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Smart’s LTE goes dual-band, now also operates in the 1800MHz band

Smart Communications just announced that their LTE service is now multi-band operating on both 2100MHz and 1800MHz spectrums making them one of the few in the world to have a multi-frequency mobile LTE service.


It was just over a week ago when Smart launched the country’s first LTE service. It ran on 2100MHz which is the same as the one used by LTE pioneer Japan’s NTT Docomo. The 1800MHz on the other hand is the band of choice by competitor Globe Telecom. It is also the band of choice of top telcos in UK and Australia.

So how will having a multi-band LTE service benefit the consumer? According to PLDT-Smart Technology Group Head Rolando G. Peña, offering LTE in multiple frequencies will give their subscribers greater flexibility, better coverage, and a wider range of compatible devices.

However, Smart advised subscribers not to go ahead and buy LTE devices or handsets off e-Bay just because it runs on 1800MHz or 2100MHz. It’s more complicated than that and even we cannot give a clear cut explanation on how to check if your LTE device will work with Smart’s LTE network. The best and safest way would still be to wait for Smart’s announcement on compatible LTE handsets/devices.

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  • Griswold

    pagmay LTE phone galing telstra sa australia, tapos pinaunlock ko dito… gagana kaya? or yung mga LTE pocket wifi na galing china?

  • Eds

    Para daw gumana ang LTE devices dapat sa kanila binili whahaha

  • ron

    According to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LTE_networks seems like kelangan lang ng Band 3 or Band 1 device para gumana with Smart.

    For globe looks like Band 3 lang ang pwede.

  • Frank

    LTE regarding of any bands has two type of signaling. TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE.

    FDD (Frequency Division) has 2 sets of frequency, 1 for up-link and 1 for down-link. This is the first variant of LTE used by Verizon US and other pioneered Cellular company offering LTE.

    TDD (Time Division) is the 2nd generation LTE that uses only 1 set of frequency for both Up-link and Down-link. This type is commonly adapted by new telco offering LTE because they can save on Frequency specially most of their 2100Mhz band is currently used by hspa 3g.

    One disadvantage with TDD-LTE is the coverage per cell site. Since Smart LTE coverage is just around 1km to 2 km per cell then I am suspecting Smart is using TDD-LTE.

    If you have a those first generation LTE cellphone and modem then it will not be compatible with Smart. I just hope they will use FDD-LTE in their 1800Mhz to maximize range of coverage.

    • Aaron

      You are wrong, Frank. Both networks are using FDD-LTE. Although lately yung ULTERA ng PLDT ay gumagamit “raw” ng TDD-LTE. Dedicated network kuno.

  • Griswold

    although i don’t think LTE will really take off for about a year pa siguro, score one for Smart for this one. gagaya kaya si Globe? Or stick to one band sila?


    With regards for LTE using by Smart and Globe. what is the Division Duplex that they used? Its FDD or TDD? or Both? Then as of now ba one band pa rin ba ang gamit ng Globe for LTE its 1800 Mhz only?

    • FDD. I think only China uses TDD. Yep one band pa lang sa Globe.

    • ROJEAN

      Pls help ano pong mga frequency band gamit ng Globe & Smart for 4G LTE as of today? Then may broadband kasi ako from Korea kaya lang di ko sya mapagana 3G naman sya.

  • kahit sa anong smartphone ba gagana ito?

    • nope hindi lahat. sa mga LTE phones lang na compatible sa network nila.


    Please help i have mobile router from Korea and the Frequency is 700 MHz, then i buy globe SIM Mini Sim then i use is not working. My router is 3G & LTE compatible. Why its not working what the problem?

  • jherwynne

    I have an openline Globe Tattoo LTE and it only has Band 3/1800Mhz and will not detect Smart 4G. I've been through several places and still not finding any Smart 4G running on the same frequency.