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Smart offers all postpaid subs over 20 Flexibundles to choose from

There are many types of postpaid subscribers for Smart. There’s the All-In subscriber, the Freedom plan subscriber, the Family Circle, Unli Data, Unli Postpaid, and the iPhone subscriber. Aside from that, each subscriber has its own set of bundles they can choose to subscribe to.


However, sometimes you’re on a certain plan but want to subscribe to a certain bundle only available to a different plan. And sometimes, the bundle you want is only available to prepaid subs. Well, Smart is now empowering their postpaid subscribers with over 20 Flexibundles to choose from for ultimate flexibility.

Flexibundles include unlimited call and SMS combos, tri-net or all-net buckets, and volume-based data plans. Check out the full list of bundles available:


Now that’s a lot. All-In and Freedom plans can make the most out of these bundles as they live on consumables monthly. They can mix and match their bundles every month according to their needs. Other plans who have limited or no monthly consumables can still subscribe to the bundles which will be charged on top of their MSFs.

If you’re applying for a Smart postpaid plan, you might want to use this easy-to-use Flexibundle calculator to see which plan and bundles would suit your needs.

Now if only Smart also has a USSD code (similar to Globe’s *143#) that will allow their subscribers to apply for these bundles without having to memorize the keywords.

[Smart Flexibundles]
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  • Griswold

    ayus! gaganda na lalo freedom plan ko. 😀 matumal yung mga bundles nya nung una eh.