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Smart bares limited edition Postpaid Plan 1000, comes with cool smartphones

On a press briefing earlier, Smart gave us a sneak preview of their upcoming limited edition Plan 1000 for postpaid subscribers. This Plan 1000 is their best-value plan for new subscribers who wants the best smartphones available today and maximize their usage.

smart plan 1000

The new but limited edition Plan 1000 can offer you the following:

  • 500 minutes worth of calls (within Smart’s network)
  • 500 text to all network
  • 1GB worth of data

It may not specifically say unlimited but if you’re an average smartphone user then you’ll know that those numbers are close to unlimited. And compared to Smart’s All-In Plan 1200, no matter how you customize it, you can only end up with two of those three features.

This new Plan 1000 is bundled with a smartphone where you have to pay a low amortized rate per month for 24 months on top of your monthly billing.

And the smartphones you can choose from are:

PhoneAmortized rate per month for 24 months
HTC Sensation XEPhp900
HTC Evo 3DPhp900
Samsung Galaxy NexusPhp900
Samsung Galaxy NotePhp900
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusPhp800
Nokia N9Php900
BlackBerry Curve 9360Php800
BlackBerry Bold 9790Php900
BlackBerry Bold 9900Php1300
Sony Ericsson Xperia RayPhp500
Nokia Lumia 710Php450

Nice lineup of smartphones huh? Not your typical ones for such plan. So if you choose the Nokia N9 for this Plan 1000, you will be paying P1900 per month for 2 years.

You can subscribe to this new Plan 1000 starting this March 15 and it will only be available until May 15. And no, you cannot subscribe to the plan without the phone.

So what do you think?

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  • Eason

    if tablets were included it would have been good 🙂

    • galaxy note and tab 7.0 plus. hehehe.

  • SinneD

    wow.. nice info, tnx sir!

  • Griswold

    uyy nice ito ah. tempting! isip isip.

  • nix

    no 4s on the line up,, if i am to get one, it would be the nexus

  • nix

    no 4s on the line up,, if i am to get one, it would be the nexus,, and i must say,, good plan!kudos for smart!:) its nice to know this blog is very informative!:)

  • gboi

    did see it right 500 mins call? is that to all network?

    • oops should’ve been more specific. the 500 mins. call is within the smart network only.

  • Eric

    Too bad it just came out now. I just had my subscription with another network activated. What’s nice about this is the inclusion of Nokia N9 in their smartphone choices. Most people would most likely not include the N9 in their gadget wishlists but it’s up there in mine. Hehe.

  • redmd

    Let’s compare this with smarts unlimited data plan 2000. You will get 200 free text to all network, 150 minutes free calls to all network and xxGB of monthly data.

    • crackinthewall

      But Smart has a 1.5GB data cap and then they’ll start throttling you down. It probably doesn’t matter because even without that cap, the internet speed isn’t that reliable in high traffic areas. I was in Ortigas and Makati last Tuesday and I could barely connect and I was just on the Always On plan.

  • Migs

    Can the handsets be fully paid for when purchasing the plan instead?

    • nope, you won’t shell out anything when you subscribe for the plan. you just need to pay your monthly due. so no, you can’t pay for the handset immediately.

      • jonax

        hi sir calvin. just inquired about this promo with smart. they haven’t rolled it out yet for all smart shops. although interestingly, i was asking about the galaxy nexus and it seems you can purchase it for 16000 if you avail of the new 1000 data plan. which is more cheaper than getting it for 900 for 24 months.

        • yup… it’s stated in the post that it will start on March 15. That’s interesting to know about the outright purchasing of the unit. I’ll confirm that with Smart. thanks for sharing!

  • note

    pano kung galaxy note napili ko? 1900/month in 2 years babayaran ko?
    ganun ba yon?

  • magandang deal yan para sa Galaxy Note 😀

  • Question, LAHAT b ng Smart Centers magiging available i2 or sa manila lang muna?

  • Edwin

    Kalokohan… Nililinlang nila ang customers… It’s the same…hiniwalay lang ang monthly amortz sa bill para mag mukhang mura.. Toink

  • reyn08

    still have an existing plan. have to say no.. hehehe

  • hmm if the nexus is 16k then the note would probably follow suit at 16k + 24k for the whole duration of the plan 40k total…

    seems like a nice deal

    hope that its a lot easier to avail than the plan 2k which has about 20k minimum salary requirement

  • Bint

    I have a retention plan that will entitle me to get a new phone in June. Can I avail of this promo and how? Thanks.

  • AlvinMiguel

    i think it is no longer practical to pay for a handset and locked for 2 years kase new phones come out every 6 months or if na-holdup ka or nawala cellphone mo, you will stay pay for the rest of the 2 years.
    so for me, a SIM/PLAN only subscription will suffice.

    • the note costs 30-34k if you buy it cash
      costing 16k with a 1k sim its still very affordable

  • Wow, target ko pa naman ang Galaxy Note. Sana maka-avail din ako. hehe

    Thanks for posting this!

  • jo

    im planning to get galaxy note and galaxy tab..wats the requirements pls do send me email ok tnx!

  • hahaha

    bb 8250 in globe only 699, unlytxtNcall tm-globe. love it

  • ac7

    how about the 1gb data.. If you exceed? Pay additional on top of the plan? Or the data will slow down?

    • pay additional on top of the plan.

  • Lito

    I-offer din kaya ng smart in the near future ung HTC one x na quad core?

    • pwede, pag lumabas sya before this promo ends. sai ng smart open sila for adding newer phones dito.

  • tobimagwire

    i think the plan 2000 is ok for Galaxy Note because its free and unlimited data. however for this promo its 1900 and not yet unlimited data

  • john

    Anyone who availed of this promo? How long does it take from approval to activation? My application’s been sitting for almost a week already.

  • Lito

    I hope I-offer nila sa ganyang plan ung HTC ONE X kapag ni launch ito.

  • Lito

    This plan is better than unlimted data 2000 because after two years P1000 nalang monthy mo, kasi bayad na unit mo. Tama ba?

    • actually, kahit plan 2000 bayad na rin unit mo after two years kasi pwede ka na magpaputol or magdowngrade ng plan eh.

      • Lito

        Tama ka nga bayad na cya. Pero Di automatic. Obligado ka change ng plan sa 2000. Pero sa 1000 plan, you can continue it without changing the plan kung ok pa naman phone model. Ako tapos na 2 years ko but I’m waiting for a much better phone for a new contract. My plan now continues while I’m waiting for a better deal.

  • Kaitlin

    If I’ll get the galaxy nexus 1ooo plan plus 900 amortization. consumable ba yung 1ooo or un na un, 500 mins call for smart network only and 500 text to all network? how about the 2ooo data plan? consumable ba?

  • What is requirement for this plan im electrician my salary is 8-12thousand per months ,i want to avail this samsung galaxy note plan ,makakakuha kya ako n2 plz reply .> -thnks.

  • Graham

    the promo’s very ok except for the minimum salary requirement (Php25,000)

  • Vizhelion

    Sir, may ilang days po bago ma-approve yung application for Data Plan 2000?

  • Jeyxi

    Hi, available pa po ba tong plan na to up to date? thanks. XD

  • Funny how plans becomes cheaper and cheaper today. Although the lock-in period will kill you hahahaha… Anyways good article!