Sony introduces home-friendly 4K Bravia TVs

Back in 2012, Sony came out with its first 4K TV in the market. It was humongous at 84-inch and costs a cool Php1.2 million at that time. Now, Sony came out with 4K TVs with more suitable sizes for the living room at 55-inch and 65-inch.

4K TVs or also known as UHD (Ultra High-Definition) TVs are the next evolution of TVs having four times the resolution of HD TVs for a sharper and more detailed display. This should give consumers the most immersive entertainment experience.


Sony recently introduced their KD-X9004A Series line-up which features 4K LED TVs to a broader reach of consumers with living room-friendly sizes of 55-inch and 65-inch.

With these new Bravia TVs, we saw Sony’s 4K X-reality PRO processing engine which not only reduces visual noise and corrects image shapes, but also upscales 2K content to a near 4K native resolution. So even if you’re stuck with HD or Full HD content, you can still enjoy quality display on a 4K resolution TV.

Sony’s TRILUMINOS display which we already saw in their current range of LED TVs also works superbly on their 4K TVs. This technology gave authentic color with subtle tones while also replicating bold colors including hard-to-reproduce reds and greens. Side-by-side with a competing brand’s 4K TV, Sony offers a wider range of color gamut for a better color reproduction providing more natural and vivid experience with heightened sense of depth.


It’s not all about display though as Sony gave their X series TVs a really good sound experience using their proprietary Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology which delivers higher sound pressure levels than conventional TVs. Seriously, experiencing sound coming from these speakers made it look like you already have a home entertainment system. Bass is deep and the rest of the sound are crisp and clear.

Expect the 55-inch 4K TV to have a Php299,000 price tag while the 65-inch goes for twice that price.

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  • wew

    is this a smart tv?

  • wut

    a more than quarter a mil TV, Home-Friendly???

    • referring to the size. previously it only comes in 84-inch

  • Hi Calvin,Thank you for giving the Sony article. This is the high definition resolution LED smart TV. But we need more information about this.