Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 Digital Camera Review

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 is the newest rugged (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, freezeproof) yet stylish camera from Sony following the success of the TX5. Having used both cameras, the 16.2-megapixel TX10 improved on a lot of features that the TX5 badly needs and we’ll take a look into some of those in this review.


The Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 follows the design of Sony’s T-series line of digital cameras with its compact form and sliding lens cover. It has the same elegant metallic finish that the T-series is known for.

Sony TX10

Sliding down the cover will reveal the same 25-mm wide angle lens found on the TX5, along with the AF assist lamp, flash and the stereo microphone (which is not present in the TX5) making this an exceptional compact digital movie recorder as well.

Sony TX10

At the back is still the same 3-inch resistive touchscreen display but this time around it has a whopping 921k dots as compared to the TX5’s 230k. That is quite an improvement because you can really see the sharpness of the photos you take. With the TX5, you wouldn’t know if the shots are blurry or sharp unless you view it on your PC already and that’s not good for travelers. With the TX10’s beautiful LCD display, you would be proud to show your shots to your friends straight from your camera.

Sony TX10

All the control buttons are located on top and there aren’t a lot of them so button operating the camera is very simple. There’s the On/Off button right beside the shutter button. Below them are the Display button beside the Movie Record button. On right corner edge is the nub for the 4x zoom control. That’s it for buttons, everything else is on the touchscreen.

Sony TX10 Sony TX10

As for the compartments, you have the charging/data connection port and mini-HDMI port (HDMI cable not included) on the side. On the underside is another compartment for the battery and the Memory Stick or SD card. There’s no battery charger included in the package and charging is done by plugging the cable directly to the side of the camera. These compartments have a locking mechanism that’s difficult to accidentally unlatch which is good when you’re underwater.

Ease of Use

Thanks to the small amount of physical buttons, using this camera is fairly easy. The touchscreen has a very intuitive menu and it won’t bombard you with too many options. Very good for casual and amateur shooters but those who wants to play with their shots with manual settings will have to look elsewhere.

Sony TX10

You can also touch which area of the screen you want the camera to focus on in which is really useful when composing your shot.

Sony TX10

The resistive touchscreen is responsive at times but I noticed a bit of lag when hitting the Play button on the screen to review my photos. Swiping left and right or zooming in and out didn’t pose any problems though. The TX10 groups your photos based on date and will present it in a timeline so you don’t have to browse through a large selection of photos every time.

Don’t look for a capacitive touchscreen here because you would want to operate this camera even when wearing gloves during cold weather. The touchscreen doesn’t work underwater though so you have to surface if you wish to play with the settings.


The 25-mm lens allows you to shoot wider than your average compact shooter and it can also zoom to 100mm (4x). Just like other Cyber-shots, you can do sweep-panoramic shots here both above ground and underwater up to 16 ft. How cool is that? Sweep Panorama is a feature in Sony Cyber-shots that allows you to take pano shots simply by panning the camera which will stitch it on the fly for you after taking the shot.

UPDATE: I recently tried the Sweep Panorama underwater and it’s harder than it looks especially if you can’t stay still when sweeping the camera. I tried it while snorkeling but can’t successfully pan the camera because of the shifting water.

Sony TX10

If you’re not impressed still, you will be surprised to know that you can also take 3D shots with the TX10. Again, both above ground and underwater. But wait, there’s more! You can take 3D panoramic shots too! Of course, you need a 3D TV or a laptop with 3D display to show your 3D photos off to your friends.

Sony TX10

Since there’s no manual mode here (except for ISO and White Balance), you will typically use the Intelligent auto, Superior auto, and the different Scene modes. Frankly, I don’t know why you would want to use the Intelligent mode when the Superior mode is well… superior. If you don’t know what mode to use, the help button is one touch away to tell you what each mode or scene is used for. This allowed me to use the camera like a pro without reading the manual.

What’s missing here are some effects that you can do with your shots. Some brands have different artistic styles that you can apply to your shot like one favorite of mine which is the “œtoy or miniaturize effect” which the Sony Cyber-shot TX10 doesn’t have.

Sony TX10

It does however have one thing that would probably interest you, the Background Defocus mode which can give your shot a “œbokeh” or a blurred background effect to give more focus to your subject. In this mode, you need to be at a certain distance from your subject to achieve the effect. Based on your zoom, the camera will tell you what’s the ideal distance you need to be to take the shot. It could take a few shots to get it done but it really works.

You can also take 1080i HD videos with this camera with very good sound quality thanks to its stereo mic located in the front.

Sample Photos / Video

Despite the f/3.5 max aperture, the Exmor R lens on the TX10 still allows it to capture good indoor or low-light shots without the aid of a flash.

Here are some sample photos taken with the Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10:

[nggallery id=9]

And here’s a sample underwater video:


The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 is a very nice upgrade from the TX5. It retained its compact yet stylish form but improved its ruggedness (16ft underwater as compared to the TX5’s 10ft). It’s not a lot but when you’re swimming with whale sharks or just snorkeling, you don’t want to always think about the depth that you’re bringing this camera into.

Sony TX10

The 921k dot display is something that a good camera should have. It really showed the sharpness and the colors of the photos I took. I always get bummed out when I transfer my compact camera photos to my PC only to find out that the colors are washed out or blurry but on the camera’s LCD, they look good. The TX10 will show you how your photo will exactly turn out.

The 3D capability is just a novelty feature but it’s something that you would appreciate when the time 3D displays become more common. The TX10 is a very good all-around camera that you can take with you anywhere with the price tag of Php24,990 being its only downside.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 Specs:
16.2 megapixels (4:3, 16:9 aspect ratio)
25-100 mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens (4x zoom), F3.5 ““ F4.6
Exmor R CMOS sensor
3″ touchscreen LCD display (921k dots)
ISO: Auto, 125, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Waterproof up to 5m or 16 ft.
Freezeproof – 14° – 104° F
Full HD 1080/60i movie recording with stereo sound
iSweep Panorama Mode
3D Still image, 3D Sweep Panorama
SD/SDHC/SDXC/Memory Stick Duo/Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo
Colors: Black, Pink, Yellow Green, Silver and Aqua Blue
SRP: Php24,990
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  • Wow! Ka-presyo ng bagong laptop hehehe. Pero tingin ko, Canon pa rin #1 brand pagdating sa digital camera.

  • Messie

    Having owned a TX 5, I can definitely recommend this line of Sony Cybershot. Astig talaga when you get to take pictures underwater, pero the real fun begins when you do HD video recording na. Having read your review, this camera certainly have great improvements from my TX5. The additional is nice specially for people who goes snorkeling but lets go of their lifevest for the occasional dive.

    Iba pa rin talaga ang natively waterproof camera compared sa camera with waterproof case. The latter is really hard to use under water, and you can’t clearly see the screen pa with your goggles on.

    • Messie

      I did a quick search and have found this camera to be selling at a much lower price. I found a very well known online gadget store which sells it for 15k+.

      • wow 15k+ lang? ang baba na yun ah. just about the right price you would pay for a nice underwater camera.

      • Bob

        Mura nga but you have to be absolutely sure na di made in China yung Unit? Nasa huli palagi ang pagsisisi.

  • simplynice93

    Wala bang test kung ok ang photo or video recording underwater?

    • sorry, wla akong time makapag swimming to try it out sa pool. basta don’t expect sharp photos when underwater because it depends kung gano ka-clear yung water or gano kalakas yung ilaw from the sun.

      • Messie

        Yup, this is true. Using my sony tx5, i’ve seen significant difference when recording underwater vids in clean water under the sun (super clear) as against a heavily chlorinated swimming pool under artificial lighting (medyo unclear). Pero nevertheless, bilib ako sa recording nito, kahit dun sa 2nd instance, very acceptable pa rin ang quality. Lalo siguro with the tx10 which houses improved technology.

      • Messie

        Here is a video we recorded using my sony dsc tx5. This is in a clear swimming pool under the late afternoon sun:

        Bilib talaga ako sa quality ng sony point and shoots since then. 🙂

  • xtian_paolo

    Hi! Do you have sample of night shots taken with this camera?

    • not necessarily night but there’s a couple of indoor shots na madilim dun sa sample photos (2nd and 3rd).

  • Chase On

    o my gulay, ang mahal nga! Lol

  • m1k3

    why comparing tx10 with tx5? when obviously tx10 is the successor of tx9. tx9 has 3d capabilities that is also present in tx10. you should have compared the two…

    • tx9 was not made to withstand the elements.

      • m1k3

        yeah that’s the difference.. tx10 is an upgrade of tx9.

      • ok you can look at it both ways… they upgraded tx9 to be more rugged or they upgraded tx5 to have 3D and higher megapixel count. the thing is, you don’t buy the tx10 for 3D feature, you buy it for the waterproof feature and buyers would want to know if they should stick with the lower-end waterproof tx5 or get the tx10 instead.

    • Drax

      Actually, I got my tx10 Black and I can confirm 100% that it has a capacitive screen (the provided “pen” doesn’t even work), I don’t know if all models have the capacitive screen, but in the manual its stated the screen may be activated with droplets of water, hence, the button to lock screen. It is also activated without touching it (annoying at first), just get the finger really really close.

      I’m actually happy with this as this seems to be a little more scratch proof than the previous tx5.

  • Nona

    Gusto ko rin bilhin ‘to dahil waterproof na nga, may background defocus pa! Na wala sa tx5. Kaso based on your shots, feeling ko yung 4th shot eh ginamitan mo ng background defocus? Yun lang talaga yung weakness nung function na yan, yung edges ng subject eh blurred din. 🙁 sayang. pero gusto ko pa rin yung cam na ‘to! thanks for the review :>

    • yup… wag mo lang iblow up para hindi halata. yung 9th photo background defocus din ginamit ko.

  • george


    I want to buy that camera but i keep searching for a 3d video sample (panorama) and a 3d photo taken with this camera without success. Can you upload a 3d video and some 3d photo so i can check this 3d sony technology before i buy it? I already have 3d Samsung TV

    Thanks in advance

  • bhulleth

    hi! may I know where can I buy this tx10 here in metro manila? and how much is the cost?

  • Having been a big fan of Sony, I’ll buy this one. 🙂

    However, I want the blue one, actually.

  • russ

    Very regretful on my 9th month with this cam..was very excited before but now i dont know what happened,it stopped working wyl on water. There seems to be a leak thou i was very careful on this. months ago, bat started running out easily, to the point that i was fuly charging it in preparation for the next day bt then when i was about to use it,it’s dead. Thot i did sumthin wrong but saw a lot of xperiences lyk mine..wish they cud stil fix it. worid seeing a lot of feedbacks that it’s unrepaiable.

  • Janet

    how can i buy that camera how to order?