Sony Bravia’s 2013 TV line-up unveiled

Boracay – a place where one can see the rich colors of the earth perfectly blended together into a masterpiece. Here, you will witness the emerald green color of the sea that compliments the azure sky and a good mix of the different shades of green trees around with a splash of dark red color of the Bouteloua plants. These colors that bring a picture to life is one of Sony’s ultimate pursuit in developing only the best technology available that comes in their latest line-up of TVs.


Sony partners up with Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa to showcase in their new models how the colors of Boracay should be.

As technology evolves, the criteria for choosing a TV for households have changed. Viewers would like to experience what they see on screen. Taking pride in their newest line-up, Sony invited the media as they launched their newest TVs at the Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa in Boracay last week. Here, we have witnessed how close Sony TVs picture gets to the real deal. It was just the perfect setting where they could showcase how color should be seen on a TV.


Mr. Yasushi Asaoka, President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines welcomes guests

This is the power of Sony’s newest technology that is featured in their new Bravia line, now also made available on their mid-range models. The TRILUMINOS technology, which gives viewers a wider spectrum of colors, captures hues and shades that are not even recognized by the human eye.

Aside from the enhanced picture quality, Sony utilizes patented sound speaker through the Magnetic Fluid Speaker or the ultra-slim form of the Bass Reflex Box Speaker that produces rich bass and crisp treble integrated into the unit for that perfectly realistic and astounding viewing experience.

Sony’s TRILUMINOS uses quantum dots display (instead of OLED), which produces a much higher gamut of colors according to Larry Secreto, Director for Sales & Marketing of Sony. The new Bravia TVs can show vivid colors such as the hard-to-produce reds, aqua blues and emerald greens.


Picturesque view of Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa. The emerald green color of the sea is said to be one of the hardest colors to achieve.

The images below show a comparison of Brand K to the new models of Sony Bravia.


Notice that the Sony Bravia shows contrast within the hue whereas Brand K’s color contrast is almost negligible.


Sony product specialist explains how the TRILUMINOS technology can produce deeper shades of red.


The color of the sky in this photo in the Bravia model is definitely more vibrant.


Shades of greens are also more defined with the TRILUMINOS technology.

As an icing on the cake, Sony Bravia models have very elegant looking designs made with a “œSense of Quartz” or glasses of slate that is influenced by the quartz crystal, with a slim aluminum frame floating over a slim and circular Intelligent Core that lights up gently to indicate the content being watched. This distinct design will definitely match the contemporary look of your room.

The top-of-the-line model is the X9004A, which incorporates the latest TRILUMINOS display and runs on the 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine. Probably, most of us in today’s generation have witnessed the evolution of display resolution over the years. We all know about how Black and White picture (B&W), became Standard Definition (SD) and then to Enhanced Definition (ED), which later on became High Definition (HD) then into Full-High Definition.

The resolution of digital cinema is around 2K (2048×1080 pixels) and imagine this doubled to 3840 x 2160 pixels, you’ll surely get authentic detail and premium picture quality at the comfort of your home. The 4K X-Reality Pro picture shows sharp details that are not usually visible in the usual HD TVs. It also provides a natural depth of field that accentuates perspective, making you look like you’re watching it on 3D.


The 4K X-Reality Pro produces sharper images as compared to an old Bravia Model with 2K resolution.

Aside from the X9004A, other models like the W954A and W904A feature the one-touch screen mirroring that projects your smartphone and other hand-held devices into the TV for better viewing or for sharing purposes. Product demo during the launch showed that you can connect your phone (preferably Sony Xperia) into the TV wirelessly and use phone applications, play games, browse the Internet and even Skype with friends. Select models also feature the Motionflow XR that provides a smooth experience when viewing the fastest action.


Demonstration of the screen mirroring with Sony Xperia mobile phone connected to the Bravia via NFC.

SRP of these new models has not yet been announced. Some of these new models have already hit the stores last April, and those with TRILUMINOS display will be available in June.

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    this is what they should improve on. picture quality. wag na nila masyadong ihighlight mga 3d 3d na yan. focus na lang sa picture quality and maybe ways na bumaba ang price para maexperience din ng nakararami.