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Sony PlayStation Move, better late than never

During the Sony 3D World media event held a few days ago, there was a PS3 with a PlayStation Move setup that I couldn’t refuse to try. It was a blast playing Gladiator Duel which is a 3D fighting game belonging to the Sports Champions game.


The motion stick with the glowing orb on the end was captured smoothly by the PlayStation Eye. Every swing, slash and parry I made were reflected in the game without any hitches. I’m pretty impressed with its responsiveness which is something I couldn’t say much with Ninendo’s Wii.

Some might say that Sony was a bit too late into this game with their motion controller. It looks like a polished version of the Wii and not as advanced and innovative as the Microsoft Kinect. PS Move is stuck in the middle. Wii has all the titles and accessories and has already warmed up into a lot of homes and the Kinect is well”¦ revolutionary, like the Wii a few years back.

Still, there are those loyal PS3 fans out there who wish to add a different dimension into their gaming experience. Tired of the gamepad? Get the PlayStation Move, hold it like a  gun and blast your way with it in Resident Evil. The PS3’s advantage over the Wii is that it is already a great gaming console with or without the PlayStation Move.

Right now there are more family or group-oriented titles for the PlayStation Move. More action titles are coming soon though like Time Crisis, KillZone and SOCOM. If you own a PlayStation 3, download the firmware update and get the PlayStation Move for more fun.

PlayStation Move Bundle Packs

The PlayStation Move is already available in the market but I heard DataBlitz has problems keeping them in stock. More Moves are coming this month though.


  • PlayStation Move Motion Controller – Php2,499
  • PlayStation Eye – Php1,799
  • PlayStation Move Bundle Pack ““ Php4,999 (controller, eye, and one title)

Get an extra motion controller pronto. With two wands, Gladiator Duel is more fun because you can actually use the other one to control your shield”¦ or better yet, another weapon.

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  • Mark

    I would disagree. PS3 Move is WAY more accurate and responsive than the WiiMote (even with the Motion+). The games are also considerably better.

    Kinnect offers nothing new at all, it’s doing what the EyeToy did in the PS2 era. Infact it’s worse than that, many games are getting gimped to work with Kinect, like Forza which has the acceleration and braking removed so it’s just a steering game! (really).

    From the demos I have seen and what I have read about Kinect, it’s a mess, with huge lag and recognition problems, ranging from problems detecting skin colours, requiring simple surroundings, select clothing and so forth.

    • RockNDisorderly

      Kinect launched here in the UAE for AED 699 or about Php8,200. How much po ang launch price sa pinas? Thanks.

    • Briar


      Just want to ask, if where can I buy Playstation Eye here in Philippines?


  • The Playstation move highlighted the weaknesses of the Nintendo Wii. Before, Wii accessories were Nintendo’s competitive advantage. But they lose that to Sony now because of this…