Smart Rocket WiFi Plus Review

Smart’s latest pocket router, the Rocket WiFi Plus, is based on the Huawei E587 mobile WiFi. A mobile WiFi is a small battery-powered device that is capable of sharing mobile internet access to multiple devices wirelessly. In the case of Smart’s Rocket WiFi Plus, you can have up to 5 devices connected.

Talking to reps from Huawei, this mobile WiFi is exclusive to Smart and gives you high-speed packet access to take advantage of Smart’s HSPA+ network.

smart rocket wifi plus comparison

One obvious thing about Smart’s Rocket WiFi Plus is that it’s bigger than your usual pocket WiFi’s. It’s now also simplified with only a couple of buttons present, one for Power and another one for WPS, which you probably won’t use if you manually setup your WiFi security.

smart rocket wifi plus battery

Having a bulkier body makes room for a bigger battery which I really need on a pocket WiFi. It is also charged via microUSB so I can use the same charger I use for my smartphone. The microSD slot can be accessed from the inside so it’s not hot-swappable.

smart rocket wifi plus display

The display on the Smart Rocket WiFi Plus is quite detailed. It shows the signal strength, the type of signal acquired, WiFi availability, internet availability, unread messages on the SIM, and the battery life. It also shows the bandwidth consumed and duration it is connected to a data plan. Very detailed as compared to old mobile WiFi’s in the market.

Setting up

First thing you would like to do here is set up the WiFi name and security. It’s quite easy to do so with the web admin page. Turn on the device and connect to its WiFi with your laptop or mobile device.

rocket wifi plus 1

Login to the web admin page by going to on your web browser using “˜smartbro’ as both username and password.

rocket wifi plus 2

You will be brought to the main screen where you can see details and the status of your mobile WiFi. Click Settings to set up your WiFi security.

In the WLAN Basic Settings, you can change the Name of your WiFi and set up authentication and password for it.

rocket wifi plus 3

That’s it! The next time you connect to your Smart Rocket Plus WiFi, just input the password you created.

How to put load on your Smart Rocket WiFi Plus

So if you have a prepaid SIM, how do you put load in it? Believe it or not, your mobile WiFi has an SMS feature where it can send and receive text messages. No need to remove the SIM and put it into a phone just to send messages.

rocket wifi plus 4

All you need to do is connect to its wireless network, access the web admin page  ( via your web browser and then head to the SMS tab to send and read SMS messages.


With Smart’s HSPA+ network, I’m getting really good speeds most of the time. I’m saying most of the time because there are still areas where 3G gets congested easily. But in places where I frequent, Smart’s HSPA+ is quite fast and reliable.

Here are different Speedtest results I made.


Theoretically, this Smart Rocket WiFi Plus can reach up to 43.2Mbps downstream when connected to a DC-HSPA+ network which is still limited to around 77 sites. Regular HSPA+ networks (1,400+ sites) can give you up to 21.6Mbps.

Battery Life

Remember that with a bigger body comes a bigger battery life? I own the old pocket WiFi which can only give me 3 to 4 hours worth of internet. But with the Smart Rocket WiFi Plus, I’m getting up to 5 hours with heavy downloading. With the usual mobile surfing, Facebook, mail, Twitter, etc., battery life here can stretch up to 7 hours which is quite impressive.

Do note that like other mobile WiFi’s out there, the device gets alarmingly hot overtime. That’s the nature of such small device and it’s actually normal.

Pricing and Availability

The Smart Rocket WiFi Plus is available in Smart Wireless centers for Php6,495. Another option would be to order it online through Smart’s Online Store.

Here’s a list of plans and packages to help you find that perfect pairing to your Smart Rocket WiFi Plus.

Smart Bro Prepaid Lifestyle Packages
Prepaid Lifestyle 450 ““ 35 hours of internet time for Php 450. Valid for 25 days
Prepaid Lifestyle 350 ““ 25 hours of internet time for Php 350. Valid for 18 days
Prepaid Lifestyle 250 ““ 15 hours of internet time for Php 250. Valid for 12 days

Smart Bro Per Minute Packages
P150 Smart Bro Per Minute Package ““ 7.5 hours (equivalent to 450 minutes) valid for 7 days
P100 Smart Bro Per Minute Package ““ 5 hours (equivalent to 300 minutes) valid for 4 days
P60 Smart Bro Per Minute Package ““ 3 hours (equivalent to 180 minutes) valid for 2 days

Smart Bro UnliSurf Packages
P100 Smart Bro Unli Surf Package with unlimited internet browsing valid for 2 days
P200 Smart Bro Unli Surf Package with unlimited internet browsing valid for 5 days
P50 Smart Bro Unli Surf Package with unlimited internet browsing valid for 1 day

*To continue enjoying these services, please maintain P1 load balance at all times.

Smart Bro Volume Data Packages
ALWAYS ON 995 (with 2000 MB)
ALWAYS ON 750 (with 1000 MB)
ALWAYS ON 500 (with 500 MB)
ALWAYS ON 300 (with 250 MB)
ALWAYS ON 200 (with 180 MB)
ALWAYS ON 30 (with 50 MB)
ALWAYS ON 20 (with 25 MB)
ALWAYS ON 10 (with 5 MB)


smart rocket wifi plus

The Smart Rocket WiFi Plus is an updated version of their first Pocket WiFi with better display and HSPA+ support. It’s also the only Huawei mobile WiFi that is capable of DC-HSPA+ connection. Although you may not be able to fully utilize the maximum speeds such connections can offer, it’s still better to know that your mobile WiFi can connect to the best HSPA+ network currently out there.

It’s really good for families out there who needs internet while on the road. I use this to power Google Maps on the iPad while my wife happily checks in at every traffic light in Foursquare. Of course, the improved battery life is also a huge deal for users who are always on the go. I don’t mind the added bulk for the better features it offers.

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  • pinoy persuasion

    Please admin, pwede po paki-confirm if the “P50 Smart Bro Unli Surf Package with unlimited internet browsing valid for 1 day” using this Rocket wifi has a data cap?

    I heard since this is faster than the normal connection, as soon as you have used your 1 gig per day, the connection speed will go down?

    • Is this now available nationwide?

      • yes it is.

        • It works fine a little pricey on loads around 5 hrs 300 pesos
          that can add up.

    • can’t confirm because i was using postpaid here. better ask smart support yourself to be sure.

    • Henry Casimero

      With Smart’s HSPA+ network, I’m getting really good speeds most of the time. I’m saying most of the time because there are still areas where 3G gets congested easily. NO. I THINK WHAT IS BEING SAID IS THE OTHER WAY AROUND. YOU MAY WANT TO SAY IT THIS WAY: With Smart’s HSPA+ network, I’m getting really NO GOOD speeds most of the time. Most often too slow in many areas where 3G gets congested easily.

  • Richard

    Nice gadget. But its better to get an Android phone. These can all function as mobile wifi hotspots (with security) .. and you can use them to send messages, text, check your balance … everything!

    • that’s what i thought too at first… but, there’s only a few android phones that support hspa+, and mga high-end ang mga ito. then, do you really want to use up your phone’s battery for its hotspot? in my opinion yung wifi hotspot feature ng mga smartphones is seldom used. pang emergency lang or kung lagi kang naka-connect sa power. mabilis kasing makaubos ng battery ito eh.

      • Richard

        Ah. Good point regarding hspa. As it happens, my Android supports it, and battery life is not a concern for me because (a) I usually want to use my phone as a wi-fi hot spot when I am, eg, in a hotel room without access to a LAN internet connection; and (b) I carry spare batteries.

  • danz gonzales

    mag uupgrade po ba ang smart para dun sa 42mbps nila?

    • im sure theyre slowly updating their hspa+ to dc-HSPA+ pero like what i said, in real world di mo masyadong pansin yung speed unless LTE talaga.

      • groucho

        I did notice that Smart has mentioned LTE in its website. Anybody has an idea when this will be available?

        • nobody knows when it will be commercially available.

  • Griswold

    for an unlocked version i think hotgadgets sells the same thing.

    • groucho

      If I buy an unlocked version, , will that mean that I can only use a Smart Bro prepaid SIM? The Smart website says that the SIM has a speed of only 2 mbps. Or will the speed increase with this mifi device even if i just use the Smart Bro prepaid SIM? In other words, is it possible to purchase an unlocked version of this particular mifi model , use a forty-peso prepaid Smart Bro SIM , and still get Smart Bro Rocket WiFi Plus speed? Or must I have to buy a locked modem?

      • yup you can buy an unlocked version and put your own prepaid smart bro sim and still get the wifi plus speed.

        • David

          you sure sir? so, i can still get up to 21mbps?

  • Jo raymundo

    My postpaid plan ba for rocket wifi? Gagamitin ko lang sana for facetime nd imessage?

  • Jo raymundo

    My postpaid plan ba for rocket wifi? Gagamitin ko lang sana for facetime nd imessage?.. Please help po.

  • jofrey mark

    hello..i ahd a problem…when i unplugged my rocket wifi from my laptop…the status on my ipad is connected but there is no internet..but if plugged in my rocket wifi it connects and there is an internet connections…can u help with my problem pls…tnx

    • Configure mo ung IP address ng device mo… ba ka nwla…

  • jake fernandez

    Hi, I hope you’re not having problems with your Rocket Wifi. I bought mine January of this year. I never really got speed more than 3mbps.

    And 2 weeks ago, my unit stopped functioning. I called up Smart tech support, but they weren’t able to help. I even went to Smart wireless center in Ayala, same thing, there was no specific response to my complaint. All they told me was, there could be a service interruption in the area. I live and work in Makati. How’s that?

    • 3 mbps speed is already fast for me. anyway, what do you mean stopped functioning? won’t turn on? won’t connect to 3G? won’t broadcast a wifi?

      • jake fernandez

        Hi Calvin, yeah 3 mbps is fast, but not exactly what they have published in their ads. Up to 20mbps? 🙂

        What I meant by not functioning is that its not connecting to 3G. Even though the display is telling me that there’s 3G signal. Yes, I can connect to the wifi, but no internet.

        Smart can’t tell me specifically what’s wrong? Is it the unit, their signal, the configuration? All they told me was “there could be a signal disruption”. For 2 weeks?

        What’s worst, they told me to call their hotline from time to time to check. Or that somebody will call me. But no one called. Talk about after sales service.

        • hi jake, maybe mali yung APN? check mo apn sa settings. connect to its web client you should see it there. pero usually automatic settings will work eh. i didn’t change any settings on mine. kahit saang area ba wala?

          a way to isolate the problem is by putting the sim on your smartphone and let the smartphone connect to the net.

          20mbps is hard to achieve in the real world, even 10 mbps is only achievable pag konti lang kayo gumagamit sa area. as in konti. to give you an idea, yung LTE nila, nagagawa lang namin na 20/40/60mbps kasi 1 or 2 lang yung gumagamit and kelangan nasa specific range from the tower, and hindi pa consistent. so don’t put too much value sa mga advertised up to x speeds.

          • jake fernandez

            Thanks Calvin for the advise. But I didn’t change any of the settings. When I went to the Smart wireless center in Ayala, they took my unit. And I thought they were going to do a diagnostic. After 5 min, they gave it back, but there was no clear diagnosis of what the problem is. Is it the software? Hardware?

            Anywhere I go, it’s the same. No internet connection. What’s funny is, the building where I work, there’s a Smart Broadband Inc. And right across the building is the Smart tower in Ayala. Our floor has this cone shaped antenna of Smart. That’s why I couldn’t figure out why there’s no internet connection.

            I’ll try to swap sims as you suggested. Thanks again!

    • groucho

      I have heard similar horror stories. That’s what makes me hesitate in buying the Rocket WiFi Plus. It wouldn’t have been that bad if Smart’s aftersales service were helpful. But right now, it seems to be non-existent. Terribly disappointing.

  • garz

    Hi there! I’m planning to buy one but I would be using it mainly for my phone (Galaxy SII). I tried to avoid getting a plan as much as possible for I am deeply concerned with Value-added charges so I opted for this.

    Connecting to this device via a laptop is a breeze but how about with a smartphone?


    • groucho


      My sister has a similar gadget, but it’s the one of Sun. I have had the chance to use it. No problems at all connecting with a Smart Phone (I likewise have the Galaxy SII).

      We probably would appreciate it if you could give your feedback/comments of the Rocket WiFi Plus should you decide to purchase and use it.

      • garz

        Will do, sir! Thanks you for the information.

        Oh, by the way, how’s the connection with Sun?

        • groucho

          The Sun connection is surprisingly good,at least in my book. But we’re talking Manila here. In fact, the reason why my sister chose Sun is because everybody was saying that if you’re just going to be using it in Metro-Manila, Sun provides the best service of that sort. I can only compare it with what I have an experience with….and that’s the Globe Tattoo stick, which sucked big time.

          • no comparsion to sticks , works a hundred times better.
            sticks suck all of them.

  • Vivie

    Can I use a postpaid sim with rocket wifi?

    • Prinz

      Yep, it works. I just bought this Rocket Wifi based on this review and placed my SmartBro 999 postpaid and it works great!

      • Ranchuguy

        Prince, may i know what te max speed that you were able to achieve using a postpaid smartbro sim? Was it the same as the speed provided by the bundled prepaid sim? I was told that the speed would be diff coz the apn is different. Thanks.

  • mobydic

    Can I use this for a long period of time, lets say 24 hours straight? Assuming its plugged to a power source. No danger in using it?

  • June

    meron din ba postpaid nito? tia

    • yup meron. or you can just get their sim only postpaid if you have one already.

    • Ranchuguy

      What is the max speed that you were able to achieve using the smart bro postpaid? I was told that you wont get anything above 2mbps.

      • groucho

        I think you’re right Ranchuguy. I don’t think you’d get more than 2 Mbps, even with the Rocket WiFi Plus. All in all, I’d consider getting an unlocked third party E586 or E587 and just purchase the prepaid SIMs of the telecompanies.

        • Ranchuguy

          Using the bundled prepaid sim of the rocket wifi, i did see it work around 6mbps. My concern is using a unli postpaid plan. If his could also br achieved.

          • groucho

            I would think that it would only be as fast as the capacity of your SIM, no matter how fast the MiFi device is supposed to be.

          • Jay

            so does it mean that the sim bundled with the rocket wifi is different from the ones being sold separately? Based on your statement that you got it working up to 6mbps? and for some they haven’t achieved that speed yet using other sim (unbundled). just a thought.

          • it’s the same… the speed varies by location and the density of users at that certain time/place.

          • bryan

            Hi Guyz! I just recently purchased Smart Pocket wifi last June 05, 2013 (ZTE MF60) postpaid plan 999 but I’m kinda not happy with the amount of signal I’m getting although, I would say , it doesn’t disconnect. Its just that , its so slow. I’m only getting ds: 0.23-0.50mbps us: 0:19-0.35mbps with 700++ ping. I know that this equipment is location dependent so I understand that part, anyways we’ll be moving out , soon. But I just cant sit here and wait for that day, so what I did was , I researched and found very interesting topic about “signal booster”. I saw it from sulit and some other store. There is this electro sticker (150 pesos) that you just need to attach on your device and there is this antenna booster (500-800 pesos). Have you guys tried one of these?Could it really add signal strength on my pocket wifi?

  • Jumong

    speedtest showed 1.8mbps, that’s the highest i got, that’s past midnight.. during daytime the highest is 0.9mbps, maybe it’s because its only 3G here in our province.. one downside is the unit gets very hot in less than an hour of using, very hot that you can’t even put in your pocket.. another downside is that eventhough your registered to unlisurf 200 which is unlimited surfing for 5 days, when you turn the unit it, you need to wait for almost an hour before you can connect to the internet.. i don’t know why..

  • qwety

    pwede ko ba connect ps3 dito? let’s say ok yun spot ko, laggy kaya?

  • frequenzy

    can I ask what is the exact huawei model of the rocket wifi? is this e587-u?

  • Jenny

    I am planning to buy one. Pero kasi nagaalala ako baka hindi din sya mabilis. Nagtry na ako ng smart usb, pero super bagal nun, kbps lang. Then i tried globe usb, still mabagal nasa 300kbps lang. Depende ba sa location to? Kasi nueva vizcaya yung loc ko. Tsaka yung rockit based on signal din? And ilang oras yung batt nya?

    • big factor talaga ang location to get good broadband speeds.

  • Hello, I’m trying to configure my pocket wifi, but I could not access Do you have an idea as to why?

  • kim

    Compatible po ba siya sa ps3?

    • compatible sya with any wifi devices.

  • josh

    hi..newbie here.. im planning to buy a pocket wifi..anyone can help kung ano mas maganda sun pocket wifi or ung sa smart?? location ko is sa cityland near rob!!!thank u

    • kung within metro manila mo gagamitin mas malaki coverage ng smart

      • saeman

        dont purchase a sun pocket wifi masyadong mabagal
        sayang ang pera, imagined .o9 kbps and download

  • Gab Mendoza

    Hi. I’m planning to buy a pocket wifi. Do you guys have any idea san makakabili ng unlocked E587 in stores? Para mas safe sana. So I can change networks whenever its necessary. 🙂 And ano kaya yung price range? Thanks! I found this thread very helpful. Very useful info here. Mas nagustuhan ko tuloy bumili ng pocket wifi. 😉

  • Des

    I have an unlisurf globe postpaid plan and it worked well on the first month but sucks bigtime now. I couldn’t skype or use apps like tango, viber, chat on etc. It’s so frustrating. I live in Manila and there are very few areas where I can get an HSDPA signal. I am now looking at getting the regular smart bro pocket wifi or the rocket wifi but is it really worth it? And can u get at least 2mbps connection even with prepaid? On the smart website, the regular pocket wifi info says u get up to 7.2 mbps (WITH THE ALWAYS ON PLAN if prepaid). I only plan to use it for facetime. Anyone having problems with smart pocket wifi? And anyone on prepaid?

  • TessA

    Just signed up for a smart pocket wifi yesterday, I am soooooo glad that I made the right choice. I read online feedbacks for these services. Sun, Globe and Smart. I was hesitant at first to try smart coz I am a Globe subscriber but after reading the feedback, i signed up. And now, I am having a good time browsing the net, without any interruption. I highly recommend Smart’s pocket wifi to all…. good job smart communications!

  • Reeza

    i need a wifi on the go because i need to use Viber at all times to communicate with my boyfriend abroad. Is viber working using this Rocket-Wifi? pls help anyone.. thanks.. oh and by the way, also if instagram will work too.. 🙂

  • dave

    gumagana po ba dito yung unlisurf 50?

    • yep. kung prepaid sim nilagay mo, prepaid services dapat, kung postpaid, postpaid services dapat.

      • dave

        pero kasi nung nag unlisurf ako naka register na ako tapos nung mag browse ako hindi ako makapunta sa facebook or other websites.nag reredirect ako lagi sa website. sure talaga sir nakakapag unlisurf kayo dyan using smart buddy sim tsaka smartbro sim?

  • Yssa

    hi admin, I’m thinking of buying this product kaso I live in a place kung saan ung signal ng smart dito isn’t that good. Pero na-fu-full ung signal bars ko pag nasa labas ako ng house pero pagpasok nbabawasan na. ask ko lang po, is it advisable pa rin ba na bilin ko to or ung previous version na? i heard kasi na pag walang malapit na LTE Signal it’s just an ordinary router. I’m hoping to hear from you soon.

  • yajeel

    newbie here. im planning to buy an ipad 4 wifi version ONLY. can i get some benefits from the speed ng rocket wifi for example knowing that I don’t have any cellular connections such as 36, hsdpa+ or even 4g,, thanks.

    • nicanor

      You can’t have the speed that it offers if there’s no 3G, HSPA or HSPA+ signal in your area. You will only get GPRS signal which is below 384kbps in reality.

  • Lester

    Hi!newbie here! I own a smart bro pocket wifi mf60 model! I plan to unlock it using dc unlocker so that i can use other sim on it! And it gave me success using this software! But my big problem is the battery icon on lcd display is gone! So i cannot know whether the battery is low or full! May i know sir uf u have idea on how to revert it?thanks!

  • ezio

    sir ask ko lng.. Province ko po dto sa san fernando la union mismo. Gano po ung speed na kaya ng rocket wifi? Sa cp po lumalabas ung 3.5G msmtaas sa 3G.. Which means kng sa rocket wifi mataas ang possibilities na mataas dn ang speed. Tama po ba ako? Hope for your reply. Tnx.

    • nicanor

      Correct sir.
      Your celfone might be not supporting HSPA+ signal that’s why it registered 3.5G.
      Usually pag maganda signal nare-receive nang Rocket Wifi, hindi s’ya bababa sa 1Mbps.

  • Dear Admin,

    Please help. How can I reset the password of my pocket wifi so that others could not use it without my authorization?


  • ram

    help! i think there’s a duration on my pocket wifi. it always disconnects every 2mins. i can’t browse properly. What to do? tnx!

    • Ada

      I have the same problem.Hope someone can answer this.

  • julia

    Smart Pocket wifi works better than other network based on my experience. I’d been using mine for 3mos and so far I can’t complain. It works on Viber,tango,skype, etc..

    • emz

      where is your loc kun ok ung signal mo? wats ur speed of pcket wifi?

  • MJ

    hello, ask lang po. you think ok ung signal dito sa ligau namin? i’m in province of iloilo. address ko is balanti-an, balasan, iloilo. baka po kasi d maganda ung signal dito sa province.

  • Thea

    Hi Admin, Since Smart has already made commercial its LTE products and after reading all the comments about the topic, I am wondering of this scenario:
    example: our location has Smart LTE located.And I have a prepaid Smart Bro Sim which is expected to have maximum speed of 7.2mbps and if i used a gadget like Huawei E589.Would i get higher speed than the maximum speed that prepaid Smart Bro have indicated on their side?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Kris

    Can I register unlisurf50 using RocketWifi? Reps from Smart told me unlisurf is not available for rocketwifi (only for pocketwifi) and some reps are not even sure.. help please ;)thanks in advance!!

  • Kaay

    Hi! I’m planning to buy one and i’m from cebu city. I have smartbro 999, does this works in rocket wifi?

  • cat


    i have the same model and brand name as rocket wifi, im having prolem now with it.. it doesnt boot kaya hindi ko magamit. ayaw ding ma turn off unless tatanggalin ung battery.. sa china (which i think is the home country of huawei) kc binili kaya hindi ko nmn madala sa smart business center.. maybe you have something about troubleshooting..thanks in advance!

  • Kerl

    I have been using Pocket Wifi for quite sometimes now..I never had problems with it..Got only 1 bar HSPDA signal (3G+) but I am zooming out to 2mbps which is quite fast for me..take not 1 bar at that speed..however it becomes extremely hot after couple of hours..its a practical idea for SUV’s where a lot of family members stay connected even on the Go…ok cya sa loc like the province where wired connection does not exist yet…both excellent for home use and mobile..Got the new model Alcatel One touch Y580Y..Bukidnon here!

  • Kerl

    I have been using Pocket Wifi for quite sometimes now..I never had problems with it..Got only 1 bar HSPDA signal (3G+) but I am zooming out to 2mbps which is quite fast for me..take note 1 bar at that speed..however it becomes extremely hot after couple of hours..its a practical idea for SUV’s where a lot of family members stay connected even on the Go…ok cya sa loc like the province where wired connection does not exist yet…both excellent for home use and mobile..Got the new model Alcatel One touch Y580Y..Bukidnon here!

  • Mira

    Hi, ask lang po. Kasi pag chinacharge ko ung rocket wifi paminsan di gumagalaw ung battery ung ing abhn na nagchacharge sya. Naksteady lng sya minsan, mnsan nmn gumagalaw. Normal lng ba yun? Thank you 🙂

  • Airy

    Messages wont show up when i go to the site, or the ip address or the rocket wifi named site

  • jonalyn bautista

    hi ask ko lang po, paano po gagawin ko para pu maging H yung status..ang lumlitaw pu kc laging G o 3g at E.. d po ako makakonect..ang gmt ko po ay smart bro prepaid alcatel soleil po..pkitulungan neo naman ako plz..dti kc nkakakonect ako simula nung bumagyo ntong glenda..d na gumana..sayang naman load ko..

  • Mark

    Pls Help!!!… Meron po akong Smart Pocket Wifi ZTE MF60
    5 bar po ung signal nya [nakakabit sa antenna] pero ung speed nya po 0.20 mbps lang po.Ano po solusyon d2???

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