Smart Money More Simply

Last week, I wrote about G-Cash transactions via the SIM Tool Kit (STK). There’s more I gather from the grapevine and it’s about Smart Money.

Smart Money, I hear, is busy enhancing their service too. I heard through my reliable bubwit that Smart Money is finally working on simplifying the Smart Money service.

I’ve written in the past how the mere enrollment of Smart Money is too much of a hassle for most Pinoys.

Smart Money requires a paper application to be filled-up and submitted at a Smart Wireless Center. A Smart Money Card will be issued around two weeks later. That’s just too long a wait. Not to mention the fees for the card. (This is in contrast to the one-time G-Cash registration via SMS).

I hear that Smart is putting together a way to simplify the entry into the Smart Money network. I hear also that the transactions are being simplified.

Way to go. Simplify: that is what I’ve been expecting Smart Money to do, things I’ve written in past articles. The moves of Smart are rather late, but better late than laterer.

I’m looking forward to the simplified Smart Money. Bring it on!

ka edong

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  • freeflow

    they may be improving how to ease the registration process, but that will still be useless when you try to use it. why u ask?

    i’ve tried to pay our pldt landline phone bill w/ smart money, guess what i can’t. How about a another sister company of smart, say…home cable. you guessed it, i can’t also. šŸ™

  • well smart money works for me guys!

  • mgestalt

    Let’s wait for their improvement. Maybe its a good one.