Sony halts PSP Go production

Sony recently stopped production on their PSP Go which is a portable gaming device that was just launched two years ago. They would still, however, continue providing support and firmware updates for it.


Frankly, I don’t think a lot of people would care as the latest incarnation of the original PSP didn’t offer much improvements (except for the built-in storage) while retaining its high price, initially at least. Downloading mini games onto it is slow and there seems to be firmware updates every now and then. Not even hackers spent too much time modding the firmware which means that there’s not a lot of PSP Go sales out there as compared to the PSP 3000.

On the other hand, Sony will still continue production for the PSP 3000 until the NGP arrives.  NGP is expected to be how the future of portable gaming would evolve. If you miss that piece of news before, we have it here.

If you still want a piece of portable gaming history, better get your PSP Go now before stocks run out.

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  • this is not good news for PSP fans like me =(

  • axl226

    Will it Still be Available in the Here in Philippines??
    I’m Planning to Buy One…Since it has a 16GB Internal Storage….

    • as long as there are stocks. shipping has already stopped by the way.

  • that’s too bad. it looks so nice too. but the psp phone is one product to watch out for!

  • this is your fault hackers!

    • axl226