Smart myTV for Php488: Any takers?

Smart and 360media finally launched it’s mobile TV offering named Smart myTV. Like any other service offering, the price will always be the main selling point for it to be hot or not. Just look at what they did with the Meridian to Smart Bro transition.

For a monthly subscription fee of Php488 that includes premium channels such CNN, MTV Philippines, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, Pinoy Box Office, The History Channel, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, ETC and Jack TV, will you bite or not?

Smart myTV

For an initial 10 channels, that brings down the cost of each channel to Php48.8 a month. If they’ll add the local ones – GMA 7, ABS-CBN, IBC5, QTV – or even ANC, the ttoal package would look very enticing.

I’ve seen several demo of this mobile TV and though I am impressed by the quality of the signal reception, I ‘m underwhelmed with the handsets that are ready for DVB-H. The Nokia N92 is just so huge and bulky. The upcoming N77 looks much better though.

If you’re on the Smart network now and have one of them DVB-H, you can try Smart myTV for free until the end of August 2007.

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  • jnash

    well i already try this smart myTV for me its awesome when ur outside but when u are in covered area the signal really sucks…

  • im not sure if this is the first but i saw mobile tv using video call in globe. click this for info.

    its cheaper i think but this requires 3g signal unlike smart is offering now.

    PS: anyone here trying visibility of globe using usb modem?

  • cendricks

    wat is DVB-H??
    i have nokia 3250.
    is myTV compatible with this?

  • Emery Asban

    I have a nokia 6120 classic. Will myTV work for this phone? If not,when will this model be supported by myTV?

  • Oinky

    Hi, I have a Nokia 5110, is it compatible with the Smart myTV?

  • james

    how to use tv on n77? my phone no programme guides no channel. where i can find channel so that i can watch basketball?

  • Oinky

    Walang hiyang SMART yan, nagtext yung MyTV sa akin kanina ite-Terminate na simula April 1, 2010, bukas.

  • Oinky

    Wala na nga, tsk tsk ang tanging dahilan ng halos 3 taon kong pag-iipon upang makabili ng N96. NBA Season/Playoffs now gone with the wind and I am left with a useless expensive (21K) Phone.

  • Ems

    I have the same situation as you Oinky. I bought N96 last February just for MyTv. O my goodness, I wasted my money!!!! Pero I got news from them na they will try their best to pull it back.

  • Oinky

    San mo nabalitaan Ems? Mabuti naman sana kung maibabalik nila yung MyTV.

  • Ems

    Tinanong ko sa kanila sa facebook kung bakit tinerminate nila and then sabi nila na nag-expire ang permit nila para ibroadcast ang MyTv. It lasted 3 years since 2007. Umaasa ako na ibabalik nila yun ASAP. Let’s wait for the news na lang.

  • Oinky

    RMN Platform na lang ang available ngayon at ang Window Shopping na hindi ko naman kailangan. Di rin ako maka-subscribe dun sa mga channels ng RMN na naka-lock. May NBA ba dun?

  • Ems

    Oo nga. Napansin ko na RMN na lang available. Hindi rin ako makasubscribe sa basic and premium bundles. I think it is made for Mindanao people kasi sa shop tv, mga taga mindanao yung mga host(based on the looks).