Sony officially launches the Alpha NEX-7 camera in the country

We got to see the latest and baddest interchangeable lens camera from Sony, the Alpha NEX-7, earlier during Sony’s summer launch. It’s Popular Photography’s 2011 Camera of the Year.

Sony’s NEX series is one of the popular choice if you’re looking for a compact interchangeable lens camera system. It has a DSLR-quality sensor which provides excellent image quality in almost any condition. I tried the NEX-C3 before and was impressed with the shots I was taking even in automatic mode.


The only gripe I have with their NEX line, which is the same with other NEX users, is the lack of dedicated buttons and dials to operate the camera manually. Sony fixed that with the NEX-7, making it a pro-friendly compact camera with interchangeable lens.


Before you have to fiddle with menus just to set the ISO or adjust the aperture that by the time you’re happy with your settings, you’ve probably missed the shot. With the NEX-7, there’s what they call the Tri-Navi control where you can easily select a setting and adjust it at the same time using just two fingers. Something that DSLR users are familiar with.

The NEX-3 to NEX-5 would appeal casual shooters who don’t want to jump to the SLR world. However, the NEX-7 will certainly appeal to DSLR users who wants a secondary camera but in a more compact form yet still feels like operating a DSLR.


Side by side: Sony NEX-5N (left) and the Sony NEX-7 (right)

The NEX-7 is way bulkier than its other siblings but it does come with a lot of features never seen from other NEX cameras. The more pronounced rubber grip feels sturdier and natural, there’s a built-in flash, the hot shoe accepts standard Alpha accessories instead of NEX proprietary ones, and there’s now an OLED electronic viewfinder.


The same tiltable LCD is still present but unlike the NEX-5N, it is not touchscreen which should be alright. It’s also a 24.3 megapixel camera that can take stills up to 10 frames per second. It can also record 1080p Full HD videos.

If you’re impressed with the specs, your jaw will probably drop with its price. The Sony Alpha NEX-7 body only costs a cool Php59,999 and if you want an 18-55mm kit lens included then prepare to shell out Php69,999. Again, Sony made this for DSLR users looking for a secondary camera, and not for amateur hobbyists who should look at the NEX-3 or NEX-5 instead.

Sony NEX-7 Features:

  • 24.3 megapixel
  • Up to 10 fps shooting
  • AVCHD 1080/60p/60i/24p HD movies
  • APS-C size HD image sensor
  • Peaking Function for Manual Focus
  • Multiple Lenses Option
  • Sweep Panorama
  • Auto HDR
  • Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder
  • Tri-Navi Manual Control
  • Hot shoe for Alpha system flashes
  • SRP: Body only – Php59,999
  • SRP: Body + 18-55mm Lens Kit – Php69,999
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  • Carl

    Whatta price! haha

  • Ron

    So that’s 10k for the kit lens? HOMAYGAD

  • Nino

    WTH!! If I need a backup compact camera with DSLR quality photos then I’ll buy a small DSLR camera which is half the price and can use my existing lenses. Afterall, THIS IS NOT SMALL.

  • simplynice93

    69k for a secondary camera???
    I dont mean to be rude but at that price you could buy a Nikon D90 or Canon 60D.

  • Griswold

    Wow! It’s expensive alright but it’s like a DSLR already na mas maliit. love those extra jog dials.

  • riderkick tpc

    cmon its a SONY for fansake

  • Lou

    Those who comment here have never had the occasion to play with it. No other camera offers that much possibilities, specially for manual work with Leica and Voigtlaender, or Zeiss lenses. It is the top quality in picture, it is just beaten by a small length by Nikon’s D800. Yes, one can buy another cheaper camera for that price, but, you will then have just a consumer dslr, a NEX-7 is something different, something special I would say, and it’s worth the price, believe me, I ow one. With some adapters it takes all my Minolta Glass, my Nikon lenses and all my Leica and russian 39mm lenses. Absolutely a great camera, and what a picture quality. You can’t compare it to anything else. For sure, if you goal is to spend 35000 pesos, don’t look at it.