Sony VAIO Y Review

The Sony VAIO Y is an 11-inch netbook replacing Sony’s 10-incher VAIO M which is odd since last year, the VAIO Y was a 13.3-inch ULV laptop. Well anyway, it’s a netbook now and instead of going with the usual Intel Atom processor, Sony teamed up with AMD and their AMD Fusion APU for the VAIO Y which is a nice change in my opinion. The AMD Fusion E350 is significantly superior than Intel Atom N550 and its integrated graphics when it comes to power and video capability which people are now demanding from their netbooks.

Read on to see how the Sony VAIO Y and its AMD chip performs. If it’s a worthy replacement of their old Atom-powered VAIO M.



The VAIO Y retained its design from the usual 13 or 14-incher VAIOs which is a good thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I would say. It has a matte lid that doesn’t attract fingerprints at all but be careful when bringing it around with you as it is prone to hairline scratches which is noticeable even on our silver review unit.

Sony VAIO Y 2011

It has a slim profile and a friendly weight of 1.46kg which makes it easy to carry anywhere with you. Ladies would feel comfortable lugging this around. What’s noticeable here is the green indicator light on the power button on its hinge that screams VAIO. It also glows orange when it sleep mode. On the other end of its hinge you will find the AC port.

Sony VAIO Y 2011 Sony VAIO Y 2011 Sony VAIO Y 2011

The VAIO Y has the standard ports for a netbook, 2x USB 2.0, earphone and mic jacks on the right side, another USB port, an HDMI and VGA port on the left side and a SD card and Sony MemoryStick reader right in front.

Sony VAIO Y 2011 Sony VAIO Y 2011

Keyboard layout is good just like any other VAIOs. Well-spaced and the keys have nice tactile feedback and are sized just right. Well except for the right Shift key which I prefer to be a bit bigger. What I like here is the the placement of the Right Fn key which allows me to do one-handed Page Up and Page Dn, Home and End when combined with the arrow keys. What’s missing here is the key to toggle Bluetooth. I could only switch Bluetooth on and off via the VAIO Control Center app or the VAIO Smart network on the system tray.


The palm rest has a nice, crosshatch, textured finish and the touchpad size might be small for bigger guys but just right for the ladies. The left and right-click keys are positioned slightly on the curved edge which makes it more natural to press with your thumb. I didn’t experience any mouse-jumping which I am very particular about when using the touchpad. I also don’t have to press the left and right-click keys hard and at the same time they’re not too sensitive. Just right. Good job Sony!

The 11.6-inch display is just right for a portable notebook but I prefer it to be of matte type to minimize glare. I guess they chose a glossy display so that videos would look sharper. It has a 1366 x 768 resolution which is my ideal res for a netbook, text are not too small and you don’t have to scroll up and down a lot when browsing.


The Sony VAIO Y is powered by an AMD Fusion E-350 APU which is a dual-core 1.6GHz processor with an AMD Radeon HD6310 integrated graphics. People say that it’s way better than Intel’s integrated graphics and I want to test it out myself.

Sony VAIO Y 2011

I have tried N550 Atom-powered netbooks out there and while they can view 720p HD videos without a hitch, playing 1080p videos forces them to stutter. With this AMD E-350 powered VAIO Y, 1080p videos played flawlessly whether it’s offline playing or 1080p streaming. Very, very impressive. Sound volume is just okay despite not having any speaker grills anywhere around the keyboard.

If you play a lot of Flash games in Facebook, you would be happy to hear that the VAIO Y can handle even the biggest city in CityVille without stuttering, once the assets are already loaded of course.

Don’t think that this would beat the Core i3’s though when it comes to applications. The VAIO Y handles application just like your Atom N550 netbook. Launching applications takes a while which is normal on a low-powered netbook but it can handle multi-tasking just fine thanks to its 2GB RAM. As I’m writing this review, I’m using Fireworks, Live Writer, Microsoft Word, Google Chrome with 5 tabs open all at the same time and switching apps didn’t pose any problem for this netbook.

I also tried converting a 2.5 minute 1080p 123MB video into iPod format and it took the VAIO Y 11 minutes to finish the conversion which outputted a 35MB MP4 file. That’s slow compared to a Core i3. I guess you don’t use this netbook too much for video encoding. You need a more high-powered processor or a discrete graphics for this task.

Here’s the Windows Experience Index of the Sony VAIO Y.

Sony VAIO Y 2011

The lowest subscore is from its AMD E-350 processor at 3.7Β  which is still better than the Atom N550 which hovers around a 3 to 3.2 subscore. Graphics got a remarkable subscore for a netbook without any discrete GPU and is comparable to notebooks with the NVIDIA ION graphics platform.


The AMD E-350 is a low-power consuming chip although it has a slightly higher wattage rating than the Atom so expect a bit shorter battery life compared to Atom netbooks. Sony claims that the VAIO Y can give you 4 hours of uninterrupted usage. In real life testing? I got 3.5 hours with WiFi always on, medium brightness, watching movies and browsing the net. Your typical use for a netbook actually. What’s also good here is that the unit didn’t get hot nor warm at all. I know some people are still associating AMD with heat but it’s not the case these days.

Sony VAIO Y 2011

This short battery life should not be attributed to the AMD processor but on Sony’s battery of choice which only has a 3500mAh rating. I strongly recommend that you upgrade the battery on the VAIO Y to achieve an almost all-day computing.

Here’s the info from BatteryBar by the way which gives the battery a lifetime of just over 3 hours.



Simple yet elegant. Nicely-crafted without any flex at all. I love the keyboard especially the placement of the Right Fn key although the right Shift key could use a bit more size. The 11.6-inch display size is the sweet spot for my choice of netbook. Top-notch design for such a netbook is what I would say with the only drawback really is the low battery rating. You’ll notice that I’m quite high over the AMD Fusion based on my review but it’s just that good! I would choose this over any Intel Atom-powered netbooks out there.


With the price of just under Php30k, the VAIO Y is still within range of an entry VAIO consideringΒ  that the first Atom-powered 10-inch VAIO also started around that price. What you’ll get here is a very decent-powered portable netbook that won’t frustrate you with a small screen and keyboard and can play 1080p videos beautifully. Invest on upgrading your battery though to get the most out of your Sony VAIO Y. Oh, and choose the Apple Green or the Pink one, Silver is too bland looking.

Sony VAIO Y (VPCYB15AG) Specs:

  • AMD Dual-Core E-350 processor (1.6GHz)
  • 11.6-inch WXGA (1366 x 768)
  • Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32-bit
  • 2GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD 6310 integrated graphics
  • 320GB HDD
  • Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
  • 6-cell 3500mAh Li-Ion battery (4 hours)
  • 1.46 kg
  • SRP: Php29,999
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  • Mangungubat

    Nice Review. This laptop is almost comparable to core duos of intel.

  • Lee

    Nice review.

  • tami dela cruz

    Very, very nice review indeed. better sell my inspiron and get this one πŸ™‚

  • 21

    Nice review. How’s AMD compared to Intel i3 ?

    • depends on what kind of i3. if it’s the ULV i3 almost the same lang. lamang ng konti yung i3. pero may high-end na i3 for mobile na masmataas ang processing speed and power. pero lamang pa rin integrated graphics ng AMD compared sa integrated graphics ng Intel.

      • gereald

        is this upgradable to i3 processor?

    • dodong

      Lenovo Thinkpad X120e can play Batman: Arkham Asylum

      • uhh how does it play on the x120e? that’s good to know still since it has the same AMD APU as this VAIO Y.

  • rikhav

    I am planning to buy Sony Y .Weight is 3.9 lbs (i3 processor)
    I opt for i5 processor, will the weight increase?
    can u let me know..

    • uhh is this a trick question? a change in proc doesn’t change the weight.

  • Les

    Wow…you did all the testing with a Windows starter? Impressive!

    • hmmm have to check again when i get home. according sa pr kit it’s a starter… pero i think it’s a home premium.

    • it’s confirmed… this one has Windows Starter.

      • Les

        Salamat sa update.

  • This is the one worth P29,999 right?

    Looks great. πŸ™‚ Does anyone know how much it will cost with an upgraded battery? (and how long that battery will last)

    • yup…29,999. i think the upgraded battery will give it 6-7 hours total. not sure though on how much the upgrade will cost. will ask when i get to a sony store.

      • Viktoninox

        I have this Nice-elegant design netbook, can I be able to change the processor or have a dedicated Graphics Card to install in it?

        • nope those upgrades should be done before you bought the netbook.

          • astri

            SRP: Php29, 999.. ni maksud’a brp????

          • Allzward

            Greetings, i’m just wondering why is it here in our place zamboanga city it only cost 14k same specs, mauy mga imit po ba ng sony vaio

          • is that from a sony store? or a reputable PC store? that’s pretty low.

      • gerald

        question. do i have to remove the battery and depend on the mains?. kasi para di masira yung batt? may nakita ako sa website about battery myth na nowadays yung laptop daw doesnt need to remove the battery since pag charged na daw automatically ma cut na yung charging to prevent the battery from overcharge. question ganun din ba tong unit na to?..kasi tinatanggal ko yung bat..thanks in advace πŸ˜€

    • erwin

      less 10 percent to all computer stores…will going to have this one on weekend.

      • really? where did you get that info? share share πŸ™‚

  • wooei

    Hi, I went to a sony store , here in phils. I asked the personnel how much does it cost if the battery will be upgraded, he said the sony vaio y battery cannot be upgraded yet “because the model is newly released”. huh? i insisted it can be upgraded, but he really said it cannot be done. he’s mistaken right? please please share to us if u know already how much it cost. i feel like i dont want to go back to that particular sony store again.

    • it can be upgraded. yun ang sabi saken when it was launched to the media. hindi lang alam siguro ng store personnel yung sagot. wait i’ll ask the pr agency.

    • hi wooei… compatible battery for this VAIO Y is the VGP-BPL21A. paki-ask na lang sa sony store kung meron sila and how much.

      • wooei

        THAnk u for the update πŸ™‚

  • wooei

    By the way, what notebook is almost comparable/same specs with this sony vaio y but lesser in price? correct me if im right, is it comparable with the hp pavilion dm1z?

    • yep! ur right. pavillion dm1z has the same specs as this. available na rin sya locally afaik.

  • edwin Nanlabi

    1900 pesos, Charge by Solid Electronics Corporation at Ermita for just looking at my Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E. Un-supported they said… and cannot do anything about it!!! Sony authorized service center??? Sucks…

  • tin

    it has been one month already, wala pa ring stocks ang sony dito sa lugar namin πŸ™ we only have one sony center here. πŸ™

    • sa mga resellers wala rin? octagon? villman? complink?

      • tin

        trusted ba mga yan? kasi mejo skeptical lang.

      • yup. those are trusted resellers.

        • tin

          Walang villman and complink here . Yes we have octagon,pero the last time i checked wala rin sony vaio y. im getting a bit desperate kasi 1 month na. hhehe im craving to have one already. are you familiar with accent micro? trusted din ba xa na reseller?

          • tin

            ai wala pala silang sony, yung accent micro. i checked with their website. hai, so wait nlng talaga ako nito sa sony center noh until the stocks will arrive? πŸ™ *if there will be stocks coming out soon*

          • aww… dito sa manila nakikita ko na sya eh. san ba kayo? ok rin yung accent micro as a store.

          • tin

            here in cagayan de oro. i just got confused.. hmm, the VPCYB15AG is the latest model for the vaio y series? so whats a VPCY115FG model? its part of the Y series right? its really different from the former. is it an old vaio y model?

          • most probably. there was also a VAIO Y released last year but it’s bigger and runs on Intel. si Gaisano Interpace wala pa?

            UPDATE: Talked to Sony and sabi nila you can contact their Customer Contact Center para magtanong. 0917-8077669 email:[email protected]

          • tin

            hi its already available. the sony center just texted me . weeeeeh. il buy one later. sooo excited πŸ˜€

          • woohoo… go go go! you’ll enjoy it!

          • tin

            kanina lang na order. im using it now. thanks for all the “tips”. ooh by the way, i noticed, ang liit pala talaga nang right shift key nuh. ang cute. hhe. pero ok lang,liit din fingers ko eh πŸ˜€

          • woohoo. grats on your new toy! πŸ™‚ what color did you get?

          • tin

            hihi silver. sorry didnt follow that tip of urs. πŸ˜€ anyway, pwd kaya mag install nang windows home premium(tama ba term ko)? im trying to weigh kasi. if i install the latter, my warranty will be void. or should i wait nlng matapos 1 year warranty period ko pra ma install ko yun? hmmmm. thinking..thinking..

          • ingatan mo pala yung surface ng lid ha? medyo mabilis ma-scratch.

          • tin

            masyado kasi catchy for me yung pink and green *trying to justify the silver*

          • yung mga vaio naman may recovery partition ata yan where you can reset it to factory settings pag kelangan. check the manual. and if installan mo ng windows 7 home premium, hindi ma-void warranty when it comes to hardware failure… i think. ;P

          • tin

            i browsed the manual last night. pero scan2 lang. cguro il read it again tonight. if ever hindi ma void, i wont wait na for 1 year to have it windows home premium. hhe. mmm.thanks im planning to buy transparent skin pra ma avoid ko ma scratch.

          • tin

            Is it natural lang na mag hang xa for like mga 10mins talaga? Loading lang xa nang loading. I pressed power to switch it off pero hindi na off. Then hindi na gumalaw yung arrow kahit anung pilit kung mg move sa touchpad nia. It happened last night. So i took out my bat nlng. Natural lang yun? should i have it checked? my moments din na pag my i-click ak sa website, before iperform nia yung action, my mabilis na blank. as is less than 1 second guro na blank. 4 times ko na nakita since i bought this last tuesday.

          • hi tin, nope that’s not normal. did you install windows 7 home nga? baka may nainstall kang program that’s causing it?

          • tin

            i havnt installed the windows 7 home pa. kagabi ng hang ulit. had to take out my bat again para ma off. and i noticed, c mc afee ko hindi gumagana. it always say at risk, but when i tried to run it, error. dami ko issues wala pa ng 1week to. huhu. cguro 1 out of 100 na sony my ganito, sakin na punta.

          • Hmmm. Restore it back to original settings kaya?

  • I’m buying the US version which has 4GB RAM and 500 HDD for less than 25K, with tax is about 25K. The Sony prices here in the Philippines for laptops is really high with lower specs compared to lower cost with higher specs in the other countries. I wonder why they do that… probably to minimize the cost.

    • wow good deal yan. san mo bibilhin? can u also configure it with a higher battery rating? i want one too! πŸ™‚

  • Dark Tact

    Kuya..can this VAIOS handle hard heavy applications or heavy games?…

    • nope… casual games lang. tsaka simple photoshop. video editing or 3d modeling or large-format photo editing maghihinalo na.

  • cherryapple


    I am needing a new laptop to replace my old one. I am about to buy Macbook Air na when I saw Vaio Y in another shop. Now, Im torn between two.

    Here are factors
    1. Basic lang need ko: browsing,emails, office, occasional movies online. mrami ako use ng PPT and gusto ko rin sana subukan keynote. Di ako mahilig sa games or music.
    2. Im looking for portability due to travels
    3. I always conduct presentations and business meetings and Im looking for something decent/ professional and I want to use my own unit
    4. I just bought iphone4 days ago so I’m considering MBA to match it
    5. Seeing VY however medyo ngsisi ako kasi mas mahal pa yung bagong phone. Now Im thinking if I need another expensive unit pa ba?

    I was very very kawawa. From the cheapest Cherry mobile P1 to Iphone4 and now sana from 4yr old Fujitsu lifebook to something modern and edgy. Ngayon lang ako bibili para sa sarili ko.

    What you think is best for me? Ok na kaya yung Vaio Y for me? Or any other recommendation?

    • if a laptop brand can match apple’s premium looks, it’s definitely Sony. if you wanna try keynote then choice mo talaga is the mba. if i have the money to get the mba then i would go for it. i really love laptops utilizing SSD. pero if medyo nagtitipid ka na then the VAIO Y is also a nice choice for your needs. pero in terms of looks, you can’t go wrong with both. the VAIO and the Apple Logo are well-known everywhere and commands the respect it deserves.

  • JKP

    Hello po. What is the update po with ms. tin? How was it, i mean the problem nya? Pangit ba performance?

  • khrysse31

    hi., available na po b ung sony vaio vpcea46fm.. and how much po? thankz much..

  • Po2Y

    hi, i could not change the desktop wallpaper. may you please advise on this. thnx!

    • it’s a limitation of Windows 7 starter.

      • boladja

        hi guys, when i purchased my vaio y at abenson greenbelt 4 they installed a wallpaper changer but i have decided to uninstall it kasi you have to restart just to view the changes in wallpaper so hassle and time consuming. the windows logo looks better. simple but can be boring at times.sana you can help us find a better program (wallpaper changer) that doesnt require too much time to view the changes. thanks! πŸ™‚

        • seraphica

          ,just upgrade it to home premium, professional, or ultimate on the store where you purchased it..

  • seraphica

    eto na ang laptop na pinakahihintay ko!!!

    kelan ko kaya to mabibili??? huhuhu XD

  • Dominic

    The customer service of Sony Service Center leaves much to be desired. I had a personal HP laptop before which I bought from a friend in the US. I didn’t have the receipt nor the warranty card when i brought it to HP Service Center here in Cebu for repair. Unlike with Sony, all the HP staff had to do was check the serial # in their system to verify if the unit was still under warranty. This only took them a few minutes. Since their system indicated that it was still covered by warranty, they repaired it without any delay.

  • seraphica_seven

    i really want this laptop!!!! πŸ˜€

  • Joe

    I already bought that laptop, the green one is the best, unlike silver is very common and pink i’m no girl. The laptop is good but When it comes perfomance used,it’s fast and also slow that depends on the application used. When I upgrade it the OS 32bit into 64bit and 2gig ddr3 ram into 8gig ram, All performances are great. It play heavy games nowadays like left4dead2, dota, COD, crysis, etc. and run heavy applications like Java IDE’s et
    So here’s the Window’s experience index in Vaio VPCYB15AG hardware complete upgrade:
    Gaming Graphics:5.7
    Primary Hard disk: 5.9

    Base Score:3.8

    All I can say AMD Fusion rocks

    • thanks for sharing joe!

      • sheeraz

        where did u manage to get your drivers for your 64bit OS? i am searching for win 7 64 bit os drivers ….. can u help pls?

        • Joe

          I download the drivers and applications. If you were in Cebu, I’ll be gladly to help you.

  • John Pereyra

    HI kuya! i am planning to buy this laptop later this week.. kailangan ko na po kasi ng laptop pang thesis πŸ™‚
    kuya nalilito po ako sa mga specs.. if i’ll buy this laptop sa sony center ano po yun specs na dpat bilhin ko? gusto ko naman po yun pinaka maganda na.. aside sa upgrade sa battery, what else po kuya yun dapat ko ipa upgrade.. gusto ko rin po kasi makalaro ng dota using it, kung pwede po.. maraming salamat po!

    thank you po ng sobra..

    • basta look for the AMD E-450 na processor, not the E-350. ok? yun lang naman pinagkaiba nung unang model eh.

      • John Pereyra

        Ok po kuya! do you have any idea po how much ang dagdag sa price if iuupgrade po ang battery? may nabasa po ako na iuupgrade un RAM to 8gb. magkano po kaya ang dagdag s price nun?

        BTW. sale po yung sony center sa Festival Mall alabang.. Baka po dun ako bumili..

        super thanks po sa pag reply agad! πŸ™‚

  • rsheldy

    need help i cant change my desktop background to my sony vaio y series vpcyb15ag.,,

    • if it’s running on windows 7 starter then you really can’t change the wallpaper

    • rsheldy

      thank you Calvin but is there other way to change it even i am using windows 7 starter?

      • i think there are programs out there that allows you to overlay an image on your desktop. it’s not an elegant solution though and it might just consume additional resource.

        • queen27

          hi, kabibili ko lang ng sony vaio y series. kung ipapa upgrade ko b ng home premium or ultimate mawawala po b ang warranty? please help. tnx!

          • nope don’t think so… pwede mo naman ibalik to starter eh when you format it back to its original state.

  • Jayr vinluan

    sir tanong ko lang san pwede makapagdown load para sa webcam ng vpcyb15ag. nag upgrade kasi ko to win7 ultimate. lahat ng drivers na auto detect pwera lang dun sa webcam.. san po kaya pwede makapag down load ng drivers ng motion eye? thanks sir

  • hello kuya

    i just purchased my sony viaos notebook vpcyb15ag and i upgraded to ultimate windows but the problem the function fn keys is not workin and when im trying to put in back the battery its says the battery is not compatible with the computer you have to remove it and automatically hibernated.nagpoo in to everytime binabalik ko ang battery .how can i fix this problem and if my notebook is allso covered ng warranty g sony philippines .thank you

  • Wow, good thing I found your review about this Sony Y series. Thanks a lot! I’m gonna buy this next week as my back up computer. Of course I’ll buy the pink one..heehee! πŸ™‚