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Smart Communications set to demo Apps at Mobile World Congress 2012

In a press briefing this evening, Smart Communications presented its involvement with several of the world’s largest mobile service providers and manufacturers that form the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) in an effort to promote open standard web technologies that will allow for the proliferation of software and services in a fragmented mobile market.

Organized in 2010, the WAC aims to make the seamless interoperability of software, digital products, and services for mobile devices possible. This is in response to the growing number of mobile phone models, operating systems, and applications entering the arena.

As a founding member of the organization, Smart is committed to re-shaping the future of the industry by being active in several WAC endeavors. To date, Smart has participated in a number of efforts including network tests, software development, and service deployment “” all of which aim to benefit not only those in progressive countries, but those in emerging markets as well.

In tonights briefing, Smart demonstrated the Apps to the media and selected bloggers. First of which is the Chikka TopApp which was introduced last October 2011. This 100% Pinoy-made Android app is the first “œGlobal Pasaload” app which features “œin-app operator billing”.


In-app operator billing allows software developers to bill users without having to connect separately to each WAC member-operator’s billing systems. This is made possible by the WAC’s Network Application Programming Interface (NAPI) which was exposed by Smart to developers worldwide.

Other three Apps that will be presented in the Mobile World Conference are Shoephoric by Shoephoric.com, iCare by Oks Pinoy, and the FHM Philippines Mobile App by Hand Interactive.

Shoephoric allows shoe lovers to organize shoe collections and discuss them with other shoe fanatics. It’s most unique feature, however, is its ability to gift friends with shoes by contributing small amounts towards the cost of dream shoes on their wish lists.


iCare, on other hand, promotes “œvirtual bayanihan” as it enables users around the world to make instant donations to the Philippine Red Cross and other non-profit organizations. A very useful application especially for a calamity-prone country such as the Philippines.


And, FHM Philippines Mobile App grant magazine fans access to previously unseen photos and other exclusive content for a minimal fee.

“œWe are making it possible for all WAC-accredited Application Developers to reach out to more potential customers,” said Smart President and WAC Board Member Napoleon Nazareno. “œWe would like to specifically help and enable Filipino Application Developers to tap into this huge potential market and we hope to see many of them reach global stature,” he said.

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  • As a fan of technology and mobile apps, this I got to see. This will definitely boost mobile apps development in the country!

  • Griswold

    i wonder if this will circumvent the usual fees when transferring money from abroad, if there’s an app that will do that, that is.

  • steelicon

    Needs NFC.