Smart Bro intros Turbo Plans

In case you missed it, Smart started rolling out the Smart Bro Turbo Plans last month. The Smart Turbo Plans provides Smart consumers a selection of LTE plans based on their internet data usage starting at Php 799 per month.

For casual users who love social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Smart offers Turbo Plus inclusive of Volume + All Month Surf.  On the other hand, Turbo Max  has Pure Volume inclusion and caters to heavy internet users who love to stream music and videos and download or upload files, photos and videos. An alternative to Smart’s Unlimited LTE plans, the Smart Turbo Plans lets users pay only for the data that they use.

The Smart Bro Turbo Plans will be officially launched next month.


Check out below for more on the Smart Bro Turbo Plans and its volume inclusions.



Allows users to do light, casual internet activities (e.g. Social Media browsing such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Google search, web browsing, chat and reading up on e-mails) without using the volume inclusion of the plan.

Allows users to do heavier internet activities (e.g. Streaming of music/videos, downloading/uploading of files/photos/videos, etc.) that use the volume inclusion of the plan.


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  • ironman

    I have been complaining with smart regarding my missing volume allocation. I am subscribed to pure volume Plan 999, which is 6gb. Upon reaching 1.9gb – 2.0gb, based on the device counter, I get redirected to smart's dashboard saying that my volume is already depleted. I have been calling smart for 3months now regarding this, but all they have to say is that it is under investigation by their technical team. So frustrating!