With the upcoming release of Flash Professional 8, I’m sure RIAs will buzz its way again around the net, Flash gives a handful of Brand and User-experience around the vast network of netizens and e-consumers providing such rich values of “œFree Shared Application Media Services”, Inline with this is Slideshowpro, a nifty online application Photo Gallery that’s dynamic and customizable using Flash MX 2004. It maximizes the use of Flash using Streaming Audio narrations, Music and Photographs altogether compatible with Flickr’s Services, Apple’s iPhoto, Automator, and Adobe’s ImageReady CS Droplets. Slideshowpro’s simplicity shows an intuitive interface in viewing and sharing photos across the net, a top notch photo gallery application that suffices the needs of Photo Hobbyists / Photographers and Web Designers. Here’s a demo to look at.

A list of outstanding expositions:

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