Smart Bro Prepaid Kit @ Php4,500

While Smart subscribers can easily hook up to the internet via their 3G mobile phones, Smart has offered a mobile internet plan a few months back.

The kit includes a USB dongle, a 3G enabled Smart SIM card and free 40 internet hours every month. Extra use will cost Php10 every 30 additional minutes. It didn’t really fly because it wasn’t much of a difference as having a 3G-enabled phone.

Last week, Smart launched the prepaid version — Smart Bro Prepaid kit will cost a one-time charge of Php4,500. It comes with the USB dongle, SIM card, 90 minutes free time. Additional time is still Php10 per 30 minutes.

Smart Plugit

To reload, users can buy prepaid cards worth Php100 or Php300. Another easy way is via the millions of e-Load stations worldwide. Topping up your account will be the same as the regular method from Php30 to Php115.

More details on the Smart Bro website here.

Currently, some “open-line” 3G USB dongles can be bought from retail shops for Php7,500.

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  • I saw these in Boracay during Holy Week. They were doing a big advertising push…

    The funny thing was if you buy this device it includes a SIM which you can NOT put in your phone to make calls or surf the internet. These Prepaid Smart Bro kits are not cross compatible..So what’s the point..just use my bluetooth phone buy a 55 peso SIM and off I go…

    For that matter just use Globe Internet Php5 for 15 minutes and swap SIMs if I do not have a Globe Connection.

  • Unboxing pics can be found here.

  • It just wouldn’t bite for as long as there’s still a lock-in period.

  • walang sinabi yan sa free dial up ko… hehe…
    prepaid na libre internet pa!!!…

  • RafaelC378

    I use Wifi & other broadband to download stuff from Itunes (I have a US Store Account), mostly songs & TV Shows. Aside form that, I don’t really need broadband. But using dialup for that purpose is maddeningly slow. It takes 2 days of 24/7 downloading to complete a 1hr (~500Mb show). So I splurged for the SmartBRO Prepaid.

    No complaints so far. Am using it to download some videopodcasts and it takes only minutes what would take hours using dialup.

    For technical stuff, I got the following connection & download data from

    Download 414kb/s
    Upload 43kb/s
    Ping: 811ms

    Not bad. I’m located in the Sampaloc Area near UST for 3G coverage reference.

  • Jane Kua

    @RafaelC378, bossing mabilis pa rin b ang connection mo hanggang ngayon, anu po street nyo, kasi ako dito lang sa maceda st. eh.

  • mark

    wag na po kayo bumili ng smart bro prepaid kit na yan! put*ng in* sa umpisa lang maayos, after 1 or 2 months, wala na ang bagal na!, tas nagpuputol putol pa! put*ng in* talaga! smart manloloko kayo lalo ka na BRO tang ina kayo hayop!!!!
    ang mahal mahal ng prepaid kit nyo tapos ganto lng pala! at ang mahal pa ng per hour nyo 20 per hour e sa computeran! 15 per hour, 25pesos 2 hours na!!!!!!! puk*ng *na talaga ang smart bro!!!!!!!!

  • RafaelC378

    @Jane Kua,

    After almost 2 months of service. Mabilis pa rin sya. Di sya bumabagal. Hindi pumuputol ang service. Still getting the max 350-400mbps download speed. I live near Dapitan near the UST Research Center.


    Hinga ka malalim pare. Kung ayaw mo na, ibenta mo nalang sya. Hindi ito Smart Bro na plan.

  • Rudyr

    Im having a hard time with my smartbro prepaid very slow

  • Marvin

    Just want to ask to ask you guys if smart bro is not within a 3g covered area what cgnal or wave will it use? so I was thinking yeah you can travel anywhere but you still have to stay in the city to get the speed benefit but what if nag out of town ka? may smart cgnal nga ang prob is walang 3g? mapag tyatygaan ba ang smart bro prepaid? or wifi? kung sa city lang naman pwede magamit ang smartbro prepaid eh di sana bumili na lang tayo ng 3g phone?

  • glenn

    Packets can be streamed in a 2G phone(GPRS / 2.5G EDGE). Mas mabilis lang sa 3G ksi wider bandwidth. Therefore, meron prin internet ksi (maybe) lahat globe/smart ay 2.5G capable na nationwide.

  • glenn

    Ang mahal nman sa Pinas… sa Singapore 20SGD(~600 Php) lang yun rent sa wireless modem (1 time payment) same size nun sa smart bro prepaid.

    Tapos 20Sgd (~600Php)/month only for a speed of ( up to 2 Mbps).

    Mobile Voice call is .08 SGD (~2.5Php)/min.

    i dont know why,mas marami naman consumer sa Pinas. Mura pa labor/salary. Globe and Smart profits a lot…

  • rey


    I am writing to this forum, to inform you of the possible HEAD ACHE that you may encounter if you avail SMART BRO PRE PAID.

    You will not encounter problem connecting to SMART NETWORK, but as you use your internet, you will notice that you cannot connect to any site that you want to visit.

    Now, as you look into your connection, you will see that your PC is connected to SMART Network No. 57 or 58, etc. etc…. BUT Smart Network to Internet is NOT CONNECTED……





    Rey Atienza

  • brando

    this feature should be per minute charge not per 30minutes block… example u start at 9:25am then finished at 9:45am a total of 20 minutes of internet then you will pay 20pesos???

  • jr041283

    “brando » August 27th, 2008 14:26
    this feature should be per minute charge not per 30minutes block… example u start at 9:25am then finished at 9:45am a total of 20 minutes of internet then you will pay 20pesos???”

    At first I was also lost with the billing process but upon calling the Hotline at *1888 a CSR explain to me well.
    1 Hour is divided into 2 blocks: in example 10:01 to 10:30 is the first block then from 10:31 until 11:00 is the second part.

    So at your case, 20PHP charge is legal. 9:25 until 9:30 is your first block then the second block is 9:31 until 9:45. You did consumed 2 blocks so 20PHP must be charge on your balance.

  • hateSMARTbro.

    Have mercy on your budget and save your sanity. My advice for those who want to subscribe the Smart bro, don’t just think twice but DON’T EVEN THINK OF BUYING THIS CRAPPY stuff!!!

  • currently own a Blackberry Storm2, and have resisted the urge to switch to an iPhone based soley on the fact that the iPhone is on AT&T and Iam loyal to Verizon. But the lack of apps for Blackberry is really disappointing and the countless battery pulls that I have to do is really becoming a headache. The moment the Nexus One is available on Verizon, Iam jumping the Blackberry ship and boarding the Android ship!