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Sony Stores now offer the PlayStation Portable

From INQ7.net: Sony finally decides to sell PSP in RP market. The standard retail price is PhP 18,9999.

The PlayStation Portable will be available from the 3 official Sony Stores. Software piracy and parallel importation through the “gray market” has made them hold off until now.

Local authorized Sony service centers will provide after-sales support for these units warranty. Units sourced from abroad or through other channels will have to pay for service.

How much sales do they expect?

The local subsidiary expects to sell 3,000 to 4,000 PSP units a month, with demand expected to shoot up during the months leading to the Christmas season in the Philippines. Worldwide, Sony has shipped 5 million units as of June 2005.

Now that’s more stuff for the young Pinoys into technology – competing with cellphones and iPods for their parents’ budgets. For the older “young ones,” that’s greater deductions from the salary!

On the business development side, this means a local market for companies are planning to offer custom PSP development.

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  • what the?? that’s how much (in yen ) you can buy a PSP here. double the price??? (2yen is around 1peso)

  • when we had our out-of-town at pampanga, i saw a psp being sold at puregold there 😀

  • I don’t get why big companies (tech companies in particular) think they have the right to adjust prices to different markets. Just because there’s not a great market here for their products and they have a sort of “monopoly” doesn’t mean they can rip us off. A lot of the times it’s even cheaper to buy your equipment overseas and have them shipped here (DHL/FedEx!). *ahem*Apple*ahem*

  • Mahal. Is that the US version they’re selling? Console manufacturers practically “give away” the consoles and make do with royalties from game publishers, merchandising, etc. Siguro they’re making an exemption for the Philippines. Jack up the console margins to offset the loss in game royalties. Have they modified…errr..adapted the PSP for Philippine use?

  • noname

    Wait till you see the PS3, tell me when will it be released.

  • D

    ive been doing research on the sony psp “if” the UMD games can be pirated. Some say it can be done through the use of specially-made-for-umd burners/rippers.As of now im holding my savings for these guys to come up with plan to sell “pirated versions of it.I’m just an average pinoygamer battling it out with our economy..sucks by the way!

  • Wow that price is equivilant to $380 bones. Ouch! Stateside its at $249+tax. No love for the Philippine peso I guess.

  • mikel

    yepey…PS3 is cool…wish LEGEND OF THE DRAGOON be back..tnx

  • Jake

    I don’t know why PSP fans are so into the US version of things. Even though it is proven that the LCD screen of Japan made psp’s are better than the US ones and the White Ceramic ones from Japan have more louder capacity as speakers. It just goes to show how filipino’s would die just to get a tag called “MADE IN THE US”…and yet all materials are shipped from Japan….Jeeze…

    It’s better to order from yesasia compared to the P2000 added price to the usual P18,000 recommended retail price of the said gadget here in the phil. Our economy is really on the downside of things….hpmh…

  • crashoverride

    psp scene in the philippines is now open and available. im one of the pinoys who is in the underground scene of the psp in the philipipnes

  • antonius

    ang mahal! that’s why “underground” market exist because of this prices. i once saw here selling psp cost only almost 12k plus you can play without umd since they already modified the software. ha! ill better buy 12k than 18k. what yah think?

  • Glen

    PSP here in the USA cost only $169 + tax. Ung psp slim na un ha. Ang mahal nman dyn sa pinas pla.

  • carlo

    eh sa cash and cary mall saka market market ranging price ay 10k to 11k lang package na yun

  • Edj

    elow! is there someone who can give me a place where i can buy a cheap butexcellent PSP packjage? thanx

  • caralaine maranan

    saan ko ba may service center ng sony psp sa manila or sa pampanga , kse nasira psp ko sabi sa akin lcd problem daw kse , block out sya eh, may sound nag pa power on naman kaya lng wla screen, di ko alam kung ano nangyari sa kanya …basta alam ko nag pa down load lang ako ng game saka ginamit ko sa motor ko pang sound yan na di na ko magamit .

  • reygie oandasan

    If i buy in bulk, how much discount can you give?

  • degrant

    How much is the brand new psp slim??