Smart offers FREE Unli Facebook starting today

Good news to Facebook Smart subscribers out there, you can now enjoy FREE Facebook on your phone starting today, whether it’s a Java feature phone or a smartphone. You can check and send FB messages, update your status, view profiles and albums, straight from your phone without getting charged.


For feature phone users, simply text FB to 211 (free), then you will be sent an SMS message where you can download the FB app. Simply follow the instructions to get the “╦ťFacebook Mobile App’ always on, ready to use, unli, and for free, with a P1 maintaining balance.

For mid-range or smartphones that have access to web browser, all you need to do is visit which will be free for Smart subscribers. Don’t use your phone’s FB app, don’t log on to, just access your account through

Do note that this FREE offer is only for access to Facebook. If you click any links or photos that will leave Facebook, you will be charged normal mobile data rates. As a tip, set your browser’s home page to so you won’t get charged once you fire up your browser.

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  • Anonymous

    Pa-off topic lang ng konti.

    Anu ang best thumbdrive broadband in QC, specifically around UPD?

  • Unison

    Remember, it will only be free for a month. So turn it off by July 8.

  • is this still on going?? feel like changing my network =)

  • archie

    ahhm i like this , i hope everyday free fb..