Smart Upgrades its Cellular and WiFi Services in LRT-1
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Smart Upgrades its Cellular and WiFi Services in LRT-1

Smart powers up cellular and Wifi services in LRT-1! The brand recently upgraded its cellular network coverage in LRT-1. This is thanks to an initiative that aims to improve the mobile experience of LRT commuters.

Under this program, Smart upgrades its 2G, 3G, and 4G network coverage, using high-tech equipment deployed directly at stations and platforms. They will also install carrier-grade Smart Wifi in the 20 stations and platforms, and eventually inside coaches.

Smart also plans to implement similar network improvements for both LRT2 and MRT3. They’ve also enhanced its coverage inside the LRT1 depot in Pasay City, to better serve Smart subscribers working for the Light Rail Manila Corp (LRMC). In general, LTE speeds have since gone up to 25mbps outside the depot, and 12mbps inside.

The LRT-1 project acts as a component of the PLDT Group’s massive network modernization. The aforementioned modernization spreads across both wired and wireless businesses. This improvement of quality, particularly in the mobile sector, also ramps up the company’s capital expenditure program.

For Metro Manila in particular, Smart wants to quadruple its indoor LTE coverage, and double indoor 3G coverage. This would be done via new base station equipment in about 2,500 cell sites. In layman’s terms, increasing the coverage for various frequence bands results in improved cell site performance.For now, if you’re a commuter, be sure to keep your mobile data open to see just how the upgrade affects your browsing experience.

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