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Sony Stores now offer the PlayStation Portable

From Sony finally decides to sell PSP in RP market. The standard retail price is PhP 18,9999.

The PlayStation Portable will be available from the 3 official Sony Stores. Software piracy and parallel importation through the “gray market” has made them hold off until now.

Local authorized Sony service centers will provide after-sales support for these units warranty. Units sourced from abroad or through other channels will have to pay for service.

How much sales do they expect?

The local subsidiary expects to sell 3,000 to 4,000 PSP units a month, with demand expected to shoot up during the months leading to the Christmas season in the Philippines. Worldwide, Sony has shipped 5 million units as of June 2005.

Now that’s more stuff for the young Pinoys into technology – competing with cellphones and iPods for their parents’ budgets. For the older “young ones,” that’s greater deductions from the salary!

On the business development side, this means a local market for companies are planning to offer custom PSP development.

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