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Smart #ShareTheJoy Campaign Daily Gadget Giveaway

To all Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid, and Smart Bro subscribers out there, this promo will not only allow you to live the Smart Life. With this, you can also feel the ultimate joy in getting a new premium device, for FREE! A week ago, Jasmine Curtis went around the university belt area and a gas station in the south and gave away gadgets to everyone present there. Now, it’s your turn to get one of the many gadgets Smart is giving away, daily!

smart share the joy

For every registration to any BIG BYTES or UCT offers, Smart Prepaid subscribers will earn a letter. If you complete the word ‘JOY’, you instantly get FREE a ‘Big Bytes 10’ subscription or a new smartphone!

For Smart Bro prepaid users, every registration to any BIG BYTES offer will also earn you a letter. As soon as you complete the word ‘JOY’, you will either win a brand new tablet or a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi!

For new and re-contracting Smart Postpaid subscribers, you will get a chance to play the “Spell J-O-Y” slot machine game for a chance to win the latest smartphones or a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi!

There are a lot of ways to win. You can either choose to join in one or the other, or better yet, to all! Remember, they are giving away a lot of gadgets daily! What are you waiting for? The earlier you join, the more chances of winning as people will be discovering this promo soon and a lot of people will definitely join! Not only will you be able to live the Smart Life, you’ll also be able to live that life with your new shiny device! Share the joy and share this promo to other Smart users as well!

To know more, visit www.smart.com.ph/joy or follow Smart’s Twitter  or Facebook accounts.


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