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Smart bares most affordable LTE plan yet with Plan 1299

Still unsure whether LTE is for you or not? Now you don’t have to cough up so much for high-speed mobile broadband internet with Smart’s LTE Plan 1299.

SmartLTEPlan1299.jpgSmart’s LTE Plan started out at P3500 a month and comes with a 21GB bandwidth cap. They created a lower tier Plan 1749 which comes with a 10GB cap. Now, they’re introducing a much lower tier with their LTE Plan 1299 that comes with a 5GB cap. Unlimited cap until January 31, 2013.

All three plans already include an LTE dongle but an LTE pocket router is also available for an additional P2000 (one-time only). These LTE devices can reach up to 42mbps download speed although we’ve experienced it reaching 60+mbps during Smart’s LTE beta test phase.

Smart LTE is now available in as many as 500 establishments in the metro. For a full list of Smart LTE locations, you may view them here.

If you have an LTE-capable handset, you need to get a separate plan as LTE sims under these plans are purely for data only. You can check Smart’s LTE plans here including those for mobile phones.

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  • don

    still useless with the cap. speed is nothing if it has limits. i’ll stick with 3g

  • slytherinz

    mine is globe super tattoo mifi plan 999 with speed 0f 8 mps with no cap,,bang for buck

  • Enya

    Throttled ang LTE ni Smart! Yung laptop nila sa Jump Megamall na naka LTE ay pumapalo sa 20mbps samantalang yung Xperia V ko sa kanila ay mostly nakaka 5-6mbps lang at the very same location. Kalokohan!

  • how about no?

    When the 1299 hits 50gb cap then it will be worth it. Otherwise they’re just ripping off as much people as possible

  • both smart and globe sucks in terms of unlimited..when there is a cap behind it 🙂

  • JUNE

    Another business strategy bandwidth capping. Just wondering it traverses on a fiber channel going to a SUPERHIGHWAY without capping yet they are squeezing every centavo they could get from JDC capping it and throttling it as it arrives to the consumer end. We will just try to live with that I believe :-);

  • loadex

    regular peeps hindi kailangan to, 3G and HSDPA is enough.. unlimited pa. Kung facebook and occasional youtube and music downloads, mabilis na din. No waiting time pag LTE, nganga ka naman pag na-reach mo cap mo. Wala din!!

  • Smart and Globe should add plans with higher cap, like 4GB/day 100+GB/month. Useless talaga hindi match ang speed over capacity. Mag-isip naman sana sila.

  • poogii

    pag dumating na ang panahon kung san malawak na ang coverage ang LTE at wla nang bandwith cap,saka ako kukuha ng ganyang plan =)