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Smart Services Android app saves you from remembering all Smart promos

For Smart subscribers out there, don’t you just hate remembering or figuring out what a certain Smart promo entails you and what keyword to text to avail it? There’s Always On, Flexi, AllTxt, Smartalk and hundreds (ok, a handful) of other promos from Smart that’s available to its prepaid and postpaid subscribers.


If you’re an Android user, you might want to take advantage of the free Smart Services app from the market. This handy app takes care of remembering all those Smart services for you, including contests and freebies they currently have.

The What’s New screen tells you their current promos, news and tips. You need an internet connection to get these info.


Finally the meat of the app, the Call and Text, and Data plan sections. You don’t have to bother yourself remembering or searching what a certain promo does. You even don’t have to remember which number to text and what keyword, just click on the one that you want to subscribe and you’re all set.

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Aside from these things, there are still a wealth of information, services and freebies available to subscribers within the app. Although some, like news, movies, entertainment and the like, are just portal to third party mobile sites.

So what do you think? Is this a helpful app for Smart users or what? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a similar app for the iOS. I was also browsing the Android market for something similar from Globe but the best I can find is a widget for m.globe.com.ph which would’ve been nice had it been fully working.

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  • Roi

    This is pretty nice. Kudos to SMART for coming up with something like this. I wish Globe has something similar.

    • JmBalicano

      Globe. The ball is in your court.

  • Milan

    A SMART move…from smart 🙂

  • weng

    Time to switch to Smart!

  • Griswold

    very smart app indeed. is this also available on java phones?

    • crackinthewall

      Yes. Its basically just their WAP site. IMO, its a waste of app space. Going to home leads you to a page with all the Smart services and promo and you’ll have to log-in EVERYTIME you go to your account page to check your latest bill, your always on balance, etc. Its not very intuitive.

  • Nikki

    Any app available for iPad?