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Slow Motion shooting tips with your Sony XZ Premium

Videos are everywhere. From shared family clips to epic fails, video clips are compelling and engaging. This is made better when the video is shot in slow motion. Capturing what our eyes can’t, slow motion videos give a fresh look to an otherwise regular video clip. In that vain, Sony has a list of tips for you to maximize your slow motion videos using the Sony XZ Premium.


The Sony Xperia XZ Premium Slow Motion Tips

  1. Good lighting: The key to a more detailed slow motions video is lighting. According to Sony ambassador Gary Albano, an LED light is good for indoor shoots. However, outside shoots require ample sunlight. Also known as @dudeinorange on Instagram, check an indoor slow motion video he made here.
  2. Use a tripod: Shaky videos can make for great chase videos. However, for slow motion videos it is best to keep things steady. The stability a tripod provides allow you to properly focus on the moving subject.  After a stable setup, all you need to work on is proper framing.
  3. Choose interesting subjects: According to Sony ambassador Linus Banaag:

    “The things we don’t normally see, when shot in super slow motion, it really becomes dramatic. Like when you flick-on a lighter, it’s quite fast but when slowed down, you’ll see how the sparks slowly turn into fire,” Able to take 960 fps slow motion videos, quick instances like a finger snap can become a good looking slow motion video. Here is a sample of a video bone by Mr. Banaag.

  4. Experiment at home: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Even the most mundane objects can be interesting when in slow motion. You  can start with something colorful like fruits. Simple things like that can be very compelling in slow motion. It’s best to try out what you have at home for the video until you find something interesting. Then, you can continue from there.
  5.  Keep on shooting: When shooting in slow motion, timing is of great consideration. As Linus Baang said:“Longer clips allow you to pick and choose the right moment and gives you room for editing, too,”

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium turns your normal videos in to eye opening slow motion videos. Currently available for Php 45,490, with option for 12-month 0% installment, the Xperia XZ Premium comes in Deep Sea Black, Luminous Chrome, and Bronze Pink. Find out More about the Sony Xperia XZ Premium here.

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