Smart’s mystery exclusive WP7 phone

Yesterday, Microsoft Philippines signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Smart Communications to provide a special combination of service platforms and introduce Windows Phone 7, a different kind of phone with new experiences to the local market.

The press release is pretty cryptic here. Is Smart going to create a new handset based on the WP7? Highly unlikely.

To be launched in early December in the Philippines, Windows Phone 7 is designed to deliver a mobile experience that has the phone working better for people, bringing together the things they care about most and helping them to get things done faster.

Are the WP7 phones going to be exclusive to Smart subscribers?

“œWe are pleased to partner with Microsoft in launching Windows Phone 7 devices in the Philippines,” said Napoleon Nazareno, President and CEO, SMART. “œWith SMART’s superior network coverage powering Windows Phone 7 devices, we will provide mobile phone users a more productive and enriching experience.”

Just like Android OS, there will be a lot of phone manufacturers who will be carrying WP7 and I’m not sure if they would like to deal exclusively with Smart.

At the bottom of the press release is this:

Microsoft and SMART will be holding a series of events leading up to the Windows Phone 7 launch towards the end of the year, including a pre-order campaign and a special preview of the Windows Phone 7 device in time for the holidays.

It says “œa special preview of the device” so that means they will only be distributing one WP7 device, well initially at least. I was able to get word from Microsoft’s PR that the device they will be previewing will be the HTC Mozart, the WP7 version of the popular Android-powered HTC Desire.

HTC Mozart

Nice. Can’t wait for December.

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  • HTC 7 Mozart

    • right on! good move by smart.

  • leelu

    it looks health, simple and practical, i want to get one.