Smart’s Big Bro Campaign

Last week, I was invited to meet up with an executive from Smart’s Public Affairs Office who is seeking help and wanting to discuss their new campaign for the re-branded Smart Bro wireless broadband service (read: Smart Wifi).

The discussion revolve around the problems they were having with Smart Wifi and growing negative public perception with the company. An earlier email sent to me indicated that:

… we (Smart Communications) intend to expand our customer interaction and feedback mechanisms by partnering with journalists, editors, technology users groups and active bloggers who regularly encounter customer feedback (good or bad) on our Smart Bro service . As such, we would like to invite you to form part of “œSmart Bro Big Bro “ core user group. {more}

In essense, the Smart Bro Big Bro core group will serve as beta testers experimental subscibers of the new Smart Bro service. I, along with two other PTB Editors will be hooked up with Smart Wifi in the next 12 months to try out and test the fixed wireless broaband service. Several other tech journalists and personalities, like Erwin Oliva ( and Chin Wong (Manila Standard Today), have been invite to join.

During this period, we will be in close coordination with Smart to provide direct feedback on their uptime, support and the over-all experience. Likewise, we will be able to give suggestions for improvement as well as relay legitimate complaints from other existing Smart Wifi subscribers (we often encounter in our blogs).

Smart management hopes that with this move, they can somehow assess the extent of the issue and further improve their service.

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  • malamang yan invited sa core group may matinong tech support kasi sila un testers eh

    paano pag ordinary users na, maganda pa rin ba kaya ang support?

    ano pinagkaiba ng smart wifi at smart bro?

  • It’s about time to hear that they’re doing something about their service. Hopefully, the results of the evaluation won’t be different from the ordinary subscriber’s service.

  • anybody know any contact numbers where i can inquire about setting up wifi in our home?

    i was able to do it easily in the states, pero dito mahirap

  • they rebranded it, is this because of Globe’s Speak n’ surf?

    pinoy big bro
    Beer ni Bro
    Smart Bro

  • or they can use the existing online documents here at PTB and save them more time testing out their services which obviously has already been tested by their (not so satisfied) users..

    and they should have created two groups of users to test it: one is non techie group and the other is a techie group, because there is a chance all of this problems users are having is just a matter of lack of user knowledge regarding the service and the technology..

  • Any inside info on the Globe Speak n’ Surf wireless broadband?

  • Sana naman i-apply nila yung makuhang nilang feedback. Mejo di rin talaga maganda yung wireless internet services kasi nila eh.

  • 50% – Promotion
    50% – Improvement
    Total 100%

    It’s a wise technique of promoting and improving a service

  • I basically threw the same questions and apprehensions about the Smart Wifi and told them to use it for themselves to see how it goes.

    The one who thought of this idea is a new guy who basically took over when the entire Meridian team walked-out on them a few months back. It was Smart who was doing the sales and marketing while Meridian was doing the support and most of the support was actually thru an outsourced call center.

    From what was told to me, here are the ff. “actions” they did in coordination with the re-branding:

    – scrapped the outsourced support in exchange for an inhouse trained support.

    – added 300 more support personnel from the existing 70+.

    – will be replacing the old antennas with the new Motorola canopy which is supposed to be better.

    – increased their network capacity (10Gbps core and 1Gbps on regional)

    – management was fully transferred to a combined PLDT+Smart professionals from Meridian.

    So what’s the reason why they prompted to do this campaign? They already commissioned a survey and they did get the feedback alright. However, the final report does not seem to coincide with what they read in newspapers, forums and blogs. Yeah, they read all the blogs and forums, I’ve them registered here and my two other blogs with Smart Wifi discussions. They think they could get a second opinion regarding the survey they got.

  • There is a saying that it takes 10 positive feedbacks to erase one negative one. Looks like Smart is on the right track with their management actions.

    More power to them if they get it right.

  • tama si banksxs. bakit hindi na lang nila i-monitor properly ang performance via the feedback of the users? why does it have to be an elite group of beta-testers? oh, pardon. you beta-test BEFORE you release a service. and here they are, doing testing AFTER all the hype.

    it’s very, very, very difficult to get proper tech support from them.

    you know the drill: long hours of waiting for a representative to talk to you, even more hours of inspecting what are the possible problems, and you end up with the conclusion, “maam, may activity po yata sa base station” or “maam, hindi po kasi nagkakaproblema sa amin, hindi rin po namin alam”.

  • filmboy

    Tell them to drop the name. Bro? This just shows how Smart Telecom is caught in a time warp trying to sell their corporate sleazeball service as fresh and hip. Though if they could offer it as a stable and fast service on the long term, they can however call it what the hell ever they want to call it…

  • filmboy

    Beta Testers?! Wine and dine a few journalists + free internet = positive exuberant reviews. Perfect way to screw mr. average user

  • MCKilo

    To Mr. Abe Olandres,

    Good day to you sir! Im not a current subscriber of SmartBro. What you should have argued in your meeting is that, Beta testing is too late because they already selling their services to the public, that they should rather allow costumer to be compensated for the loss connectivity as well as the option to terminate services without being obligated to consume the one year lock in period. As you may have known its like selling a software, but before you make it available to the consuming public you make sure that its robust and working properly, first you need to conduct an Alpha test were you have full control of the environment (system), secondly you conduct a beta test were you have no control of the environment at all. This two essential test is what makes a publicly available software more stable and less bugs. So this approach is quite similar in online connectivity. My sympathy rest to the current subscribers whom are suffering (according to their testimony) in their slow connections and poor services of the company.
    If PLDT-Smart company is in the U.S. right now they will be bankrupt either from sue or no patronage at all.

  • Please read our first article about Smart Wifi here:

  • @ filmboy

    Pardon my improper use of the term “beta test”. Technically, it’s not beta testing. And you can read all about our old blog entry here on Smart Wifi gets mixed reaction and Lousy PLDT DSL Service.

    @ MCKilo

    I might sound that I am defending Smart here but as a matter of fact, I am one of Smart/PLDT’s staunchest critics. I went as far as spending thousands of pesos creating a dedicated blog/website for Smart Wifi subscibers,Smart Wifi Chronicles, even if I’m not really a subsciber.

    And believe you mean, I must have covered the most number of issues (including the ones you mentioned) based on the thousands of comments my other blog gets.

  • mcntsh_grg

    Any feedback on the Bro service? Can say, PM people from the province get any work done using it?

  • vangz

    i’ve been subscribing to smart for a year and a half… and believe it or not.. it was really a disgusting service… i really got no choice.. i need a connection and wifi (ngaun bro na) is the only internet service available…haayzzz.. nakakasawa kasi un “sorry for the inconvience, pasensya na po!” omg every week ganun lng sinasabi nila.. and wala talaga improvement.. sobrang lousy ng serbisyo..even the customer service rep nila walang alam!!! I kept on suggesting for the improvement.. pero walang nangyayari.. ganun ka “smart”(oposite) ang service nila…sana mag karun na ng globe sa amin and if it happens.. wala na isip isip.. switch talaga ako… ang panget talaga!!!i really advice to those who wanted to get a connection.. pag meron available sa area aside from smart/pldt.. dun n lng kau.. magsisi kau sa smart/pldt.. wala talaga kwenta.. ang panget

  • pwede ba share ang smart bro?

  • ALLEGEDLY, SMART BRO IS NOT HACKER SAFE!!! Many subscribers of smartbro were surprised to see that they all have the same IP address!!! When checked, our computers are up to date with the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing… but why in the world do we have the same IP address? Answer: Proxy… not coming from our computer but i allege that it is due to the inadequate protection of our INTERNET PROVIDER smartbro.

    any people having the same problems? I SUGGEST DO NOT USE YOUR CREDIT CARD ONLINE IF YOU ARE USING SMART BRO!!!

    If your registered IP address is not the same with the IP address appearing on your on-line transactions… beware…

    Common Proxy Address comes when you receive a
    warning telling you your IP address is in a DNS Blacklist.

  • Tony Aisbitt

    Even a year on, SMART Bro is still not improving and their people simply do not care.

    I am an ex-pat and have been living here for 6 years. I suffered a broken back after an accident and had to undergo surgery Feb this year. My Bosses agreed I could continue to work from home whilst recovering. Hence, it was decided to install SMART Bro.

    Here are the events since signing up for their service:

    • When installed, Contractor broke 3 roof tiles but left saying nothing of the damage they had caused to the property.

    • Contractor then asked me to get quote for repair which I did, but then they complained it was expensive!

    • Contractor then decided to do work with their own contractor but the roof then leaked

    • Contractor finally had roof sealed end May 2007 but damaged guttering and, to date, this still has not been repaired.

    • I reported an intermittent connection back in mid April, I was advised it was an antenna issue

    • 19th Apr – Contactor visited Thu 19th April but cannot fix problem as only brought 6 feet high stepladders to reach 25 feet high roof!

    • 21st Apr – Contractor returned Sat 21st April but still couldn’t fix it as only brought 18 feet high ladder to reach 25 feet high roof!

    • 22nd Apr – Contractor returned Sun 22nd April with right sized ladder and extended antennae by 5 feet.

    • Called SMART Bro following week to advise I had the same issues still. Was committed a call back within 24 hrs but never recd a call.

    • Called SMART Bro again 48 hours later, was committed follow-up call and, once again, nothing recd. I personally then ascertained which IP address was getting signal and set-up my PC to use the alternative configuration.

    • 1st June – This continued to work fine until Fri June 1st, when I lost all internet connection.

    • 2nd June – I called Sat morning whereby it was confirmed again it was an antennae issue and was told someone would call me back within 24 hours

    • 3rd June – as no-one had called me back, I called in the afternoon whereby I was told someone was scheduled to visit Tues 5th June to repair the connection/antennae

    • 5th June – called approx 6 times as no-one had arrived to repair antennae. Was told at 4.30 pm that no-one as coming as there was a base station problem that was being repaired first!

    • 6th June – called and was promised visit 2pm that day

    • 6th June – contractor arrives 2pm but says cannot fix the problem as, once again, they did not bring ladder long enough to reach the roof. Committed to come back 9am 7th June

    • 7th June – no-one arrived once again! Waited til 1 pm but no-one turned up. Spoke with SMART Bro in the afternoon and advised I was now out of town til Sat 16th June and I was committed a visit for repair 9am Sat 16th June

    • 15th June – called SMART Bro to verify schedule was set and was told contractor would be at the property STRICTLY at 9am on 16th June

    • 16th June – no-one arrived again! Called SMART Bro and was assured that contractor would be at the property 9am Sun 17th June.

    • 17th June – once again no-one arrived. Called SMART Bro again and was told it was due to them not having any available ladders! I was then called back by SMART and told the contractor would be at the property by 2pm.

    • 17th June – contractor arrived 2pm but WITHOUT any ladders!!!!

    • 17th June – Smart called with contractor and committed to return, once again, at 9am sharp 18th June!

    After 8 weeks of problems, 5 visits and 3 no-shows, I am still without the repair being completed!

    Despite each time of calling and advising them I work from home and get paid by the hours of work I do and, with no service to email etc, i am unable to work, all I hear is “Sorry Sirrrrrrrrrr”! Not once have they even offered to refund the monthly cost!

    For what is supposed to be one of the prime companies in the country, I can honestly say that I hold out little hope of improvements elsewhere if this is the best the Philippines can offer in terms of ‘customer service’.

  • ArmadA

    snart bro’s problem is basically the signal transfer and recieve,, they need to adjust their base station in order for us users to get the speed that we need. since the previous owner and provider is meridian telekoms, hence they are using smart antennas. the result is total “nothing”. the smart team should really re-configure their antenna in coord with our canopies.

  • isa pang problem pa ng smart bro ay ung sa mga TORRENT DOWNLOADING PIPOLS… they say na WAN ang SMART BRO.. so ala kwenta ung mga port forwarding…

    hope that smart bro can provide a solution to this

  • unhappy smart bro subscriber

    i have been a subscriber on smart bro since January this year, and since the very first day it was installed i have never encountered a decent connection, my connection always time out, i have contacted their technical support and promised to fixed it on their given schedule but most of the time they never came, and every time they went to check the connection, they can’t give me a proper or a credible answer, they are obviously giving stupid answer or solution.. like “videocard problem” .. i have no idea whats the connection of my video card regarding my internet connection .. stupid smart bro technical support .. are they thingking that they can fool their client by saying such stupid solution .. the reason i can’t even shift to another provider is that they won’t terminate my contract, up to now still my connection was worst than ever … their technical support can’t even provide me what supposed to be my upload and download stream speed is .. i am from angeles city, pampanga, one of their customer service even told me …”wala na kaming magagawa sa connection nyo” she is a customer service of SMART BRO located at SM CLARK …

  • Vladimir

    I’ve never had a decent connection ever since I started using Smart Bro. If and when the connection is working, its as slow as a turtle! But most of the time, Smart Bro is disconnected often than it is connected. All in all, Smart Bro service is as crap as $hi+. Since our business is internet based, its really affecting our business. And the worse thing is, when you subscribe to Smart Bro, the subscribers are under contract for 2 years! So even if they’re giving crappy service, you have to pay the bills for two years and cannot cancel it!

  • Vladimir

    Often times, if you call the Smart Bro hotline, it will take you an avarage of 50mins of waiting before a call agent answer you! Crappy service!

  • niwre

    controlled nila (smartbro) connection, they given u ur IPadd pero lagi paiba-iba if u notice ur IP 168…. so if IP starts with this is error connection, kaya kayang-kaya nila baguhin IPadd ng subscriber nila… bakit kailangan nila gawin un, sayang kun ngbabayad tyo ng bills na khit na sobrang bagal speed…. never me npbilis download SO BAGAL TALAGA!!

  • Ako naman bigla bumagal speed after nung isang linggong ulan d2… Pag maulan mabilis connection ko pero I noticed something… type this sa command prompt nyo

    net view iyan ang biling ng mga users na kaagaw nyo sa bandwidth….

  • Arthro

    Tama si Fuzzy. It’s been a week. Grabe pa din ang bagal ng connection ko. 6x ang ibinaba ng speed. Kung dati 30 kbps ang average speed ng downloads and uploads ko, ngayon 5-10 na lang. They should act quick. Kasi kung hindi, I’ll switch with no hesitation. I’ll give it one or two weeks more.

  • madmama

    i would like to inform you abt the bad service smartbro did… mag iinstall palang sila pinainit na ulo namin… imagine 2days kame naghintay sa kanila… sana hindi nlang sila naki pagcommit na pupunta sila… MMC is the sub-con grabe ginawa nila perwisyo sa mga skeds namin… hindi long week end nangyari sa amin sa kakahintay sa kanila kundi very long waiting… ngayon hassle nanaman sa pag get ng refund for our initial payment… for sure long waiting nanaman ito…switch nlang kame sa iba…

  • Phil

    6 days now and still no outgoing email service. All I get is the usual static noise from the customer service. It is hard to imagine SMARTBRO is not able to get this system fixed. They just keep telling me to use web based email. Why don’t they just fix their system and provide the service I am paying them for.

  • brand new victim

    i thought smartbro fixed their system already.. i observed my neighbor’s smartbro connection for 6 months here in oroquieta city where there are only few smartbro subscribers, so far it went well naman so i decided to subscribe na rin just last month. three days ago i decided to monitor my connection by pinging the DNS server continously for hours and found out an intermittent connection and sometimes nawawala talaga.. eto na kaya ang umpisa ng kalbaryo ko with smartbro?

  • gio

    pano ba mag unsubscribe sa smart bro? lilipat na ko ng pldt mydsl.. lage wla signal eh..

  • half human half darkness

    si brandnew victim y do you have to ping it? to see the losses?! i dont think so… try mo pumunta sa pldt play para malaman mo yung speed talaga ng connection mo.. and para kay gio unsubscribe eh di pumunta ka ng wireless center tapos bayaran mo yung months na di mo pa nagagamit

  • PUTANG INA ANG SMART BRO! saying ang 999 ang binabayad ko! Palaging nawawala ang connection ko, pag tumawag ako sa *1888 mga init ulo at mga walang alam ang agent dun! Sabi nila within 48 hours mag technician na mag contact sa akin. Bakit hanggang ngaun wala pa rin dumadating! Switch na tayo sa globelines! PUTANG SMRT BRO TO!!!!

  • winston

    The connection speeds eg. 30Kbps download, 7-10Kbps upload that most of you guys and gals are complaining about are comparable to GPRS speeds (WAP) used by smart’s cellular network, not broadband speeds like 100Kbps and up. Hmmmm, I think smart is just using GPRS setup for the their “claimed” broadband setup. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Bad Smart, bad dog!!!!

  • Jonas


  • johnny_suede

    I’ve also had a TERRIBLE SMART BRO EXPERIENCE!!! I paid P1K thru the machine and no receipt got printed out. So, in order for me to get a receipt for proof of my payment that month, I was told by someone working at SmartBro that I drop in another envelope without any cash just for the sake of getting a receipt. The receipt for my second envelope will serve as the receipt for the payment transaction I made. Then after a few weeks, they gave me a call saying that I never paid at all!!! And that, the only envelope they ever got from me was an empty one. Either their employees are thieves or their system sucks!!! Plus, they *1888 customer service agents are the worst agents in the world!!! They appear like they do not know anything about their jobs. Plus, nakakamatay yung English!!! They should be picky on hiring their employees!!!

  • johnny_suede

    And to follow up on that, they gave me a contact number (which happened to be their company cellphone number) and was able to talk to their CIO. I demanded that I talk to the manager. He was evasive at first but gave in later on and said that I call around 2pm as the manager arrives at 2pm. When I finally called, no one picked up anymore!!! And I frickin’ called like 30 times!!!

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