Skype plans to offer video

Calling all OFWs and Pinoys with relatives/friends abroad! Skype plans to integrate video and social networking.

Probably the next big Skype thing after eBay’s acquisition?


From Skype Journal: Skype to add video! Skype released parts of their product roadmap at VON in Boston last week, and screen shots are up at SkypeJournal. Upcoming version 1.5, schedule to be released in October, is to add video and client-side web presence features. Version 1.6, in November, streamlines the client and adds social networking, among other features.”

Seems Skype is gearing to be the ultimate in the VoIP space (as if it’s not already the VoIP brand). Yes, various third-party services have successfully integrated Skype’s VoIP app with their own video-conferencing solutions, but an Skype-native solution would surely rock!

Great for Pinoys with family members, relatives, and friends abroad (who doesn’t?). Why call IDD when you can talk to each other almost face-to-face?

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  • great news!!! sabi ko na, palapit na palapit na tayo sa beam me up scottie technology! 🙂

  • There are several plugins for Skype so that you can have a video conversation/conference with your friends and peers.

    I’ve personally used vSkype, from and its awesome!