Sony Ericsson K800i

A Sony Cyber-shot and a mobile phone all in one? Amongst the camera phones available in the market today, it is only Sony Ericsson phones that got me impressed especially when I scanned over the pictures at Flickr taken with a Sony Ericsson K750i. Now, they will be releasing SE K800i, a feature-packed 3G phone that will surely make your jaws drop. The SE K800i boasts of a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, image and video stabilizer and a built-in Xenon flash. One of the key features of the upcoming release from SE is the BestPicâ„¢ technology with a tag line of pick the best, delete the rest. Even though its camera has 16x digital zoom, it would not still be great for taking shots that are relatively far from you.

This is also great for bloggers on-the-go who cannot always bring their digital cameras with them. And if you can afford to do mo-blogging, then make use of the 3G technology. With 3G, you could even access your RSS feeds while on the road.

Read more of the specifications here.

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  • If only I can afford to buy this phone, then I will buy it for my blogging activities.

  • Not with mobile blogging though… you won’t be able to MMS those megapixel pics.

  • let’s just wait if the picture editor that comes in with the phone can resize the pics 😉

  • Jay

    How much does one cost? I’m looking forward of having one..

  • MGW

    If anyone is interested, I have a brand new one that I am selling. I’ll be in Manila next wednesday

  • Connie

    How much it may cost? I want also to have a brand new SE k800i, but from now i can’t afford to buy one.

  • I have a K800i and it’s a great phone. I take great pictures with it which is a huge improvement on the Nokia 6230 that I used to have. I can also recommend a cool add on for it. It’s called i-Citizen and it came out recently. It’s the world’s first 3D world and the k800 works like a charm on it. Its fun to play and you can meet people and chat to them as you might have guessed. They have promotions where they give away PS3’s and Xboxes to people in a place called i-Bid in the app. Its beta release was announced in March 2008 and anyone can give it a try. You can get it from your mobiles browser or your pc by going to

  • Master phone! Had a dummy of this one and I have to say it worked great

  • shymei

    I am selling an Original K800i it is slightly used though and 5months old already. If you want to know more follow this link ( I’m selling it here):