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Smart to get into the micro-SIM game really soon

Globe was the first to announce the micro-SIM card here in our country last month and I got word from a credible source that Smart is not going to leave it at that.


Not much need for a micro-SIM card as of the moment because iPhone 4 (and it’s going to be locked to Globe anyway) is yet to arrive here and Apple iPad 3G is not that “œhot” locally yet. But micro-SIM is going to be the trend in the future and Smart made a good move getting into the game this early even though being at the heels of Globe.

iPad 3G users will be the beneficiary of this move. If you own an Apple iPad 3G and you’re having difficulty with Globe’s 3G network, then the arrival of the micro-SIM from Smart will probably help you out. But of course, we can expect the iPhone 4 to have an unlock by the time it arrives in our country which will make a Smart micro-SIM card really attractive especially for Smart’s loyal subscribers.

Watch out for it real soon.

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  • is there any other mobile phone brands that uses micro-sim?

    • nope. only apple is using it right now on their iphone4 and ipad.

    • Boboy

      yes, nokia uses these microsim specifically the nokia N9

  • Bradley

    Guys, there is a way to use microSIM card in every mobile phone, and not only in the Iphone 4 or Ipad! I heard there is a thing called micro sim adapter. Basically, you put your microSIM card inside it and use it in any phone. I googlesearched it and found it here: gomicrosim.com They say it costs 4.5 EUR. They also seem to offer the sticker guide to cut the regular simcard into the microsim. IMHO their price and quality are the best so far.

    • hi bradley. thanks for sharing this. i also googled it up and there’s really no difference between the regular sim and microsim besides the size. you can interchange them both by cutting a regular sim or using an adapter for microsim.

      • Chief pt

        But if you cut an ordinary globe sim and use it with ipad,, you can never register its number with the globe app. Sucks huh? Happened to me though. But micro sim is only 40 bucks so just grab a piece instead of cutting an ordinary one.

  • kc

    nah,smart sucks bigtime,zzz…

  • David George

    Hi Guys.

    Im coming over to the Philippines and want to take my ipad 2 3G. I understand there is micro-sims available there, but do u know if an Australian bought model will work there by just placing the micro-sim in?


    • i would suppose so. the problem is our micro-sims are for postpaid plans. so if you’re looking for prepaid sims, you’re better off cutting them yourself.

    • grace

      hi, meron na ba sun micro sim?

  • Jennie

    Hi! Any particular shop where to get this? I just sent my son a Nokia Lumia 800 and he don’t know where to get this micro sim card. Thanks!

    • smart and globe centers have this. if your son is on a postpaid plan, have him get the microsim version of his sim at any globe/smart centers.