Smart Bro launches HSPA+ pocket router, the Rocket WiFi Plus

Smart Rocket WiFi Plus Maybe one of the reasons why you’re not keen into getting the HSPA+ Smart Bro Rocket dongle is that you want to share that high-speed internet with others or maybe use it on your iPad or other PCs at home. Now Smart has an answer to that in the form of the Rocket WiFi Plus which allows you to share your HSPA+ internet connection to 5 gadgets simultaneously.

This portable pocket router is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20Mbps using Smart’s 4G HSPA+ (Evolved High Speed Packet Access) network. It is available exclusively in prepaid and uses the same P200/180 MB pricing scheme as that of the Rocket Plug It.

No rush in getting one as the units won’t be available until November. Smart is accepting pre-orders for this Rocket WiFi Plus though if you think it would sell like hotcakes at a price of Php6,495.

Right now there are 875 HSPA+ sites nationwide but I still yet to encounter consistent speeds of at least 10Mbps. The most I saw from the Rocket was 4Mbps, that’s 3G speed! If you can stomach the P200/180 MB pricing for the Smart’s Rocket, I won’t hold you back from getting one of these.

[Smart Bro Rocket WiFi Plus]
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  • P200 for 180MB at 20mbps…

    that’s a download rate of 2MB per sec.
    180MB / 2MB per sec = 90 seconds
    Your P200 will be gone in 1 and 1/2 minutes so that you can watch an 18minute video!?

    STUPID pricing. This is the best way to kill HSPA+!!!

    • Griswold

      I agree pinapatay ni smart sarili nyang HSPA+. 90 seconds goodbye P200. kapalmuks ng Smart.

  • Mahalia Jackson

    Hey Calvin!

    Dito na lang ako magrereply re: Galaxy Tab 10.1 comment from Yugatech.

    I keep installing and uninstalling Flash from the Market, pero wala talaga. Pag nagpupunta ako sa mga flash test websites, sinasabi pa rin, wala daw akong flash installed. 🙁

    Tinry ko rin enable debugging mode, pero hindi talaga marecognize ng computer. D:

    Do you think sira ang unit ko? >< Thank you!

    • Mahalia Jackson

      I was able to make flash work by tweaking setting. Xp connection na lang. USB debugging really didn’t work 🙁

      • so ok na yung Flash mo?
        try mo kaya isaksak sa ibang PC? plug and play talaga yan eh like other Android devices. pagnaka-enable debugging mode, pagsaksak mo sa USB, pull down mo notification tapos meron dun dapat turn on usb storage or something like that.
        kung ayaw talaga, install mo Kies kung ok lang sayo.

        • Mahalia Jackson

          Onga eh. Ang alam ko nga plug and play to eh. Tatry ko sa ibang PC, problem ko lang is my main one is an XP machine. Wala akong nakitang option to turn on USB storage. 🙁 Naginstall na rin ako ng Kies, pero di nya marecognize yung tablet.

          Pasensya na sa abala ha! >< I just wanted to ask someone's opinion kung sira ba tong unit ko or what. Kasi ang layo ng pinakamalapit ng Samsung Service station dito, so effort kung dadalin ko sya dun agad.

          Wala kasing nasagot sa phone ng Samsung, tapos mga sagot sa emails, hindi helpful. Thank you so much for the help!

  • The product is really nice, and a first for the Philippine market (thru direct channels, ofcourse) but the pricing is quite absurd, I must say.

  • George Anderson

    Great! Actually I’m using a broadband which is SMARTBRO, and now I think i found the great one.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • arch

    actually the first one that release a pocket wifi in the philippines is globe,remember the globe mifi? 100% sure that the rocket wifi plus of smart is also huawei same as globe mifi.i’ve search about this portable wifi and found out that in many countries they also have this portable wifi gadget,All huawei products but w/ different name(of course) and different company owner.btw,i must check this rocket wifi in person.

    • nope.. this is a newer huawei capable of hspa+

  • hans

    a month salary for a internet connection device; yet without internet? its far too high for the device!! 1.999 would be right and next year the LTE+ is coming.. what then? buy another device?