Sony Mylo

Shall we say move over iPod? Well, not really. Sony Mylo (where Mylo stands for My Life Online) will be coming out in the markets this September. It is another all-in-one gadget where you could do instant messaging, web browsing, listen to music, view photos, and watch videos. It is a portable broadband device that you’ll be only able to enjoy when you have an 802.11b WiFi access.

Just imagine yourself at some place with this cool gadget and with some free WiFi access and your chatting with your friend through either Yahoo Messenger, Skpe or GTalk. Or perhaps you just want to check your Yahoo Mail or GMail because you are expecting an e-mail. But Mylo is not just an IM device or something that you could check your e-mails with. You could also talk to your friends with Skype’s voice call.

Sony Mylo is built-in with a 1GB flash memory where you could store music, photos and videos. With that, you can view a slideshow of your photos or set your favorite photo as your wallpaper. Also, you could listen to music while chatting with an IM client.

Other than that, you could jot down your out-of-the-box ideas or anything that you wish to write about. It’s basically like a Notepad included in Sony Mylo.

Read more about Sony Mylo here.

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  • Gizmodo’s review of the Sony Mylo

    *Gizmodo, the gadget guide. So much in love with shiny new toys, it’s unnatural.

  • I was waiting for a review of this here. Thanks!

    Does anybody know when it will be arriving in our shores?

  • “Shall we say move over iPod?..”

    Didn’t she mean PSP?

  • banksxs:

    Sony Mylo is not a gaming console like PSP. Besides, they’re both Sony.

  • and.. if you haven’t seen the contest at Philoneist before where some who submitted conceptualized an iPod like some sort of a communication + media device, just click here

  • vmyap

    hey, it looks like sidekick phone with added features. hhe

  • Can it be used here in the philippines even if it was bought from the US? Thanks. =)

  • akemi

    please help me.
    how can i use my skype in the philippines?
    im japanese and my mylo is from japan.
    thank you .

  • ernie

    i have already mylo i also use that and its fun though the older version doesn’t have game the new sony mylo have games and it is more cool coz it is touch screen and you can choose any color case you want unlike to the first sony mylo 1 wherein so many features but not touch screen and doesnt have game..oh by the way you need also image converter for you to transfer video i already have those thing…they post that software in thier magazine….but i bought it in hawaii…it was fun to use it than Ipod i can use it in free hotspot but if you want to use it in starbuck’s or other branded coffee bar well you need to have card or to pay for something but if you have samrtbro you can log in to pldt to use thier wifi access they call it airboneaccess it will cost 100 php to your montly bills

  • jr

    wer can buy in the phil. sony mylo2 pls,pls, reply

  • jr