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SmartBro offers unlimited 3G for Php1,500

It didn’t take that long for Smart to finally offer unlimited 3G to it subscribers. A new Smart Bro plan is now being offered for a flat rate of Php1,500 per month.

smart 3g
Smart Bro Plan 1500
Unlimited 3G Usage
Php1,500 initial fee (includes USB modem dongle)
Php1,500 monthly service fee

Smart Bro Plan 799
60 hours free (Php10 per 30 minutes in excess of 60 hours)
Php799 initial payment (includes USB modem dongle)
Php799 monthly service fee

The old Plan 799 was also upgraded with an additional 20 hours free 3G usage per month.

There’s also the Smart Bro Prepaid plan which now only costs Php2,500 for the kit that include 5 hours of free internet. The prepaid is reloadable via Smart Bro prepaid cards or via auto-load.

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