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Smart Bro 799I’ve spoken before about how I am generally happy with Smart Bro, despite all the complaints. At the end of it all, we can’t deny that Smart Bro truly increased Internet access for the common Filipino, offering broadband at costs previously unmatched by other Internet Service Providers.

Recently, Smart Bro came out with another service that will further increase internet penetration in the Philippines. The service gives the subscriber a USB Modem which could be plugged into any PC and access the Internet wirelessly.

Compared to previous Smart Bro packages that are tied-down to where Smart Bro antenna is installed, the Smart Bro USB Modem gives the subscriber the mobility and geographic flexibility to use Smart Bro anywhere there’s a PC.

Now tell me, where else can you get a service like that at P799? Where? I didn’t hear your answer, saan? 🙂

As for level of service, that is yet to be discovered. Do you have Smart Bro 799 stories to share?

Some additional info I gathered from Smart Wireless Center:
– Lock-in period: 24 months
– USB Modem can connect to Internet anywhere there is a Smart cellphone signal
– USB Modem can connect using 2G, 3G or “3.5G” or HSDPA depending on what service is available in the area
– Promo price good until February 2008

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ka edong
Namamasko po!

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  • Ooo… so that’s what my dormates are talking about. I think this service is definitely worth a try especially if you have laptops!

  • sponsored post? because you very well know this service is not worth it and it is not just 799 pesos actually. it is only 799 if you surf for just an hour a day for a month and you know that it isn’t enough. if you exceed that you are going to be charged 10 for every 30 minutes excess..JUST LIKE using it on your cellphone… so why be TIED TO 2 YEARS PLAN when you can do it in your cellphone.
    a better read before subscribing on Smartbro 799.SMART DEFRAUDING CONSUMERS

  • Davis

    I’m just using my phone as a modem though.

  • netsektor

    if you already have a 3G phone and is using it in your laptop, you don’t really need this. This SmartBro on the Go isn’t based on the original SmartBro Motorola WiMax. I’d rather use the original 3G service of smart at 10 pesos/30 minutes using my phone, no lock-in period, use it when i want it.

  • rllaneis

    if you are gonna go wireless, just use smart 3g through your phone, specially if you are a laptop user or on the go…

    it’s more inexpensive since you are not tied down to any plan at the same time you only pay for what you surf… and the smart 3g coverage is not that widespread if your going to remote places….

    this is the inexpensive version of visibility, but at least on visi i can get hsdpa speeds…

    so if you want to be cheap go for the regular prepaid smart 3g

  • i think it is better to use your 3g phone, i saw on the advertisement 799 for just 40 hours with lock in period, i just don’t know how much it will cost after spending that 40 hours.

  • Very Expensive…You’re tied to smartbro for 24months and paying 799pesos/month with just 40 hrs of internet access and pays 20pesos/hour in excess of the free 40 hrs. Hindi ka nga makakita ng ganyan sa iba. Mahal eh…LoL

  • is Smart 3G same as Globe’s EDGE? and they have prepaid cards for these?

  • 🙂 Sponsored post? Not.

    After the 40-hours free per month, the P10/30-minute block is the same rate as your regular internet access via 3G phone.

    I have to agree, the 2 year lock-in period is a pain in the bumbum. I can’t argue about that.

    Let me put it this way — Smart Bro offers options to the common Filipino. The common Filipino who doesn’t have a laptop, doesn’t have a 3G phone, doesn’t have a post-paid plan, doesn’t have a PC even (nakiki-gamit la-ang).

    All I’m saying is, kudos to the technology and the enterprise that helps build the country’s Internet infrastructure, especially for the common pinoy.

    At the end of it all, I agree with Biz and Finance on the following point: better read before subscribing to Smartbro 799. 🙂

  • half human half darkness

    ka edong would you make it a hundred hours… magulo kayo naka post sa web it is 40hrs sa mga flyers 40hrs free?! wooo… anu ba yun?!…

  • silphead

    ammh!! maybe its better to upgrade the limit hours fo the one month..

  • I wonder if it’s true that you can use it anywhere there is a Smart signal. I just came from a vacation in Bohol and for some time we stayed at my wife’s hometown, Alicia, Bohol, where there are still no landline connections.

    I came across a computer shop operating on mere pc games because there is still no internet connection. Told them about the Smart Bro device and they said that Smart said it still cannot be used there. Signal was strong in that area.

    If it is really true, then you can just imagine how many internet cafes in some distant towns, with no landline connections yet and where people generally don’t have pcs at home, will generate additional income. 🙂

  • Did I miss something? I thought there’s an unlimited surfing option for Php999?

  • Carlos Alberto

    Many here seem to recommend the smart 3g service over smartbro on the go. I was wondering about the average download speed of each choice. I am considering a mobile alternative to my home broadband connection and so far I’ve tried the smart 3g and globe service using my nokia n95. Both services give me around 460(i forget the unit) when connected to my laptop. Does anyone have data about the actual download speed of smartbro on the go? Also during my research, I have been made aware of 3g vs 3.5g(HSPDA). It is implied that an ordinary 3g phone (a nokia N70 for example) is only about half the speed of a 3.5g capable phone (the n95, and the new nokia 6120) – Is this true? Should I spring for the more expensive but less featured new 6120 over the n70 as a modem phone?

  • Ally

    Smart Bro might be the best internet provider these days but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have any limited resources to provide what most of the people here wanted. Just like me, I wanted to have a broadband account so I’ve gone to the nearest Smart Wireless Center to have this Smart Bro. After 3 days, 3 men arrived at my house apologizing ’cause they can’t make the connection for some technical failures, the satellite beside my house isn’t Smart’s. They suggested me to refund my money and I did so.

    I’m currently using a PC in a shop and it’s really unconvenient. I can’t download what I wanted and I can’t log on 24/7.

  • winston

    As some posters (on this site) said, get a cheap 3G prepaid phone, set it up, then surf. No more lock-in period na feeling mo ay na-hostage ka na sa pagbabayan ng bill for 24-gangbangin’ months (yan ang ma-fefeel mo kung oportunista ang service provider mo). And when the your relationship between you and your ISP gets sour, SWITCH, wala nang financial and legal tie ups.

  • winston

    this smart bro “thingy” is just a 3G dedicated modem.

  • nicole

    So if you’ll use a prepaid 3G phone, then network should be backed-up by a good 3G set-up. Between Globe & Smart, which telecom could provide that?

  • leahvd

    Hello smartbro, this is the nth time I would raise this issue.
    You are blocking 95 % of the websites!! We can not effectively use your service.

    Please give us credit. You can’t just take money off people and provide lousy service. That is not good business practice.

    I have emailed you August 13, text Smart Support many times too at # 0918 500 3000.
    I have also visited your office in Robinsons Galleria last week but the your service worsened and nobody bothered to call us to tell us how to fix it.

    What’s going on? If you can not provide service then stop advertising it. You are cheating the people.

  • ACE


  • Erwin

    What’s wrong with SMART BRO!!!
    I am always having problem with your signal. Just this November I have no access for 5 days and it took you a week to send someone to fix it. Then you’ll be telling me I have to pay for the remainder of my contract. Such an irresponsible service…you pay for something that does not work and then you’ll be penalized again for terminating the contract. TERMINATE it then.

  • bk8 ang smartbr0 k0 hnd nman mag c0nicthing

  • aldrin

    when can smart offer WIMAX? WIMAX is better than HSDPA.

  • hi,
    like you guys i am a smart bro user, just bought my kit complete with 2 year locked in period last sunday and here i am complaining, speed sucks.
    is there something we could do to get out of the locked in period deal?? maybe we should all band together and do something. am thinking if you guys guys have blogs or websites we should post a banner of its speed, maybe a screen cap of the smart bro internet showing its whopping 30kbps or post results. better yet if you have alternative dsl or broadband connections which offer better speed, post them side by side.
    what do you guys say? pls advise as i am desperately trying to get out of the locked in period, no way i will pay for dial ups at 999php for 2 years. thanks guys

  • user

    SMARTBRO WIMAX – JUNE 15, 2010

    Smartbro lunches the WIMAX using the technology of MOTOROLA “the leader in WIMAX CPE” and has the largest deployment of wimax equipment in the world.. Ang smartbro ay gumagamit ng Motorola CPEi 750 Series pero sa mga may balak mag subscribe sa smartbro wimax DON’T LET SMARTBRO GIVE YOU A ZTE BRAND OF WIMAX CPE kasi meron din silang mas mura na ZTE brand. Lahat ng wireless as dumidepende sa signal pero MALAKI din ang difference ng CPE na gagamitin mo. TULAD na lang ng wi-tribe sa Pakistan (which has largest WIMAX deployment and coverage) Motorola lang ang gamit nila, di sila nagtitiwala sa mga gawa ng Chinese WIMAX CPE (tulad ng ZTE at HUAWEI). Ang wi-tribe dito sa pinas Motorola CPEi 150 mas luma ng konte sa gamit ng smartbro na CPEi 750. — – – – – – – – – – – ang GLOBE WIMAX LAHAT NG BASESTATION & CPE ay gawa ng Huawei kaya naman malaki ang problema ng globe. . . . . . . . . . .. . . REMINDER: kapag nagsubscribe ka sa smartbro huwag ka papayag ng ZTE or Huawei ang ibibigay sayo na CPE. . . . . . . . . check the Motorola CPEi750 sa search engine. e.g; yahoo / google