure hope something’s cooking. Would surely save me and my family tons of money.

  • jash

    Is Skype going to sign a deal with a local telco?

    sana.. sana.. sana (lolz)

  • I’m speculating. I don’t think the founder needs to come here if only for a trade show.

    Unless, he wants to go to the beach!

  • It says on the site June 26-28. The banner I saw in Cubao says April. I wonder when this thing will really happen.

  • hey guys,
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  • I heard that he didn’t come after all.