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Sony Xperia S soon to hit the gray market, priced at P28,500

If you want to be one of the first owners of the first smartphone by Sony, the Sony Xperia S, prepare to shell out Php28,500. That’s the price set by Widget City, one of the popular online (gray market) gadget stores in the country. Pre-ordering is already available and they’re expecting the units to arrive next Friday.


To those who were sleeping during the past few days, the Sony Xperia S was officially introduced early this week at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. It’s one of Sony’s top next-generation phones (NXT) that’s supposed to come our way next quarter so having it as early as next Friday would make you the coolest kid in your group for a while.

This phone packs a 4.3″ Reality display with a really high for its size 1024 x 720 resolution. It’s powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, has a 12-megapixel Exmor R camera with f/2.4 and can do 1080p video recording. It still runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread but is just waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. It’s also PlayStation certified by the way which allows you to download games not available in the Android Market.

We talked about the Sony Xperia S in detail in this post if you wish to know more about it.

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  • r41n

    It’s 1280×720 not 1024×768

    When is it coming to official Sony stores? I need to buy there since I can pay it on installment for 12 months.

    • you’re right, our bad. no word yet from Sony but it’s slated for Q2 release.

      • r41n

        the height is still not right. :)) it’s 1280 (not 1024). i hopre there will be another Summer Hotspot event were it will be displayed.

  • perci

    im so excited!

  • jonax

    this is very very cool. pricing though is a killer. i wonder if it will affect the prices of other SE smart phones out in the market? i’ve been eyeing the arc s for a while now, but have been waiting for it to go down a little bit more.

    • ChrisQC

      Right on. Arc S is around 19K right now. I think it will go down up to 15K in the next month or two. But with Xperia S, who needs Arc S?

  • Biggs

    Bad trip lang dito, paps, 2011-class SOC ang gamit niya.

    • yeah medyo outdated nga lang yung chip compared sa ginagamit sa iba

  • JmBalicano

    Sony doesn’t even plan on releasing quad core phones until next year. The Xperia S might end up becoming one of the least expensive flagships among the other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC. That isn’t a bad thing, as the Arc S built a pretty solid reputation around its camera and did pretty well in its time while being more affordable than the other flagships.

    • ChrisQC

      That I agree… and Besides, will you really need a quad-core with the current applications? Your Dual-Core is good at least at year end.

  • Griswold

    it’s too pricey for an old dual-core processor phone. Dapat nasa mga 24k lang ito. let’s wait sa paglabas ng mga quad-core phones para bumaba price nito.

    • JmBalicano

      The price will stabilize anyway after it’s been in the market for a while. 24k sounds about right. What I can’t wait for is the Padfone and then a possible Galaxy Note 2, whenever that one comes around, lol.

      • poor

        lol dapat nasa 22xxx lang ito, ang bago lang dito ung name at camera pati narin ang cover. behind 1year n nman ang hardware nito.

        • Geecee

          hahaha lol… mga plano nyo ay ma lulugi ung companya… tingnan nyo nga yung phone ung design nya, kaya bayan i mura lng..

  • does the xperia s come with micro sim card support only?..does it mean we cant use the ordinary sim card with this phone??

    please answer thanks..

  • rob the robot

    yes micro sim siya.. wow! ang mura a. sa iba halos 30k na siya kasama shipping. sana bumaba pa presyo. hehe

  • edwin

    sony is just robbing us..that clear plastic at the bottom?-it’s not cool..looks like it was design in an 80’s era..it’s so boxy like the Lancer EL way back 1982!..c’mon Sony! hire some young talented industrial designer!

  • Geecee

    details and specification of the phone… i think built in memory….


  • lance

    when will be the release date!!! please answer me!! i’m planning to sell my ipad 2 and ps3 for this thing!!

  • gomacup

    pag micro sim yan.. kelangan bang gupitin ntin ang mga normal sim. makakapag release kaya ang ating mga malalaking networks sa microsim.. sino kaya ang carrier sa atin ng xperia s

    • pag prepaid kelangan mong gupitin. kung postpaid ka at ayaw mong gupitin or ipagupit sim mo, pwede ka pumunta sa mga telco at papalitan ang sim mo into microsim. parang magrerequest ka ulit ng bagong sim.

    • Griswold

      madali lang gupitin yung microsim basta dahan dahan mo lang pagtabas. ok na kulang tabas kesa sobra. tapos may nabibili rin mga adapter pag gusto mong bumalik sa regular sized sim. nabili ko sa park square P100 for the adapter.