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Skype has version 2 beta. And it has video!

Skype, which is pretty much today’s PC-to-PC VoIP standard, has released version 2.0 beta earlier this month. And it has a video feature!

Skype, the global Internet communications company, today released the beta version of Skype 2.0, the newest version of its software that allows anyone with an Internet connection to make free Internet calls. The software is designed for greater ease of use, integrated video calling, and enhanced features that allow people to stay in touch and express themselves online.

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  • Just wondering, since Yahoo IM released its newest beta with yahoo voice in/out, what would be the definite advantage of Skype over Yahoo IM?

    More here:

  • im not sure but i think skype has a mobile version.. just download one to your wap or gprs enabled pda or mobile phone, and there you have it, VOIP on the go..

    im not really sure but i read something like that in msn a few months back..

  • Krakista


    More users.

    Nobody disputed Niklas Zennstrom when he said Skype has much more users than all SIP-based VoIP providers combined in a keynote address sometime 2004. Yahoo IM might be based on the H.323 as they did acquire H.323-based Dialpad nearly six months ago.

    Skype also does a much better job at bypassing firewalls.

  • And SkypeOut and SkypeIn!

    Also, free 1-800 access. Have you tried calling relatives in the U.S. via 1-800-FREE411?

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