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Smart Freedom Plan, prepaid flexibility on a postpaid plan

One of the benefits of going prepaid is its flexibility. You’re not tied up to a monthly service fee and you can subscribe to budget-friendly promos any time you want. Now what I want with having a postpaid plan is I don’t have to worry about checking my balance every once in a while in case I run out of load when I need it. Or having to change numbers if I lose my SIM.

Now what if you can have the best of both worlds? Well you can with Smart’s newest plan, the Freedom Plan which gives you the prepaid flexibility on a postpaid plan. You will only be billed by the amount you consume on a month, even 0 pesos. Perfect for those who travel a lot and don’t need to use Smart’s service when abroad, or those who are simply in a budget. Or those who don’t want to scratch peel-off cards anymore.


Smart is targeting the Freedom Plan to college students and employees that they made the requirements very easy. All you need is a valid school ID (even if you’ve already graduated) or a company ID. No need for payslips and proof of billings. In fact, you can start building your credit history with the Freedom Plan.

Your credit on the Freedom Plan is initially capped at Php600 per month. If you used up Php600 worth of services before the month’s end, you need to pay first before you can start using your number again. Don’t worry, you will be prompted with a text message once you reach the Php300 mark so you can budget accordingly. You can also request to increase your Freedom Plan’s credit if you’ve been a good, paying customer, or upgrade to a full-blown postpaid plan altogether provided you can prove your financial capability.

Initially, there are 15 pricing buckets you can use on the Freedom Plan, with more coming by October (looking for the ALWAYS ON).


Service NameKeywordDescriptionUser PriceDuration
Trio TalkTALK150150 tri-net minsP 15015 days
UnliTalkUNLITALKunlimited on-netP 50030 days


Service NameKeywordDescriptionUser PriceDuration
ALL Text 100ALLTXT1001000 all net SMS + 75 mbP 10015 days
UnliText TRIOTRITXT200unlimited tri-net SMSP 200
ALL Text 200ALLTXT2002000 all net SMS + 150 mbP 20030 days
UnliText TRIOTRITXT350unlimited tri-net SMSP 350


Service NameKeywordDescriptionUser PriceDuration
Unli Call &
Text Combo
CT400unlimited on-net text
and calls + 60 mins. Sun calls
P 40015 days
TRI NET 200COMBO2001000 all net SMS
+ 250 tri-net mins + 75 mb
P 200
Unli Call &
Text Combo 600
CT600unlimited on-net text
and calls + 90 mins. Sun calls
P 60030 days
TRI NET 400COMBO4002000 all net SMS
+ 500 tri-net mins + 150 mb
P 400


Service NameKeywordDescriptionUser PriceDuration
Call to AllCALL250100 mins. voice calls to Smart/Globe/Sun/
Landline US/Canada/HK/SG
P 25015 days


Service NameKeywordDescriptionUser PriceDuration
UnliSurfSURFunlimited mobile InternetP 100030 days
Blackberry FullBB FULLunlimited Blackberry servicesP 120030 days
Blackberry EmailBB EMAILunlimited Blackberry emailP300
Blackberry BBM OnlyBBM ONBlackberry Messenger
+ 30 mins. on-net calls
P 150

As usual, simply text KEYWORD to 9990 (e.g. ALLTXT200 to 9990) to use any of the service.

So what do you think? Say goodbye to scratching those peel-off call cards right?

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  • Griswold

    looks like a good move from Smart. sana si globe gumaya. hehehe. parang gusto ko ito pero mahina smart sa bahay namin.

  • I’d like to add that for applying directly to Smart Wireless Centers, you still have to bring 2 months previous billing statement from Globe or Sun only.
    But if you apply on kiosks or promo stands only 1 valid ID is needed.

    I went directly to Smart Wireless Center and I was barred from application because I did not bring my billing statement.

    Also, kapag hindi ka nagconsume ng at least piso in 60 days macucut yung line mo…

    • really? hmmm thank for the feedback. Have to verify this one. Ang pagkakaalam ko 9 months of inactivity bago ma cut yung line mo, like their regular postpaid plan.

      • Tim

        I applied in a smart wireless center, they did not require billing statements, only a valid id.

    • gela

      they do not require pag sinabi mong freedom plan. pag ibang plans, they require.

    • gela

      they do not require pag sinabi mong freedom plan. pag ibang plans, they require.

  • redmd

    Well the load promo balance stack up pag di mo na consume just like what Sun is doing? Sulit yung tri net 400.

    • Me, too. I want to know if they do what Sun does — for example, if I subscribed to Alltext 200 with 2,000 all-net texts, nake-carry over ba yung unused texts for the next month? Also, puwede ba automatic enrollment every month ng Alltext 200? Just in case nake-carry over, para di makain yung unused texts.

      Also, for the Tri-net 400 with 500mins of trinet calls. This is talagang 500mins, not 2 hours of Smart to Sun, 5 hours of Smart to Smart, etc.. ganoon, would you know? Thanks!

  • aze

    Sir Calvin, medyo nalilito po ako. tama po ba na ang ibig mo sabihin pwede ko pa rin gamitin as prepaid yung sim ko? like for example naka register ako dito: ALL Text 100, tapos need ko tumawag mag loload ako ng 60 para makatawag sa ibang network. possible ba ganung scenario?

    • like i said, just like postpaid hindi ka pwede magload dito. so kung naka all text 100 ka tapos tatawag ka sa ibang networks, you will be charged regular price for that call. pwede mo rin itong gamitin nang hindi ka nakasubscribe kahit san. regular postpaid rates ang ichacharge sayo.

      • aze

        ahh ok. Thanks. nalinawan dn.

  • dave

    pwede bang gamitin tong roaming sim?

  • renzie

    Sir, may free phone po ba ito? or sim lang ang ibibigay nila?

  • Tristan

    you can avail of the trinet service thru your exsisting prepaid number. Sa trinet 400 you get 500 mins to smart and sur plus 3,000 sms to all network (compared to freedom 2,000 sms lang) and 150mb surfing. Kaso lang sa prepaid your call will be cutoff every 7mins, hindi ko alam sa freedom plan if ma cutoff din. Same man lang and paraan pag avail in freedom and prepaid

  • Marj

    How can i make a call using freedom plan? Is it *9990+11 digit number? Or just dial the 11 digit number? Need help. My staff can’t use it. Hindi rin po sinabi sa akin kung paano nung kinuha ko ung sim. Hindi yata alam sa smart

    • regular calls? just dial the number regularly. freedom plan is just like your ordinary postpaid plan when it comes to making calls.

      • joy

        i also cant use it. even calling their *888 d ako maka connect

  • JayM

    can we avail of promos offered to prepaid? is there an option for unli surf for 1 day or 5 days?

    • not all prepaid offers are available in freedom plan although they said dadagdagan nila ang current services in the future. the plan prevents you from subscribing to a promo na hindi offered for it.

      • JayM

        thanks for the help. i do hope add na sila more services.

  • miche

    hi…kumuha ako ng smart freedom plan kahapon lang…tapos nag-register ako ng trinet 400..pano ko magagamit yung 500mins call to smart,tnt, sun and pldt langline? may dapat pa bang i-dial like *9990+11 digit numbers or direct dial na sa number mismo? kaya lang pag direct dial baka regular charge rates na ma-charge sakin…please i need help…..

    • bim

      direct dial walang nang dpat png e dial na iba. meron kasi ako babawas lng yan sa 500mins call mo.

  • bim

    tanong po ako kasi naubos na ung trinet400 ko hindi pa nag 1month gusto ko sana mag register ulit pero hindi pwede kasi register pa. pwede po ba na e cancel ung trinet400 tapos mag register ulit?

  • andy

    kumuha ako ng plan na to, tapos nag reg ako ng ALLTXT200. pero walang confirmation na dumadating… naka reg nba ako nun? baka kc macharge ako ng regular text rate.

  • raine

    availed of All text 100 but the confirmation says 1000 texts to smart, globe and sun only. have some of you experienced this? i thought ALL net ito? (including TM, TNT, etc.)

  • gerlie

    hello poh kakabili ko lang oh ng smart freedom ko nong nakaraang araw kaso hindi ko pa po ginagamit .my itatanung lang poh sana ako pag magregister poh ba ako sa unlisurf 1000 send to 2200 poh ba..?kasi di nman ako pwde makapag’internet kung di poh ako nkapag register dba..?tska di ka pwde magload kasi sa bills muna babayaran kung mgakanu ung nagamit mo..help poh salamat..

  • cza

    1. what if, hindi ko nagamit ung sim for this month, pwede ba un? 2. pwede ko ba i-switch yung freedom plan ko sa ibang plan ng smart? thaaaanks.

  • gerlie

    hi poh hindi poh ba pwde tong cellphone ko S5300 samsung tska di ko alam kung paanu makaka register sa internet ung unlisurf 1000 for 30 days….invalid keyword RC;11 sinasabi

  • Sir, im planning to get one. ok ba ang voters ID para makakuha ng Freedom Plan? Yun lang ang ID na meron ako eeh. salamat

  • Angel

    kelangan po ba ung additional services bago makagamit?

  • thecorrescode

    VAT is not included… For example, if you avail ALLTXT100, that is 100 + 12% VAT… So ang monthly bill mo magiging 112…

    So definitely, not cheaper than prepaid…

    • zhay

      hi.. gaano po kabilis makukuha ung sim freedom plan nila ?

  • Chris

    One of the problems with the Freedom SIM comes when you use it in an iPad. Because the iPad can’t send text messages you can’t subscribe to any of the packages. You have to take the SIM out, put it in another phone, subscribe to the package and then replace it in the iPad.

    It would be nice if Smart came up with another way of ordering add-on services, such as through a web page.

  • Ryan S

    Good Day,

    Tanong ko lg po if example

    nka plan ako ng 1200 all in plan yet hindi ko po naubos yung 1200 consumables,

    carried over ba to for the next month? or hindi?


  • Kelvin

    Good morning.

    There’s really a MAJOR flaw dito sa freedom. Let’s say your monthly cut off date is every 15th of the month and you subscribed to a 30-month promo what happens is, you’ll only be enjoying the first half of the promo but once cut offs started, you’ll be charged according to your usage. Syempre, di ka papayag, well, the procedure would be to contest your bill every month. Maganda sana, but may problema talaga ang freedom.

    Freedom user po ako that’s the problem I’m having.