Sony launches 2012 Bravia TVs

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Last Tuesday, April 24, Sony Philippines launched the new BRAVIA® television line-up at the stunning Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu City. During their White Summer-themed event that was hosted by the lovely Sarah Meier, they introduced four new models ““ HX855, HX750, EX650, BX350/450, as well as a sneak peak of other technologies to come. It’s the perfect setting for introducing such beautiful, tasteful designs of the BRAVIA series and other Sony technologies.

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The HX855 is equipped with Sony’s X-Reality PRO technology and highlights texture, outline and color to give you beautifully re-mastered images. They placed this television side by side with other top of the line televisions and I could really see the difference. It also has the 3D super resolution to give you ultra-realistic 3D effects ““ just wear the sleek 3D frameless lens shades to go with it and it enhances whatever it is that you’re watching ““ be it 3D Blu-ray movies, web videos or the home video you made of your dog as you play fetch.

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The HX750 and EX650 models also have X-Reality with it and are perfect for those 3D gamers or for those who simply want the best out of online entertainment. It allows you to see highly realistic material, even if it’s viewed from the Internet. They demonstrated this to us in real time with clips taken from Youtube. The high frame-rate and blur reduction makes everything a lot clearer. Now, not everyone can appreciate the feature of having the Internet available on your television but the presence of the Internet on these televisions gives a lot of possibilities, guiding you to thousands of movies, TV shows, online videos, games and music.

Apps are available to customize to your liking and to acquire exactly what you want for your viewing pleasure. You’re able to enjoy the convenience of viewing your Facebook and Twitter accounts on a large screen ““ even better when you Skype with friends and family, enjoying the crisp, clear video calls. No need to crane your neck to your computer monitor or fiddle with a headset.

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I liked their “œContent Throw” feature that links the TV to the smartphone, PC or your tablet. You virtually “œthrow” photos, music, and videos from your portable device so you can enjoy it on the big screen. If you have the next Game of Thrones episode trailer that you eagerly want to show your friends, just “œthrow” it from your tablet to your television with one swipe of your finger and you and your friends can watch it at the same time and discuss your theories afterwards. Other than that, Mom and Dad don’t have to bring out the family photo album if they want to show their guests pictures of the last family trip to Disney. They can just “œthrow” the photo from their smartphones to the television and everyone can have an instant slide show. Your entertainment room is suddenly so impressive and is quite the conversational piece. If you have one in the workplace, your presentations are also taken to the next level.

The Media Remote makes it all possible to turn your mobile device into a remote control with a full QWERTY keyboard. Just download the free Media Remote app. It makes changing channels so convenient and it’s one less remote control on the coffee table.

The BX series has Bravia Engine 3 that allows you to view images with true-to-life color tones and optimal contrast.

I almost forgot to mention that the television is so beautiful that you can admire it even if it’s switched off. It’s frameless and thin and it’s a centerpiece for any entertainment center. You can place it anywhere because it looks good in every angle.

Sony also gave a sneak peak of technologies to come ““ and they were very careful with their words because a lot of them aren’t available in the market just yet.

They were very excited about this Sony+Google collaboration (the key word here is “œapps”) but that’s just about all they could say because it was very top secret! We must keep our eyes peeled for this one.

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Another piece of technology that took everyone’s curiosity is the Personal 3D Viewer that reminded me of Aerosmith’s “œAmazing” video ( Interesting device. This gives you a wide screen view with a 5.1ch surround sound. The pictures ought to give you an idea of what it can do. Too bad it’s not available on the market just yet.

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What is available on the market and will probably be a hit to us Filipinos is the new sound system component that has karaoke + LED lighting patterns + DJ effects. You can be a DJ at your own home party. The speakers were huge and you can even plug in your USB and copy MP3 music between 2 players. It costs something like Php39,999. Everyone liked it so much that someone from the crowd had one reserved right on the spot.

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I look forward to seeing all these technologies out in the market!

“œIn life as in art, clarity is needed in order to appreciate an object’s true beauty ““ to notice its subtle details, observe its different hues and behold its full figure.”

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  • mx

    does the “content throw” work on a different tv brand? lets say LG perhaps? as long as it has hdmi port? or is just for sony tv’s? thanks!

    • mx

      i mean its an xperia s feature right? or maybe not…

    • I believe it’s a TV feature using a corresponding app for Android.

  • Kelan kaya ako makakabili ng ganyang ka-expensive na TV 🙁

  • Griswold

    How much naman kaya itong mga bagong TVs? Mga 200k? 😀