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Sony Summer Hotspots 2011 – Hottest deals over the season

Sony Philippines launched their Sony Summer Hotspots 2011 in SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 1. It’s a 3-day expo from March 11-13, 2011, but the nationwide campaign is until June 11, 2011. Here, Sony showcased their new product collection and their collection is nothing but hot hot hot!


So why “œSony Summer Hotspots”? According to Sony, it’s the concept of summer hotspots that covers the wide spectrum from network connectivity to bustling destinations. Aside from releasing their new hot collection, they’ve also shown how these items are must-haves when it comes to travelling to your choice of destination this summer!

Not only are they displaying their collection at the Megatrade Hall this weekend, you could also purchase their products and get a chance to win premium items, gadgets or trips to your favorite destinations! Don’t you worry though, this won’t last over just the 3 days in the Megatrade Hall, it’s here to stay until June 11!

So let me tell you more about the very interesting products I encountered while I was there”¦

The Sony Internet TV


This is the first time Sony released an Internet TV in the Philippines ““ the first Sony HDTV that allows you to bring in Internet content in that big screen display. The first thing that came to mind was “œWhat about those YouTube videos that aren’t in HD?” I guess the people at Sony have thought of that way before I did because that was the first thing that they demoed ““ YouTube. Even with a non-HD video from YouTube, the cinematic, big-screen display is still able to make the results impressive. If you think about it though, the Internet TV can’t just all be about videos ““ Imagine having able to Tweet and write on your friends’ Facebook walls without having to get out of your couch? It’s pretty fantastic, if you ask me.

The Sony VAIO laptops

Sony VAIO laptops have always been impressive to me and they’ve showcased their product line from powerful notebooks to Netbooks. Oh wait, I’m not quite sure if I should be calling the VAIO Y series a “œnetbook” ““ it’s the size of a netbook but it’s more powerful than ANY netbook. If I’m not mistaken, it’s probably around 4x more powerful than a regular netbook. It also comes in candy colors.


Speaking of colors, the VAIO C series is something to look out for. If you want a splash of color, get yourself one! The notebook itself comes in different colors, plus you can add accessories ““ keyboard skin, mouse and carrying pouch ““ all in different vibrant colors.

There are also other impressive notebooks ““ The VAIO S series for the more serious, with its sleek, elegant design. Its 6-hour battery life is impressive in itself ““ and then I found out that I could also purchase a slim battery pack that I could just attach from underneath the notebook and it adds another 6 hours. 6+6=12 hours in total! Very impressive.

Another impressive notebook ““ the VAIO F series – imagine diving into 3D! You’ll be able to enjoy watching and creating 3D content on your computer!

Sony and 3D

One thing I kept on encountering ““ Sony and everything 3D! Most of the products they’re showcasing have 3D capabilities ““ their notebooks, the Sony Bravia TV, digital cameras and camcorders. It’s a whole new experience geared towards the 3D technology. I’d enumerate all of them but there’s just so much and I think that it would be best if you’d experience it yourself.


I suggest you check out the Sony Summer Hotspots 2011 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1. You can find more details when you log-on to www.sony.com.ph. Just purchase any Sony product within March 11 to June 11, 2011 and get a chance to win those hot prizes in different monthly draws! I’m crossing my fingers that you’d be one of the winners!


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