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Smart vs Globe Offering Comparison: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

With both Smart and Globe releasing their postpaid plans yesterday, you can now choose which telco you’d want to get your newest i-device from. Comparing them based on their plans, we compute their total acquisition cost to see from which telco you can get the cheapest iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus from.

Prepaid: Smart vs Globe

iPhone 6 16GB37,50036,700
iPhone 6 64GB43,00042,300
iPhone 6 128GB48,50048,000
iPhone 6+ 16GB43,00042,300
iPhone 6+ 64GB48,50048,000
iPhone 6+ 128GB54,00053,600

Smart is cheaper in all iPhone categories in terms of prepaid pricing.


Postpaid: Smart vs Globe (iPhone 6)

We can only compare certain plans and their total acquisition cost because both telcos do not offer plans that are entirely similar to each other.

iPhone 624 monthiPhone 624 monthiPhone 624 month
Smart iPhone Plan 99919200*4317625,200*4917627,700*51676
Globe Plan 99924,0004797630,0005397635,28059256
Smart iPhone Plan 179910,8005397615,5005867626,30069476
Globe Plan 179910,8005397614,4005757619,20062376
Smart All-In Plan 120021,4005020026,0005480030,70059500
Globe Plan 129919,2005037624,0005517628,80059976
Smart All-In Plan 250011,7007170016,4007640021,00081000
Globe Plan 2499FREE599764,8006477616,80076776


As seen in the chart, Smart is cheaper in terms of TAC on all variants of the iPhone 6 in the iPhone Plan 999 and All-In Plan 1200 category. On the 1799 category, they both tied on the 16GB variant but Globe is a bit cheaper on the 64GB and 128GB variant. Globe is cheaper on the Plan 2499 category.


Postpaid: Smart vs Globe (iPhone 6 Plus)

iPhone6+24 monthiPhone6+24 monthiPhone6+24 month
Smart iPhone Plan 99925,200*4917627,700*5167632,300*56276
Globe Plan 99930,0005397635,2805925639,60063576
Smart iPhone Plan 179915,5005867620,1006327630,90074076
Globe Plan 179914,4005757619,2006237624,00067176
Smart All-In Plan 120026,0005480030,7005950035,40064200
Globe Plan 129924,0005517628,8005997633,60064776
Smart All-In Plan 250016,4007640021,0008100025,70085700
Globe Plan 249948006477616,8007677621,60081576


Smart is again cheaper in all Plan 999 and All-In Plan 1200 variants while Globe is cheaper in the Plan 2499 category and cheaper in 2 variants of the plan 1799.

These comparisons are done based on the actual plans and their respective cash outs as announced by both Smart and Globe. Other things to consider are airtime, SMS, data, and more. ¬†Take note that for Globe, they do not offer “unlimited” mobile data anymore so that’s a factor to consider. For Smart, All month surfing is still on and we’ve unofficially heard that they will still continue to offer unlimited data on “non-streaming” sites. In short, as long as you’re just surfing the net, it’s still unlimited. The allocation, according to our source (unofficial) will only count on streaming, downloads etc.

Another offer to consider is the 0% interest on amortized acquisitions. For Smart, if you are on Plan 3000, retention/ upgrade fee is waived for iPhone 6 64GB and iPhone 6 plus 16GB for the meantime, according to Smart. If you really just want an iPhone from either the telco, the cheapest prepaid unit is from Smart at 36,700 for the iPhone 6 16GB, 42,300 for the 64GB and 48,000 for the 128GB.

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