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Smart’s Netphone 701 turns out to be Smart’s bestselling handset

With Filipinos having a penchant for texting and updating their Facebook, it’s no wonder why Smart thought the Netphone 701 would be a hit when they decided to start that project. With having SmartNet as a platform on the Netphone to allow users to update their Facebook and Twitter for free, it seems to be the perfect device for a lot of Filipinos.


Well according to Smart it is, claiming that the Netphone 701 is their best selling handset having more than 50% of the initial stock already sold of as of end-September 2011. What they didn’t say is how much exactly is the total initial number of Netphones they had. I know they gave a lot before and during the launch. Anyway, they’re almost out of units and they placed additional orders to meet the demand.

So I ask you dear readers, how many people do you personally know who owns the Smart Netphone 701? If you want to know more what the Smart Netphone 701 and SmartNet is capable of, read our review here.

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  • don’t know anyone using this phone

  • smart employee

    i have 2 😛

  • smart security

    i have 2 also and 1 for my maid 😉

  • richard

    I don’t have a friend with this phone but have reservation with the battery life of this phone. Need to have a power charger and car charger all the time.

    • it’s the same for most smartphones.

  • aze

    i know 1. been planning to buy this. kaso may xperia ray na konting dagdag lang sa presyo pero ams panalo sa specs.

  • 0; nada; zilch

  • 21

    They don’t have any idea about smartphones today but the most interesting part is the deal from smart.