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Smart Gold offers Unlimited Data Plans

With smartphones and tablets becoming the craze today, Smart Gold is offering its new Unlimited Data Plans. These are different from their previous unlimited mobile data plans which goes on top of the monthly service fee.

With the Smart Gold Unlimited Data Plans, you no longer need to enter promo codes or re-register after the service expires. What’s more, free calls and text messages are also available across all plans, as well as low rates of just P0.51 per SMS and US$0.40 per IDD call. It’s basically an unlimited internet, consumable call and text plan all in one.

Here are the devices that you can get for FREE from each plan:

Plan 1500

width="550"Plan 2000

width="550"Plan 3000 and 4000

width="550"All 8 devices available under the Smart Gold Unlimited Data Plans are HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access) enabled so you would get blazing fast mobile internet… if you’re in the right location that is. Gee, I was hoping that the plan would start on P1,000 and not P1,500. And only a Samsung Galaxy Mini for Plan 1500?? Then there’s also the disparity at Plan 2000. Since when did the Samsung Galaxy Ace became at the same level as the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the HTC Desire S? The Ace should be the one free at Plan 1500. Oh well, if you’re looking for such service from Smart, there you go.

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